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Monday, 20 March 2017

It's officially Spring

Hello Spring  
A few daffodils on the mantel and I changed the frame from winter to Spring stitching today.

although it doesn't look much like it from my window. We've had windy and wet weather for the most part of the day so far. 

But I can see my camellia buds have popped open over the weekend.  Lets zoom in and have a look.
It was a lovely mild day yesterday, DH was pottering in the garden, his favourite Sunday pastime.  I felt the urge for some needle and thread therapy - seize the moment!
I sat happily stitching away for quite a while on the summer square of the Four Seasons Sampler, doesn't it look pretty.....

Time to make a cuppa, come back and pick it up again and notice a glaring mistake.
2 spaces at the top halfway across the border,
it should only be 1 space like down the sides....

Aaarrgghhh , Mr Frog you paid me a visit - rippit, rippit, out with the right hand side....

and then to re-stitch it.... that's better!
I turned the page on my happiness calendar today and had to smile and the words.....
Stitching the same design twice on the same day, does that count as frugal??
Springtime is a gardeners delight, time for seedlings, new growth and anticipation of times to come, I hope Spring brings lots of good health and happiness your way.
Love and blessings



  1. This is so annoying that Mr Frog came and slow down your progress. Well now it looks perfect, a lovely border with pretty pink flowers!

  2. Lovely stitching Julie, it's such a shame Mr frog came to visit.

  3. Your camellia is going to be gorgeous. Sorry to see Me Frog called by, hopefully he'll be too busy filling ponds with frogspawn now it's spring to call again x

  4. It's not very spring-like here either, wet and windy this morning and though the sun's put in an appearance this afternoon, it's still blowing a gale. Isn't it annoying when you have to rip things back? Still, the mistake would have jumped out at you every time you looked at it if you'd left it knowing it was there so it's a job well done. It's a lovely design, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

  5. This is a pretty design.I am glad you spotted the extra space relatively quickly.
    I love the photo of your Camellia,they are beautiful flowers.
    Happy Spring to you Julie.


  6. Lovely post Julie, beautiful stitching sorry the frogging got in the way , but it looks so pretty.
    Lovely Spring stitching with the daffodil's .
    Have a happy Spring .

  7. A lovely Spring post Julie! I love your mantel and your beautiful summer border. A pity you had to stitch it twice!
    Hope Spring brings you an improvement in your health.

  8. Your WIP looks great. Even twice haha. Sorry the frog just had to visit. Hope he leaves you alone now.

  9. Well aren't you lucky to have pretty pink flowers inside and out! :D

  10. How frustrating! But worth doing twice to get right. Happy Spring to you too.

  11. Oh my goodness you have patience, I don't know if I could have gone straight back to it after frogging, your stitching is beautiful xx

  12. Oh Julie, mistakes in stitching are so frustrating but once you know it's there then unpicking is the best way forward.

  13. I'm not sure the rest of our daffodils survived the snow, but yours are lovely. Bring on spring!
    So frustrating when that darn frog shows up, but your square looks great.

  14. The sun has his hat on here today , It is still rather brrrr though. We too did a bit of gardening yesterday (that is the royal we ) we had a couple of new roses at the weekend so we had to find a place for them. Your stitching looks so lovely and I almost saw the air turn blue lol.I cannot leave mistake either. Hope you are both ok . Hugs and love to both.xx

  15. Lovely spring decor. Your daffodils remind me of the ones I saw in Windsor 2 years back. The frog seem to be bothering a lot of us. Has been my companion this month too.
    I love the colors int the sampler.

  16. How annoying! Still it looks lovely now.
    Your camellia is looking gorgeous too.

  17. Lovely Spring design on your mantel. I feel your pain with having to rip so much out as I had to do some ripping on one of my projects recently.

  18. Ugh... I had a frog visit last night as well and had to pull everything out. Your stitching looks perfect now and glad you have some buds coming up. We're still buried in snow here.

  19. I love that happiness saying you shared, Julie! Happiness is seeing your pretty camellia buds, too! We are nowhere near having anything flowery in our gardens here. In fact, tonight, the temperature is dipping below freezing again.

    Lovely stitching now that Mr. Frog has been disposed of--let's hope he's left your home permanently!

    Happy Spring to you!

  20. Sounds a bit like groundhog day! I do like your pretty border.... even if the nasty frog came to visit!
    As you welcome Spring, we welcome Autumn down under - but I am feeling very robbed at the moment as we didn't have much of a hot summer this year - the climate is definitely changing!

  21. Oh it's so annoying when you have been merrily stitching away, take a break and then notice a mistake!! I did something similar a month or so ago and i'm afraid it's still in the naughty corner waiting to be forgiven.

    We've had similar weather too, i don't like the rain but my camellia is coming to life too, a lovely bright pink in a dreary garden.

    love the little Spring stitching :-)

  22. Aww it's too bad you had to frog and restitch the border, I don't think it was that noticeable unless you knew it was there. And Happy Spring to you too, I love it when all the flowers start blooming once again.

  23. Your mantel is lovely as are those camellia buds. And while the calendar says spring our temperatures have said otherwise. : ) Despite a visit from the frog your stitching is looking so pretty! The words from your happiness calendar brought a smile to my face too. Wishing you some happy garden time. : )

  24. Your mantle looks pretty, love Camilias unfortunately they don't like me. Grrrr frogs, but looks so pretty now.

  25. Four Seasons is very pretty! You have much more patience than me to take care of all that frogging!

  26. How bad that the frog visited and you had to take out the whole right hand side of the border. Sometimes borders can be so tricky.
    I love the little spring bunny next to your daffodils.

  27. Oh no so sorry to hear you had a visit from the frog. It looks so pretty though and well worth the ripping out.

    Your Spring bunny is so sweet.

  28. Julie, the Summer border is so pretty, so much so that you had to stitch it twice! lol!

  29. Sorry you had a visit from the frog. Your stitching is lovely x


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