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Monday, 12 June 2017

Not much of anything really

It's been a bit Alice in Wonderland here recently ....
White rabbit - I'm late, I'm late ... with the monthly challenge design finish. That should have been finished at the end of May.  You were right Jo, it was a snowman with a wooden leg, a pirate snowman!   Thanks to Christine for choosing our monthly design, this one came from Aliolka.
I cannot take credit for finishing this one.  I stitched it but a lady at my craft club did the actual finishing - a new challenge for her she said - I think she did a great job.
Cheshire cat - smiling from ear to ear when DH harvested the first cucumber of the season for us to eat at the weekend.
Dormouse - aahhhh it's tiring doing nothing, i've been very lazy with my stitching.  Just a little progress on Four Seasons, a frog came along on the over one lettering.  I have been putting a few little crosses into an exchange piece that needs to be finished soon as well.
The Queen of Hearts - a little time spent with DH at the community allotment project and harvesting of some delicious strawberries that made beautiful jam.

Mad Hatter - A sale at Wool Warehouse of sock wool, too good to miss when they send you a little note telling you ..... but i must be mad if i think i will get it knitted up in the near future.  Free postage if you spent a certain amount so it was a good saving.  It'll just have to hide away in the cupboard for a while.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum - squabble, squabble, who is right?  After some discussion we found out that it is in fact a blackbirds nest that has fallen out of our tree.  They had fledged and in the recent high wind last week it was blown onto the driveway.  My granddaughter has taken it to school to 'show and tell'
Alice - I think i must be taking the shrink me pills as the days seem to be shorter and there is so much to do that doesn't get done these days.  There have been changes at work and home and I'm still battling health issues that are slowing me down and making me rest so much more.  I keep smiling and just do what has to be done, crafting things will get done when i have five minutes or perhaps my book will get a little more attention.  Of course, there is always something nice to look at out of the window when the birds come to the feeders and that wastes a bit more time......
Love and blessings


  1. Aww such a cute post
    I love everything in it
    Love your stitching
    Big hugs x

  2. Just take it as it comes Julie, be good to yourself each and every day.

  3. Great finish on the challenge piece Julie. I haven't finished April's yet so you're doing better than me.
    Your cucumbers are way ahead of mine too

  4. I'm way behind too so don't feel bad. Love your ornament finish. Too cute. Hope your health issues get straightened out soon.

  5. Your ornament is great! Good for you with the garden yummies. I have weeks to wait!!

  6. Love your Alice in Wonderland week it's been fun to read. Hope your health issues are soon resolved or at least eased - take care.

  7. How I love Alice in wonderland. What a cute little cucumber, we only have flowers so far, I hope it's lovely and tasty. Hope you're feeling more your usual self soon xx

  8. What a fun post, very Alice in Wonderland. I'm sorry you're still having health issues, try to take things easy and do what you can manage without tiring yourself out. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. Hmmm me too Miss Julie, I just cannot be bothered! I think I have caught it off my dear mil, as that is what she says when we ask her what she has been doing all day. Oooh those strawberries look so yummy ,like the connection to the Alice in Wonderland I think at the moment dormice may be a better description of us. I shall be off down to the summer house with a book later ,meanwhile shall I try tackling the ironing HO,HUM maybe not . Under strict instructions not to do too much as back was dreadful for the last few days. I think the chair under the apple tree calls. Take care and hope you feel well again soon . Many hugs from me to you with love.x

  10. Don't worry about the delay... we're all mad in here!!
    It was a great post to read full of goodness.
    Love the little snowman finish and am salivating with those delicious strawberries :)

  11. I love your Snowman with a wooden leg:)
    Lovely yarn,I have not yet tried this brand.

  12. Hi Julie I always love looking at your blog .
    So sorry you have not been to well.
    I know I am getting slower I can't do has much has I use to.
    I do try and plan my day out but you know what it's like things happen.
    Tell your DH nice veg and fruit.
    I also waste time watching my birds they do make me laugh they are getting so naughty , they pull my plants apart, looking for green fly . Walk on my window sills and watch me watching them ha.
    Love your sewing so cute. Take care and big hugs.

  13. Nice post with a little bit of everything.
    It's always a pleasure to watch the birds come to the feeders and bird bath. Unfortunately they have their nests elsewhere because I would love to have a look at their little baby birds.And the one that we have is high up under the roof and we only can hear the little nestlings when mother bird comes with food :)
    That little pirate snowman is too cute.. Great choice made by Christine.

  14. Sorry you are still not feeling 100%, that's not much fun, i hope you start to feel much better soon x

  15. What a wonderful post, just in time to celebrate my Unbirthday and your's too!
    I am laughing so much that it really was a snowman with a wooden leg. How does Christine find all these freebies?
    If you want to read a good Wonderland book I recommend Heartless by Marissa Meyer. It's YA so the romance is a bit blah but the story is great!

  16. I enjoyed your post, Julie--very clever. Seeing Tweedledum and Tweedledee written out brought back some fun memories of the year in college that my boyfriend (now husband!) and I dressed up like them for a Halloween party :)

    Love your little snowman and your jam sounds delicious. I miss my MIL's homemade jam so much--I should really learn how to make it myself, shouldn't I?

    I'm so sorry your health is not the best these days--hope for better times ahead!

  17. Such a lovely ornament finish. Don't you love home grown veggies?
    The yarn looks good as do the strawberries.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  18. A lovely Alice-themed post! Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope things are looking up now.

  19. What an adorable snowman, I love the finish!
    Ah, fresh veggies, good for you! I think our green peppers are almost ready.
    I hope that "Alice" is rested up and onto her next adventure!

  20. What a fun post, very Alice in Wonderland. I'm sorry you're still having health issues, try to take things easy and do what you can manage without tiring yourself out. I hope you're feeling better soon.



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