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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Monthly challenge reveal time

Today is the reveal for the monthly Christmas challenge design chosen by Christine over at Needlecraft Haven. This month is was from Rev de Fil.
I opted out this month as I had already stitched it for Sally's birthday in December. 
 (pic borrowed from Sally's blog as I cant find mine)
Next months design has been released today and is really cute, i'm looking forward to stitching that one.
We had a birthday in the family last week and a certain little lady turned

Lots of gifts to open ...

and new toys to play with ...

The sleeveless cardigan (free pattern on ravelry) I was knitting was finished on time ....
The Barbie bridesmaid dress I showed you last post had already been given earlier in the week and passed the inspection and fitted the model (I wasn't sure it would, it looked to be too big as I was making it up) 

With all the excitement of lots of new toys, friends at a birthday party and happy times there was not a mention of the granny clanger....... YET!
I've been on some strong meds this week for a reoccurring problem so no cross stitching as I've not felt like concentrating on the counting so I started some knitting....
 and here's a stripey sock. 
 6 ply wool does knit up quickly.  This is another free pattern from Ravelry called Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner. Instructions are great and very easy to follow and these are DH's new favourite design.
I've been spending a lot of time just sitting in the conservatory looking out at the birds in the garden on the feeders and reading a little.
We've got a new security guard on duty ...
and mamma starling is feeding her babies, they are bigger than she is!

Words got round about the delicious offerings and we have a newcomer.   We also had a nuthatch yesterday but I was too late with the camera to capture him. 

and this poor baby was left behind for 3 hours when his family flew off.  He just sat there until they came back later in the day and mamma fed him and he flew off with them again.

sorry the pics are not better, but I had to take them behind the window
I've just spent an enjoyable afternoon catching up with blog reading.  Lots of lovely things have been stitched and made.  Plenty of new stash people have been purchasing too and some good books people are recommending that I've added to my reading list.
Lots of crafters have been spending time in their gardens now the growing season is fully underway and flowers are blooming in abundance in some parts of the country/world.  Crafting activities do not seem to grow so well in the warmer months as we spend time in the outdoors.
Talking of outdoors, my DH is at this moment mowing the lawn and i'm about to hop off here and make a nice cup of tea and a find a little treat for us to enjoy in the sunshine that has finally appeared today after a rather chilly start.  
I hope you are having a lovely weekend spent with those you hold dear.
Love and blessings


  1. I hope you finish your meds and feel better Julie. Our baby starlings are so raucous at the moment - I feel sorry for the poor parents.
    Many happy returns to your granddaughter - time flies when they are growing up.

  2. Oh, happy belated birthday to Isabelle, the bridesmaid dress turned out so well and you may just have got away with having to make Granny Clanger. The cardigan is so pretty, I bet Isabelle loves all those little roeebuds on it. I've been watching the birds too, we have one of those feeders which attach to the window and we've had a starling and her two babies visiting it this week. The babies perch at each side whilst the mum picks up the titbits and feeds each one in turn, really lovely to watch up close. I hope you feel better soon so that you can get back to some crafting.

  3. Happy Birthday to Isabelle! I can't believe she is five! how time flys.
    Lots of lovely things coming off your needles again, love the cardigan, so cute!

    It's lovely to watch the visitors in the garden, i do enjoy when they come. We get way more in this garden than we did in the other one, and I can see them better too :-)

    Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather, I hope you are feeling better soon. xx

  4. Happy birthday to your GD, what a lovely cardigan and lovely outfit for her doll.
    Oh that cute little bird all on his own .
    I love sitting and watching the birds they are so funny .
    Hope you are feeling better hugs .

  5. Happy Birthday to Isabelle! We have a great-niece called Isabelle who is five tomorrow. It was obviously a good month for them LOL
    Love Barbie's new outfit and I'm sure Granny won't be forgotten for long.

  6. Oh Julie,you did a fabulous job at your gifts for Isabelle. My how she has grown. I hope you feel better very soon my friend. I am glad you have your garden to cheer you up.

  7. Isabelle's gifts are gorgeous - I especially love the sleeveless cardigan - so delicate, perfect for a sweet five year old. Thanks for the link to the sock pattern - I am just thinking of joining the world of sock knitting. Lovely post, I love the view from your conservatory.

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to Isabelle! Love that cardigan - since I've started knitting again I must check out Revelry. The Barbie dress is lovely. I enjoy watching birds as well, now that they have realized the cats can't get at them!

  9. Check out the Barbie outfit!!! How cool!! :)

  10. Great challenge piece Julie, even if it is cheating a little bit :)
    Fabulous knitting too, I love the stripey socks
    Happy Birthday to Isabelle

  11. Fabulous knitted projects! Love the socks :)

  12. I can hardly believe Miss Isabelle is now five!! Where are these years going to?? Your Barbie outfit is so great, Julie--brings back all sorts of memories from my Barbie days and mom's patience in making those tiny clothes. And her sleeveless cardigan turned out great, too.

    We've been having quite a time bird-watching in our backyard, too. There seem to be so many new species visiting :)

    I hope you start to feel better soon with this strong medicine... Take care now and Happy June to you!

  13. Lovely photos Julie! Happy birthday to Isabelle. The outfits you knit for her and Barbie are gorgeous - I love her sweet little cardigan.
    Lovely ornament you made for Sally too. Definitely worth another look!
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine. Your garden looks lovely.

  14. Happy belated birthday to the little lady. I'm sure she was very happy with her gifts. And also with the dress you knitted for her barbie. What an outfit!

    So sorry to hear that you have to take such strong medicaments. But I hope they help and that you can soon stope taking them. And get back to your normal self with stitching and all.

    But so nice to sit in the garden and watch all the birds coming and going. Our little nestlings, sparrows this year, haven't left their nest yet but I think it will soon be the right time. I'm looking forward to seeing them learning how to fly.

  15. Sitting watching the birds is one of the most delightful things to do Julie, I do hope your meds work and you feel better soon. I agree crafters do less crafting in the summer when it's nice to sit with a book outside, good luck with your knitting x x

  16. I hope the birthday girl had a wonderful day x hope you feel better soon.

  17. I hope you're feeling more yourself soon, and lovely knitting! I'm glad you managed to get all your projects complete and great photos of the birds.

  18. Looks like Isabelle had a wonderful birthday. I love the cardigan that you knit for her - very pretty! And that is quite an outfit for Barbie. : ) Your garden is just lovely, Julie. It must be very relaxing watching all of the little visitors you have. We've had a visiting skunk recently - not very pleasant. : )Hope that you are feeling better very soon.

  19. The sleeveless cardigan and barbie dress are just gorgeous. Your GD must be so happy. I hope you feel better soon.

  20. oh wow it's so hard to believe that Isabelle is 5! Love the cardigan and Barbie's dress.

    Hope you are feeling more yourself soon.

    We have baby starlings too. They make so much noise! Lots of sparrows too. I love to watch them all.

  21. Happy 5th Birthday to Isabelle :o)
    Doesn't time fly!
    Love that cardi and how clever are you to knit the Barbie doll dress - both knitting pieces are gorgeous :o)
    Hope your feeling ok... time out in the garden and the sun is the best cure sometimes!
    Your family of birds are so cute :o)
    Take care
    hugs xx


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