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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Autumn meet up

My second Saturday outing this month was yesterday.

A day with stitching friends from the Needlecraft Haven forum organised by Clare.   The local scout group had kindly let us use their hall for the 9 of us to meet.  Some ladies I know well, others I haven't seen for quite a while and this time we had a new visitor.  It was lovely to meet Justine.

There was lots of lovely work on show for us to drool over ...

My own bits...
Justine and Gill (no blog)
Angi (no blog)
Lynn (no blog I know of)

A table for stash to be sold/gifted/swapped ...

The morning is spent with lots of lively chat and laughter and catching up with everyone and what they are working on and looking at their project they have brought to stitch on.  I'd taken October of the Joyful World to work on but that didn't get a stitch put in as I had also taken sock knitting and Maggie and Tina are both keen to have a try at that so I was able to show them the heel turning part - I've forgot to take a pic of the new pair that are on the needles, the wool is from West Yorkshire Spinners and Maggie was very impressed with it, she'll be getting some of that ASAP lol.
Clare made us a lovely lunch ...
After lunch it's time for some fun and the exchanges to take place.

The book exchange is always fun and causes giggles, there is always one lady who pulls out a ticket for their own book so a little swap has to be done.

I chose the book donated by Angi, an author from Cambridge I had never heard of and will look forward to reading over the dark winter evenings.  Thank you Angi.

The book I donated was by a local author who lives in Nuneaton where we were meeting, Rosie Goodwin's Ribbon Weaver was my choice and went to Tina.

We have a goody bag exchange - the theme of which is given to us a month or so before the meet up date.  This time the theme was a favourite film.  It's not compulsory to take part in any of the exchanges and some choose not to.

A raffle ticket is placed under each bag ....

and it's partner is placed under one of Clare's fabulous cakes that she makes on the theme of the bag.  I didn't get a pic of them all, but, as I brought my cake home for DH to enjoy, here is one of them.  Isn't it brilliant - a film reel and popcorn topped cupcake...
Each of us open their bag in turn and we all try to guess the film that's been chosen. Lots of fun and giggles during this event.  It's interesting to see how each of us interprets the content of the film with various gifts.  Great choices the ladies had made, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Moulin Rouge, 101 Dalmatians and West Side Story.
I chose the bag filled with lovely goodies by Clare. Her favourite film was The Holiday.  There was even a DVD of the film inside so I will be able to watch it.  Thank you Clare.
Gill got the bag I made up.  She guessed it after the first parcel inside was unwrapped.  I was really surprised as I thought I had picked a film no-one would know.  Here's what i put inside - my film being an old one, The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby.
We each take a prize for the raffle table.  The monies raised from this goes towards paying for the forum to be advert free for us all. 

I made a knitted bunny (forgot to take a close up pic of her before I took her) and also took some notebooks and pens.
I was lucky and won a prize ...
All too soon the day comes to an end and we have to say farewell till the next time.
Thank you ladies for your company, I had a lovely day.
Looking through my photos to do a blog post I realise I didn't take any of the group this time.  My mind must have been elsewhere as I seem to have said 'I forgot' on a few of these pictures....  must be my age, or it was the excitement of the day puddled the old brain cells lol.   Perhaps some of the other ladies who were present got some snaps if you visit their blogs.
Blessings to you all this remembrance Sunday


  1. The meet up looks as if it was a lot of fun, I always enjoy seeing the pics of everyone's work


  2. Love your post again Julie , you give me some lovely ideas for my club.
    We did the book one last year and it was a winner.
    We have our Christmas party this week and I still have things to buy , just can't get Chrismas in my head yet .
    What wonderful work all the ladies showed and lovely food and exchanges it must have been so much fun .

  3. It was another great day - thank you for coming Julie and being part of the fun x x enjoy the film too !

  4. Such a lovely way to spend a day, loads of lovely crafty pieces.

  5. Your meet-ups always look like so much fun! Clare really does look after you well with the lunch and cakes.
    I follow all those blogs so I'm sure I'll see a photo of you somewhere!

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us Julie, it's lovely to join in from afar.

  7. How very fun. I love it that you met Justine. :D

  8. This sounds like a really fun group, I love all of the exchanges - what a clever idea. Oh, how I love Greyfriars Bobby, such a sweet film.

  9. Looks like a wonderful fun day Julie. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The meet up sounds so interesting and fun. How lucky to meet like minded people . Love the exchanges and raffle prizes.

  11. That sounds like a wonderful day. What beautiful projects you all brought to show! And the exchanges sound like a lot of fun as well - very creative.

  12. Your meetings are legend, Julie :))) And you even had a new visitor, Justine. I'm sure she enjoyed the get-together just as much as all the other ladies. Such fantastic activities that you shared. And such a lot of fun.

  13. It was lovely to meet you Julie, you all made me feel so welcome. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's stitching. Great photos.

  14. Great post Julie!
    It looks like you all had a lovely day and certainly made Justine really welcomed :)

  15. Julie, I've never commented before but I just had to look up my password to be able to comment. I've loved every post of yours, and just love your wonderful blog so much. I would love to be in your enjoy being a part of it vicariously though your posts. Thank you so much for sharing. You are such a lovely person, and you mean so much to me! Much love from Kentucky. Your friend, Shari Witt

  16. Oh what fun. Thanks for sharing your great day!

  17. I'm afraid there was much drooling being done here as I took in all of the lovely items on display. These meet ups sound like such fun! I would love to try and do some of those covered wooden coat hangers - so pretty!

  18. What a lovely day you had,Julie,so many great photos.

  19. Lovely to see you again,and thank you for the sock tutorial,definitely going to have a go
    Hugs x

  20. You do know how to make me smile don't you! I love seeing what you get up to with your groups. I wish I had something like that near me! Wonderful, just wonderful!

  21. That sounds like such a lovely day, what a lot of fun you all had. The book and gift swaps sound like a great idea and how nice to be able to see each other's work in the flesh.

  22. Wow, that sounded like a wonderful day! And all the stitching, how nice to see so many different things.

  23. That looks so cool! I'm glad you had fun.

  24. It sounds like an amazing day, so many wonderful pieces of work to admire and such fun with the swaps and goody bags. Time always seems to go by so quickly when you're having fun x

  25. What a nice meet-up!! You are so lucky to have met Justine in person and be inspired by all of those lovely things--what a creative group!


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