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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Easter

Last weekend we had the most glorious weather, I hope we have some nice sunshine for the Easter weekend too.

A wander round the garden and there were lots of lovely things, a feast for the senses, both eyes and nose.    

The camelia I showed previously is in full bloom, such huge flowers and I think its the best it has been for a few years.  It must have enjoyed the wet weather we had earlier this year.
Tulips opening ..... 

A little lily of the valley starting to pop, the smell around this plant is heavenly - I have some handcream with this scent.

A pretty primula....
DH took this beauty out of the greenhouse where it has been overwintering, we have flowers already with the hot sunshine.

A smallish variety of rowan tree that DH's late mum grew from a sapling and planted for us has had to be cut down due to something nasty in its trunk.  It's been here since we moved in over 30 years ago.  The logs will be used on our open fire so nothing wasted, but another link to a past generation and happy memories of gardening together made us a little sad.  Do you have plants in your garden that were given for a special reason or occasion that you cherish?
The greenhouse is also bursting with activity and the promise of lots of nice things to come. Plenty more in the right hand side too.
Whilst DH was pottering outside, I sat a while and finished off a little Easter design.  A chart found amongst the forgotten stuff.  A little free one from Prairie Schooler from 2012. 
Stitched on a small remnant of 22 count spring green and finished as a hanging pillow with two little bee buttons to compliment the gold yellow trimmings.
It was then added it to my new little tree with some bunny friends and other gifted items.
Last night was parlour evening with Barb and the ladies at Needlecraft Haven, a virtual stitch evening and I added the last few stitches to the Four Seasons Autumn block
and before i sign off, last time I forgot to show you the West Yorkshire Spinners 'hollyberry' socks that were knitting up nicely.
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend spent with family, friends and those you hold dear.  I hope it leaves you with happy memories you can dip into in the future.  For us, we have no set plans for the weekend, a quiet one, taking advantage of the late starts and whatever else we decide to do.
For those who are experiencing difficulties, be they illness, bereavements and other sad times, I'm sending you {{hugs}}
Love and blessings


  1. That's such a shame about your rowan tree, how sad to lose it this way but everything else in the garden looks to be doing very well. It's been lovely having some decent weather so early in the year, I think the plants will be thankful for that. I'm hoping that the nice weather continues this weekend. Have a lovely Easter.

  2. Beautiful flowers Julie, spring is certainly here. Your ornament and Easter tree look great and I love the colour of your latest socks

  3. Love your crafting. As for a special plant in the garden, my peonie, came from my mum's garden, I remember it in the corner of our front lawn, We worked it's age to being about 60 years. I cherish it, the roots are huge and I should split it, but I'm too scared in case I kill it.

  4. Lovely garden photos Julie.I am glad your Rowan tree is not goung to waste. I have so many pictures of my garden I love photographing flowers and veg! I do have two special plants in my garden.A beautiful pink Peony which my late mother in law gave me two weeks before she passed away and a Bleeding Heart my late neighbour gave me when she was splitting hers up one year.I love watching these plants grow every year. MIL and my neighbour were special ladies.
    I love your Easter stitching and your Easter tree is a great idea.I have my eye on the WYS Holly Berry yarn for my Christmas socks.Your socks are gorgeous. I have some WYS PinkFlamingo in my stash to try:)
    Wishing you and your DH a Happy Easter.

  5. Your garden is doing so well. I have my chocolate garden, where the plants are chocolate in color and name. My husband gifted this to me. It has moved with us twice now.

    Your little bunny is darling.

  6. Lovely finish and love the yarn on those socks. That is sad about the tree. We don't have those memories as we haven't been in our house that long, but we're currently clearing out my last grandparent's house, and that has a similar feel of sadness.

  7. What a lovely post Julie, your garden looks like mine with the green house full of plants .
    Your flowers are wonderful .
    Love the little rabbit so sweet , your stitching and knitting look wonderful.
    Love your Easter tree , I have not done mine this year , we are so busy with the on coming elections .
    We are walking miles dropping off leaflets .

  8. Lovely garden flowers Julie. I have a rowan sapling that came from a seedling in my mam's garden as well. So sorry yours has succumbed.
    Lovely stitching and knitting, the little Easter tree looks gorgeous

  9. i love your stitching and knitting so much.
    lovely flowers my dear..
    love and smiles.
    happy easter!

  10. Thankyou for a lovely visit Julie, I really enjoyed my trip round your garden , we have a patch of lily of the valley which will be in flower any day. We have been out today in the jungle just generally clearing. I do feel sorry for the birds that lose eggs, we have a rather naughty magpie who knows where the blackbirds lay their eggs. Our regular visitors are finches, gold, green and bullfinches. Robins and the tits and the pesky sea gulls and pidgeons. Your socks are fab ,are they on 2.50 needles as that is what I purchased and a circular one too.DH is out teaching tomorrow so I will take a deep breath and bite the bullet.
    Love the little bunny tree , I have not done mine this year. Will speak soon properly meanwhile have a peaceful time both and hugs come with this .

  11. Unfortunately I don't think the weather is going to be as glorious as it has been recently :( Well at least the chocolate eggs in the garden won't be melting!
    Lovely ornament finish for your little tree. Happy Easter!

  12. Lots of colour in your garden, Julie. It's a shame that the Rowan tree had to be cut down. Lovely stitching and knitting. Happy Easter.

  13. Lovely photos of the garden. My Mum has a chestnut tree which my Grandad grew from a conker! It's in a pot so it doesn't get too big and can be moved with them.
    Love the Easter tree with the new bunny ornie. Nice finishing.

  14. A wonderful tour through your garden. In these moments I regret that computer screens aren't able to transfer the scent of flowers but only the pictures.
    Great little PS bunny that you stitched and finished. And the autumn block looks great as well.
    I hope you were having a nice and sunny Easter Sunday. Here it became colder during the last days and today (which is also a holiday) is has been raining.

  15. Well the weather was not very cooperative over the weekend was it, it did see a bit to good to last, but i suppose the garden could do with a watering.

    Lovely things coming to life in your garden, we have lots of daffs but no tulips, perhaps i should plant some this year.

    Love the stitched bunny and your Easter Tree, and that sock yarn is knitting up lovely too :-0

    Hope you had a good weekend despite the weather. x

  16. Lots of beautiful pics in your post. Sorry you lost a tree but glad you can use the wood. Love your hanging pillow finish. Turned out perfect. Love your Easter tree display. Congrats on the Autumn finish. Love the sock thread. Very pretty.

  17. Wow! Lots of lovely visual treats in this post, thanks, Julie.

  18. I am WAY behind on reading and commenting on blogs, but couldn't let this one pass without saying how cute your PS bunny finish is, Julie! What a happy finish with the shades of blue and gold and the cute bees :) Lovely spring flowers, too!


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