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Monday, 15 February 2016

The gift of giving

The 15th of each month is time for a Gifted Gorgeousness post. 

Created by the lovely Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching, a way to show what kind and wonderful people crafting folks are with their lovely gifts they send out to others.
The rules are quite simple and can be found on Jo's sign up page at the top of her blog  February's link up page can be found HERE if you want to see what Gifted Gorgeousness posts everyone else has made.

It's been a busy February so far.

A finish for the February Joyful World SAL.  I chose to stitch mine on a piece of hand dyed pink from a birthday gift grab bag at Polstitches Designs.

We've had a Chinese lunar new year on 8th February with this year being the year of the monkey.  Not my year as I am the year of the rabbit (who would have guessed that!)

It was Shrove Tuesday on the 9th when pancakes were enjoyed

Valentines Day, a day of love - such a beautiful card, inside the little envelope is a little golden key to the padlock...

Sunday, Valentine's Day was also opening day of the biscornu exchange for the meet up ladies at Needlecraft Haven.  
You may remember at our last meet up in the autumn one of our ladies had the most awful accident on her way home and broke her wrist and shoulder  She's been healing well and stitching a little.  I was the partner she got in the exchange and she was kind enough to make me this little beauty and include some chocs and a handmade valentine card too. 
Thank you Angi (no blog), I know you have had such difficulty stitching since your accident and love the wonderful biscornu and card you made for me. 
I stitched and sent to Lindsay.  I chose to send a dozen stitched roses on my biscornu, there were 8 on the front ...

and four on the corners of the back...

I also added a couple of felt heart shaped coasters and a card, but forgot to take a pic of those. 
Friends have birthdays this month and two gifts were made and sent out.
My LHN Kitty Sampler was turned into a cushion for one friend.  I love the cat fabric that made up the border.   The chart has now gone off in the post as a gift to another stitcher after she admired mine.

Barb has a birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ......  I chose the Sheila Sheep free design from Brookes Books for her birthday gift and made a little pillow with a peg to hold her knitting 'to do' list.

Just for fun I added a little note clipped on the peg .....

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Barb, I hope you have a wonderful day.
At the knitting group we sit on hard chairs and have been given a feather cushion to cover.  I'd got some cotton yarn in my stash and used that to cover mine like this ....

and the other side, a different colourway.  It's very comfy to sit on lol

I think this post covers GG.  The Joyful World free chart gifted to all stitchers, 2 stitched birthday gifts sent out to friends with one of the charts I gifted to another stitcher, an exchange and a cushion gifted to me. 
I'm looking forward to seeing the other posts for this months GG
I hope your February is blossoming into a good month.  For me, I've had/have hospital visits and we have suffered the loss of a family member so a time to meet with wider family this week and think of memories of happier times.
Blessings to you all


  1. Oh Julie what a lovely GG post! I love everything :-)

    The biscornu's are lovely, both sent and received, it's been ages since
    I made one and your post reminded me of how lovely they are.

    I hope the hospital visit went well, I was thinking of you. xx

  2. Wow, this is a post bursting with goodness!
    These biscornus are fabulous!

  3. February looks very pretty in pink. The two biscornus are lovely.
    What a pretty cushion to sit upon. haha! I really love Sheila Sheep you gave Barb. Perfect!

  4. Lots of beautiful things in this post. I love biscornu's so those are my fav. Love your cat pillow finish. How purrfect. The pillow cover is beautiful too.

    So sorry for your loss.

  5. Wow Julie you have been busy. the biscornu is beautiful and the cushion looks so comfy. I do love the Joyful world SAL and yours looks very pretty on that fabric. Happy crafting Julie.

  6. Lovely "gifting" post Julie. I'm sorry you lost a family member, it's nice to connect with family but not in this way.

  7. Lots of lovely gifts and a variety of crafts :-)

  8. This post is really in the true spirit of Gifted Gorgeousness. I love both biscornus, Angi did a great job after her accident.
    Sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of you.

