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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Season 3 of 4

Over at Needlecraft Haven there has been a Four Seasons SAL running this year.  The ladies have been stitching some lovely designs, all so very different.

My autumn has been stitched for quite a while but only finished this week.  

I chose to use Prairie Schooler Four Seasons from the Gift of Stitching magazine.  It's been printed out waiting to be stitched since it was in the online magazine many years ago.

Here it is with Spring and Summer
A little knitting finish as well.  Barb asked a while back if I could knit one of my bunnies for a friend of hers who is not too well.  This little lady went off in the post and made someone smile - result!
Remember this embroidery gift I had from the craft club ladies?
We all had a gift and one of the ladies who knits toys received something really gorgeous.  One lady decided she wanted one for her granddaughter.   She asked, did I want one ordering as well to save on postage .... silly question ... of course i had to have one as well for mine.
It arrived in a very smart posh box
Let's open the box and peek inside. 
I'm sure the little doll wont mind you seeing her prior to her wardrobe being created .... **any gentlemen visiting please avert your eyes and move down the page**
I'm looking forward to making her little clothes and giving her some hair.  A little stocking filler for Isabelle - if I don't decide I can't part with her when she's dressed.
Tonight the clocks go back here in the UK, darker nights will definitely be upon us.  I've actually picked up a needle and stitched a little yesterday, the first time in ages, and just in time for the longer evenings, what good timing that was.
Sending love and blessings to you all


  1. Beautiful work Julie. Love the little leaf buttons on it. Such a pretty set of designs. Have fun making the doll clothes.

  2. What a cute little doll, she will look very special with her new hair and clothes. Your autumn stitching is lovely and looks so pretty next to the other seasons xx


  3. Love the Autumn house Julie so cute.
    So is the lovely doll , have fun and a lovely weekend .

  4. I love your three seasonal pieces Julie and your rabbit is lovely.I love seeing your knitted figures.
    Glad to hear you have picked needle and thread,I hope you continue to enjoy your stitching again :)

  5. Julie your little Autumn finish is super. That doll will be adorable. I hope you are doing alright dear. I am praying for you.♥

  6. Your knitted bunnies are always adorable, no wonder they bring smiles to the recipients! And the little doll kit looks like a lot of fun! It will make a great stocking stuffer or possibly kept close by. :)))

  7. Love your seasons Julie, lovely finishing.Sweet little doll, looking forward to seeing what clothes you make.Lovely rabbit, mine still makes me smile.Hugs xx

  8. Love the autumn mini. I stitched all 4 of those when the first came out and have always treasured them.

    That knitted bunny is so cute and so perfect! Cant' wait to see what you come up with for the new doll!

  9. What a neat idea for a knitting kit, it will make a lovely gift Julie - she's a lucky girl.
    Your knitted bunnies always make me smile:-) I do like PS designs, they always look good and yours is no exception.

  10. I love your seasons pillows, each one is so pretty! OMG the little dolly is wonderful! I can’t wait to see how she turns out!

  11. Your cross-stitching looks wonderful. I was just thinking to myself I haven't done any cross-stitching for about five years, I must dig out some.

    I love that doll, I think I will seek one out for my grand-daughter

    Julie xxxxxx

  12. Just one more season to stitch up and then you'll have all four, they're lovely. I can see why your bunny would cheer up anyone feeling under the weather and the little dolly is gorgeous, I'm sure Isabelle will love her.

  13. Lovely stitching and knitting Julie, and what a sweet knitting kit

  14. What a lovely autumn finish, Julie! Those little leaf buttons are a nice addition. The doll is a cute idea - I look forward to seeing her all dressed up.

  15. What a cute PS series. I really must dig out my CDs and have a look through them again!
    Love the new doll, I can see you having a lot of fun with her. Make her some drawers at least!

  16. The ornaments are lovely. I always like your knitted dolls and bunnies. Have fun with the new kit.

  17. I always admire your knitted bunnies :)
    I am so looking forward to seeing the doll all dressed up, so much fun and a beautiful gift too when finished!

  18. I love season stitching. Yours are beautiful. Congrats on the finish. Your knitted bunny is adorable. I don't doubt it made someone smile indeed. Enjoy your new doll. I look forward to seeing what you do with her.

  19. What a special lady you are Julie, my friend is thrilled with her bunny and yes she said it makes her smile through her pain. I am loving the doll, that will be a very much loved doll whoever has it. Look forward to seeing her progress.
    So pleased to hear the needle has made an appearance again, your new season piece is lovely. Take care of you
    Love Barb.x

  20. Oh Julie, I love your little seasonal ornaments, they are so sweet. Prairie Schooler has the sweetest small designs ever. Needless to say that I'm a huge Prairie Schooler fan :)))
    I can't wait to see the clothes you make for the little puppet. And so great to read that you are stitching again. I'm still searching for my mojo but it will come back too, I hope.

  21. Pretty Autumn stitched design Julie, with the Spring and Summer pieces. The rabbit is a lovely gift and the doll certainly needs her clothes now that the cooler weather is upon us. Interesting to see what you will make.

  22. Just love your PS Autumn finish, Julie--in fact, I love all three of your seasons so far :) I really need to stitch these myself. And another bunny sent out to a friend somewhere in the world--she is adorable with her little orange bow!

    You will have fun dressing the tiny doll and creating a perfect hair style--can't wait to see her when she is "decent!"

  23. That Bergère wool kit looks nice, always great to think about the different clothes you could knit for this lovely doll. xxx

  24. Another lovely bunny Julie, you really are so generous with your time and talents. Hyacinth is waving hello!
    I love your PS pillows, they're adorable. Like the buttons you added on the Autumn one, great idea.
    Isabelle is going to love her new doll - what a gorgeous gift!


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