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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

March challenge finished late

A little sunshine last week, my camellia enjoyed it and is now blooming nicely - this ones for you June to show how far we are behind you all down in the south. 
Unfortunately, we are back to rain, rain and more rain this week and the skies look like this, dull and dreary.  My poor camellia likes the rain but the blooms are dropping off rapidly due to it.
What is a girl to do when you can't be in the garden?
Firstly, finish off last months challenge design from the Needlecraft Haven forum.
This one chosen by Christine for March came from here.   Too big for an ornament so I made it into a card finish, perfect for one of my elderly aunts when the festive season is upon us.
Finish knitting and kitchener stitch the toe on the second sock and complete another pair - a matched pair as well.
A Friend Indeed from Blue Ribbon Designs has had some attention as well.  The space at the bottom shows initials/date charted, but i'm not sure I want to put that on.   Will give it some thought, what do you think?
New stash  - DH had to collect something from John Lewis the department store.  As we passed the crafting department my eyes were drawn to a sock knitting display.   A closer look was needed, and I spied this great chart from Christine at Winwick Mum blog in collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners for her simple rib socks.  I couldn't resist this pretty ball of wool from the florist collection called English rose to go with the pattern. 
Three finishes and new stash, that's what I call a good week, shame the weather isn't listening to make it a hat trick!
Love and blessings to all
Julie x


  1. You've had a productive week Julie. Love the socks. The cross stitch is cute and I think it looks great as it is, but it might be nice to mark the date on it. X

  2. Aah but with better weather would you have had as many finishes, when I get distracted by the sun and play out in the garden, my crafting and painting suffer :)

  3. Yes, you were very successful! I think your name and a date would look great.

  4. Lots of lovely crafty things Julie, hope things are on an even keel at the moment.


  5. Julie your Camellia is so beautiful.
    Well we have had more rain here than anywhere in the country they say ,I have grown webbed feet ha.
    But we are going to have some sunshine the rest of this week thank goodness.
    Love your stitching and knitting and the sock pattern and wool look lovely.
    Have a nice week and I wish you sunshine my friend , hugs.

  6. The weather is so changeable here, although we do seem to be getting one day of sunshine followed by a day of rain so a little more promising for us down in the south west. Beautiful stitching your aunt will love that card at Christmas. I would possibly add a few more hearts instead of the initials and date if there is room.

  7. You've made the most of the wet weather! Love those bright socks. How about stitching your initials and the initials of the NH friend who sent you the chart (was it Clare?) Hope you're well and you get some brighter weather soon.

  8. The wet weather does have a silver lining, craft time, I have knitted so much of my jumper. I have my first pair of knitted socks on my list, got the yarn, simple to start.

  9. I thought spring had arrived but it's cold and dreary again today with no let up in the forecast this week. I love the colour of the socks, and perfectly matched too. I haven't tried any colours in the new WYS range so I look forward to seeing how the English Rose colourway knits up.

  10. Hello Miss Julie,
    I must do you a proper mail, gosh what a lot you have achieved. Love the friend piece and I hope you know you are loved. The challenge piece is so pretty too. I am still a one sock person , the wool you purchased is pretty . I know exactly what you mean about the liquid sunshine, it is so depressing ,but today the sun is shining and Effie and I had a little while in the garden ,just sitting taking in the warmth. Have a good week and I will speak to you soon . Hope all is well.xx

  11. Our flowers are not out at all Julie and I'm only down the road from you, we are always late with spring flowers as our garden is north facing. Your challenge piece is lovely, as are DH's socks. A Friend Indeed looks fab, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

  12. Pretty stitching Julie,I do like your stitching challenge piece.For your sampler piece,how about one flower in the centre below the two above,with the leaves to keep pattern continuity.
    Love your husband's socks.
    I have Gypsophelia and Rose WYS yarn in my stash.I resisted the very big temptation of a yarn bouquet :) they are lovely colours.

  13. Hopefully better weather is on its way. At least your new yarn purchase helped to brighten the day. That's a perfect card finish for the monthly challenge.

  14. Your weather is just like our's!
    Love the fabric you used for the Christmas card, perfect colour.
    I also like the suggestion of using the initials of the person who gifted you the Friendship chart.

  15. Oh yes, really a good week with three finishes and new stash. Rainy weather isn't always that bad, is it? Lol.

  16. Great finish on the challenge Julie, and your socks look wonderful

  17. Nothing better than a rainy day to make productivity happen. Your Christmas card finish is great and it's nice to have one completed so timely.

    That new ball of yarn looks gorgeous! It looks like strawberry ice cream. :D

  18. Looks like a beautiful stitch-filled week inside even if it was raining outside, Julie. And your flowers are blooming--lucky you! We are due for more snow tomorrow--can hardly believe it is mid-April already.

    Enjoy that new yarn--the color is scrumptious!!

  19. Beautiful work as usual Julie and a gorgeous camellia.. glad you enjoyed 'Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine,' I loved it too. Have you read 'Three Things About Elsie?' I waited 2 months to get it from my library but it was well worth it.
    Take care Every Blessing xx

  20. Beautiful flowers. We have daffodils but they sure look cold in this weather. Congrats on the card finish. Looks great. Love the socks you made. The colors are beautiful. I don't know what you could put. I normally put the year I finish a piece on mine. I love being able to see right away when I finished a piece.Great new color of wool. Good luck with it.

  21. Great finishes, Julie! Well done!

    Please send me your excess rain. It rained 1.5 inches yesterday our first good soaking rain since October!


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