  9. Awe lots of lovely gifts and sweet stitches ..
    Big hugs x

  10. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. You really have excelled yourself in this post (and kudos to Angi too - stitching through adversity!).
    The rose biscornu is gorgeous, you chose the perfect reds for the roses.
    Sorry for the loss of your relative, it does seem a shame that it's the only time we get the whole family together sometimes!

  11. Wow, Julie…you have been busy. So many wonderful projects. I especially love your biscornu, and how clever of you to stitch 12 roses. You stitching partner sent you a beautiful one as well.
    Joyful world SAL design is very cute. You did a wonderful job stitching and finishing that. Your stitched birthday gifts are lovely.

    So sorry for your loss.

  12. What a lot of beautiful stitching and knitting Julie. I especially like the red rose biscornu

  13. What lovely gifts back and forth and your February looks great. I have these patterns saved as I don't think I will get to them this year, but each month looks better and better.

  14. Such a great post lots of lovely stitching , love what you made for Barb .
    And your exchange stitch is beautiful.
    Sorry to hear about your loss, hugs.

  15. You have been busy! I enjoyed reading your blog. Your cushion is so pretty, and your stitching is all lovely.

  16. So many beautiful gifted gorgeousness in your post. Beautiful work.

  17. You have been stitching lovely gifts. The biscornus , sent and received, are so pretty.
    The cushion looks so comfy.

  18. A great GG post, Julie, and some very nice stitched pieces. The biscornu exchange you were in was great. And so many stitched gifts were sent out. I love Sheila Sheep, and your little cat pillow certainly was a lot of fun to stitch and to be received.

  19. I always enjoy seeing what you have been stitching. Of course with four cats I love your Kitty Sampler pillow. :) Cute note you included with the little sheep pillow!

  20. Lovely stitching and crocheting, Julie. You've had a busy gifting month.

  21. I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your family member, Julie. And hospital visits on top of that... I hope the rest of the month is better for you. At least you have your crafting to keep your mind occupied and you created such great things this month. That sheep is too cute just knitting away and I love your finish for the kitty cushion.

    I have never made a biscornu, but if I ever do, I will be sure to get pointers from you--yours looks just perfect :) And how lovely of Angi to make one for you in spite of her injuries.

    Take care now, my friend :)

  22. This has been a busy month for you! The biscornus are lovely, both of them, as are your other creations.

  23. What a gorgeous GG post! I don't know which to admire first.... I love the roses on your biscornu! And, the knitting to do list pillow - what a fantastic idea!
    I am just drooling over the kitty fabric you used for the cushion - so cute!
    You have been one busy girl :o)
    I am also stitching the Joyful World designs - they are just too cute to pass up!
    Hugs xx

  24. Hello Julie ! You have been a really busy stitcher / knitter and I love everything but the roseson the biscornu really were georgeus-You made great work with everythinh thouhg...

  25. Julie-- wham an amazing collection of creations - you have had a busy month!! The February sampler is beautiful- I absolutely love it!! The cards and crochet and cross stitch are stunning-- love the pincushion!! I'm not sure how you manage to find the time-- you must never have a quiet minute!! Truly amazing stitching and creating!!

  26. It's amazing your partner was able to stitch such a beautiful design while healing! I think the card is adorable too.

    Your own stitching is lovely as well. And that cat fabric really is fabulous! It's fun that you were given a cushion to cover in your knitty group.

  27. What a lovely post Julie. Gorgeous biscornu exchange and your gifts for friends are wonderful. Love the one you stitched for Barb and the little note you sent!

    The cushion cover is lovely.

    The Joyful World SAL is looking lovely. I'm just collecting the charts for now!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you hugs. Good luck with the hospital visits.

  28. Oh Julie this post is full of gifted gorgeousness and I love the pink and lilac side of your cushion . You are so very clever.I was "in stitches" with
    the little note you pegged to it. Lovely post as usual. Take care of you ,(((big hugs )))

  29. Sorry to hear of your loss - beautiful post xx

  30. Busy girl, everything looks lovely!


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