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Saturday, 30 September 2017

A couple of September finishes

It's been a month again since I posted and like a lot of you are saying September seems to have whizzed by at supersonic speed. 

We've moved into autumn and now that Strictly Come Dancing has started on the TV that always makes me think of the run up to Christmas and the weeks fly by with each show up to the final the week before Christmas.  With that in mind, it's time to be thinking about crafting things I hoped to make as gifts for the festive season.  Oh no I've said the 'C' word.

Talking of gifts, today is the final day to get a GG post in for September.  I have only a couple of gifted things I've worked on in September, no other craftwork happening here recently.

I finished the scarf DS bought me as a kit for my July birthday.

It's going to be nice and snuggly for the winter months and i'm looking forward to wearing it.
This sock wool has a little story behind it.
I saw some on the internet when browsing, a bargain I thought and ordered it.  The details read Kroy Sock Yarn (sold as pack of 6).   I could get 3 pairs of lovely socks for the price of 1 pair and a lovely colour too.   It was coming from the USA so a little wait for it, but that wasn't a problem. 
Three weeks later a parcel arrived - a small parcel - with only 1 ball of wool inside.   Emails back and forth to supplier and they advised an error by amazon it shouldn't have read pack of 6 it was for one ball only.   They offered a full refund and I keep the one ball supplied, but I asked if they would just keep the payment and send me a second ball so I could make a pair of socks and I didn't know any one legged people I could knit one sock for with the ball they had supplied!  It wasn't happening, their emails were getting quite rude in the end so I emailed amazon with a little complaint explaining what had happened.  A reply came back, take the refund and accept the free ball, you are better off and nothing we can do.
My brother works in retail so when he came to visit I was ranting about internet shopping and bad service etc and showed him my 1 ball of wool and then stuck the ball away with my other stash. 
A few weeks later he came to visit again and gave me an envelope I wasn't expecting.   Inside there were 3 balls of the same wool - he'd sent pics of the ball band etc to someone he knows over the pond and they had found some the same .... the serendipitous thing is that it is the exact same shade number and dye lot so I now had 4 balls.   It was a gift, what a smashing brother he is.
Being a good sister I've been knitting up a pair of socks for him with 2 balls of the wool and gifted them to him when I saw him last week. 
The craft group I belong to had some funds and the ladies who run it bought us all a little gift.  I received an embroidery kit to try.  It's uses organza for the coloured parts and you fix it to the backing using embroidery stitches to make a pretty country scene.  
Thank you so much for the messages and emails I've received from some of you asking how I am.  With my condition being so rare its a trial and error of what is the best medication to help and halt the progression and find something that suits and works for me.  As well as the steroids, I started chemotherapy earlier this month and have been getting used to the effects of that.  With lots of medical appointments and rest there is a different normal in our home right now.  On a positive note, I have come into contact with a lady who was diagnosed some years ago which has helped me see things more positively recently.
Hoping to have a blog reading catch up session and stop by your blog really soon.
Love and blessings to all


  1. I love the sock yarn story Julie, what a lovely brother you have. I'm so glad you're making progress on the medical front and also that you're feeling more positive - that helps hugely overall.
    PS Did you watch Strictly tonight - I really enjoyed it and was amazed at how good some of the dancers are already.

  2. Lovely knitting and colors. I think of you often and will keep you in my thoughts.

  3. What a wonderful brother you have, not many men would think of doing that.
    We don't watch Strictly, but yes, Christmas will be here in no time! this year has gone by so fast.

    Take good care of yourself. xx

  4. What a yarn story! I feel like you should publicly shame the seller. I am not fond of 3rd party sellers on Amazon for stories like yours. Some are okay but the bad ones really ruin the trust. I'm glad your brother was able to source out some more... and with the same dye lot! They made a great pair of socks.

  5. Your brother sounds like a good sort and I love the yarn. A gorgeous shade for the time of year. Your online shopping experience was a bit of a nightmare. I imagine you won't be in a hurry to repeat it.
    This month has flown by and I still haven't had chance to finish my latest post!
    It's good to read you are feeling positive and are in touch with someone in the same situation. It must be such a help.
    Blessings. X

  6. A great GG post, Julie. That scarf looks gorgeous, it has a wonderful pattern and the colours are so nice. I'm sure you will happily wear it when winter comes.
    Oh my, what a story that was with your sock yarn. But so good that your brother could help you with it. And great socks that you knitted for him. Autumn socks I would say :))
    So good to read that knowing someone with the same condition helps you to be more positive about everything.

