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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How many sleeps?

We've stumbled into November, the clocks went back at the weekend and temperatures have dropped.  Autumn leaves are falling from the trees - quite late this year but what a glorious sight the trees are and today we woke to our first severe frost.  I was awoken to my neighbours scraping their car windscreens as they got ready to leave home this morning. I, on the other hand, snuggled under the duvet and thought "I'm so glad that's not me and I can have another hour in my cosy bed".
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"Christmas is fast approaching, we need to get organised" so I was told earlier today by a senior member at my tai chi class, "I'm ok with that I said, things are moving along nicely"..... 53 sleeps as of today they said!
Crafting wise i'm happy with gift progress.  I showed you the start of something warm and cosy in a previous post, and here they are completed.  I hope the recipient of this Christmas gift will feel the comfort of them during the winter months.
I've made a lot of handmade gifts for a particular friend over the years, she is not a crafter herself and enjoys receiving something handmade.  This year as we are getting older, I thought perhaps a useful gift, so three covered wooden coat hangers Santa will be delivering to her. 

Another KEEP YOU WARM project has been knitted.  My granddaughter asked for a red hat and scarf for her journey to school each day.  Glad to oblige and she's taken home these at the weekend.   I couldn't get a good picture of the true red of these, this is the best one I took!
I was listening on the radio the other day to a Danish lady being interviewed about hygee (pronounced hoo-ga).  Have you heard of it or read about it?  There are lots of books around at the moment and online things telling you how to experience it in your own life.  Apparently there is no English translation for it but they use the word a lot in everyday life for times when they are having comfort with family and friends and also when being alone enjoying the moment with comforting things.  Hygee is summed up in a sentence by ToveMaren Stakkestad  -  Hygge was never meant to be translated - it was meant to be felt.  I'm hoping my granddaughter will experience hygee with her hat and scarf and all the love that went into me knitting it for her or perhaps the handknitted socks will give a bit of hygee to their wearer?
Picture of this book courtesy of Amazon
A little stitching has been done too.  Sunday was reveal day for the monthly challenge over at Needlecraft HavenChristine chose a lovely holly design for Octobers stitch project from Luli.  My ornament ended up with little red jingly bells adorning it, I thought they looked a bit like big holly berries.

I've also almost finished September of the Joyful World SAL.   The last few stitches will go into that tonight as I stitch along in our Wednesday evening online stitching parlour with Barb and the other ladies working on unfinished projects, i'll show you my finish next time.
I'm going to have a blog reading session and catch up with what you have all been up to now, but first I think i'll make myself a hot chocolate, grab a biscuit and have a little hygee time....
Blessings to you all


  1. Lovely kniyyed gifts and your holly stitched piece is a great design.
    I like the sound of Hygee,something we should all make time for :)

  2. I'm sure the recipient of those lovely socks will love them, they're sure to keep her tootsies nice and cosy all through winter. The coat hangers are a great idea and so pretty too. It's really hard to get the colour right when taking photos of anything red, isn't it? I bet your grandaughter will be the envy of all her friends in that gorgeous hat and scarf set, I quite fancy something similar for myself.

  3. You are doing so well with your gift stitching. The flowers on the hangers are beautiful. I am sure your granddaughter will be lovely and warm in her new hat and scarf.

    So far we have avoided any real frosts although it is definitely colder in the mornings, but the days are mainly bright and fresh. I am loving all the beautiful colours of Autumn but we do get fed up with clearing the drive of leaves from trees that aren't even ours LOL.

  4. Beautiful gifts all round and the holly is a lovely stitch. I like the red bells, a little bit of extra cheer for Christmas.

  5. Lots of lovely work going on Julie, you have such busy hands making so many special gifts.

  6. All kinds of lovely projects here!

  7. You make such beautiful knitted items,specially love the covers for hangers.

  8. Those socks look Hygee-licious Julie!!
    Great stitched ornament too :)

  9. You are doing great Julie! The socks are awesome! I think the hangers make great gifts. Your granddaughter has a super gift there! :D

  10. I've been cold all day and your knitted socks, hat and scarf look toasty warm! I'm sure they will be well received.

  11. Such a fun blog and I absolutely adore your socks! Makes me want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the colder weather :)

  12. Oh my, Julie, you have been so busy making all these wonderful Christmas gifts.I love the socks, they have such wonderful colours. And the covered coat hangers are such a nice idea. Your granddaughter will certainly experience hygee with the adorable scarf and hat you made for her.
    I love the ornament with the holly design and also the idea to decorate it with the little red bells.

  13. What wonderful socks, so colourful. I love the red bells on the holly ornie too.

    Of course I've heard of Hygge, we sell the books at work. It's the next thing after mindfulness and adult colouring books!

  14. So hard to believe that Christmas is so near, Julie! Where has 2016 gone? It sounds like you are having the same sort of fall as we've had--such a wonderful season it's been. Our leaves peaked this weekend and we finally had a frost last night so they will start tumbling down quickly.

    I think that is so cute that your granddaughter makes specific requests for her latest knitting gifts :) The scarf and hat are so cheery and I love the gifts you've created for friends as well.

    I had never heard of hygee either--how interesting! And something the world needs to experience more often :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. What lovely gifts, such pretty colours to brighten the winter days.

  16. I love all the cozy stitchy gifts you have made so far. It doesn't get too chilly here in AZ, but I love that it gets dark earlier and our family spends time together inside in the evening.

  17. For some reason Google hasn't been letting me leave comments, hopefully this one will come through!

    You have been very busy again, love knitted gifts, Isabelle will be cosy walking to school :-)


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