  7. Lovely socks Julie, and what a wonderful brother you have , I would have loved to have had a brother but no I was an only child.
    I have also been thinking of you the last few weeks , great that you found someone else you can talk to about the same health issues, many hugs and xxxs.

  8. What a wonderful brother. Did he like his gift? Lovely you have found someone else to talk to, and share notes with.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. What a lovely brother you have, he certainly deserves a pair of hand knit socks, he's definitely knit worthy. I'm glad you're feeling a little more positive, it can really help to talk to someone who's in the same position as yourself. I'm glad to hear that they're trying lots of things to help with your condition, I suppose it's all trial and error at the moment but I'm sure you'll feel so much better when they have all that worked out.

  10. keep your chin up, focus on the end of the chemo, give in to any bad days. Love the socks, you have a wonderful brother. I buy so little craft items on the net, I like to touch and feel before I buy. Hope you enjoy stitching the kit.

  11. Well done on the scarf Julie. What a fabulous brother you have!! He loves his sister. ;) And your love for him shows in those great socks!

    I am praying for you Julie.♥ I am so very glad you have found someone to connect with.

  12. That scarf is gorgeous Julie, and I'm glad the sock wool saga had a happy ending.
    It's good that you've found someone you can talk to about your health issues

  13. You have a very sweet brother! I love the socks even if they gave you such a tussle!

  14. Thanks for taking part in GG this month thanks in part to your lovely brother. I think if they made a mistake with their advert then they should honour the offer. As you say, they should know that one ball is no use for a whole pair of socks!

    I knew you'd been catching up on blogs when the notifications started arriving in batches today LOL.

    Glad that you have a friend to talk medical matters with, it really does help.

  15. It's been lovely to read your blog post. A very caring brother you have to have got the matching wool for you. I am so glad to hear that you have found someone with same condition as yourself and can truly empathise with you - it will certainly help being able to share. Take care xxx

  16. Your scarf is so pretty,Julie,a lovely pattern.What terrible customer service! but what lovely brother you have,and the sock yarn is lovely Autumnal colours
    I hope you find a balance with your medication that suits you very soon.It is good that you have someone to talk to,who understands your diagnosis first hand.

  17. I love that scarf! And what an amazing brother you have. He will love those socks.. the yarn looks so soft.

    Hope the treatment is a success. Rare diseases make it so complex. Nice to find someone to talk to also.

  18. What a beautiful scarf Julie. Love the colouring in it.

    How wonderful your brother is. What a lovely thing for him to do.

    Are you enjoying Strictly? I was disappointed to see Chizzy going out so soon ( we watch Holby City so have been cheering her and Joe McFadden on ).

    I hope your treatment goes well. I'm glad youve found someone who has the same thing to talk to. Sending hugs.

  19. Your brother is so kind! I hope he liked his socks, they really are lovely as is your new scarf. You will both be cosy and warm this winter!

    The embroidery kit looks like fun to try.

    I was very disappointed with the Strictly result, I don't think she deserved to go out and I'm convinced that they fixed it as her competitor in the dance-off is a bigger star!

    Glad to hear you are feeling more positive about your diagnosis. It must help now that you know someone else who has the same condition.

  20. You definitely have an amazing brother and he must love his socks. :) I'm so glad you met someone to discuss everything with, that is so important as well.

    Good luck with the kit, that is very interesting!

  21. What a very sweet gesture on your brothers part! I think Amazon has gotten a little big for their britches. Those socks are such lovely colors - lucky brother. : ) I think it is wonderful that you have connected with someone with the same condition as you. And happy to hear that it has helped with your outlook. I think of you often and wish the very best for you, Julie. Take care.

  22. I love the story behind the sock yarn, Julie--you have the best brother! I can't imagine mine doing anything like that (or even knowing what a ball of yarn looked like :) Love the socks and I'm sure he will, too! And your new scarf looks fabulous in those colors!

    Isn't the internet amazing in the way it connects people all over the world? I'm so happy you met someone with your rare condition--that must certainly help you feel less alone and give you hope for the future... Sending a caring hug your way, dear Julie!

  23. What an amazing brother you have. I love the colour. I'm glad you found someone who you can talk to. With all the good will in the world, despite the kindness of others, we need to talk to people who are a little ahead and who can share our normal xxxx

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  25. How annoying with your amazon order, I usually find that amazon are pretty good at sorting problems, at least you didn’t end up out of pocket. What an absolutely wonderful brother you have, certainly worthy of those socks xx


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