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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Happy thoughts

DH bought me a lovely 'Thought for the Day' gift by Helen Exley

You turn a page each day and read a happy thought for that day. Today it says ...

A reminder that even on the bleakest of days when the mood is not so good things will get brighter.  It's a lovely thing to turn the page each morning and see what's awaiting me. 
Helen Exley has some wonderful gifts on her website all made with the intention of sending warm wishes to the recipient.
Bringing a smile to me today, its turned really cold and wintry here, is this little bunch of daffodils, a gentle reminder that the days are getting longer
The vibrant yellow does warm the heart and the scent is quite good too for first of the seasons blooms.  Go on have a close up look .....

I'm still stitching a bit of Christmas here though. I've crossed off another Day on the PSS 12 Days SAL, Day 9 finished.   A visit from the frog hindered this as 3 of the ladies somehow ended up being slightly shorter than their friends.   Could I leave it as we are all differing heights, I left it and pondered, but no it had to come out and be re-stitched and now they are all the same.
The December challenge, an old free online design from Prairie Schooler chosen by Christine for the Needlecraft Haven monthly Christmas ornament SAL is finally made up - just a little late.
I better kit up and start January's chosen design seeing as we are almost half way through the month.
I gave in and had a new start with the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL - couldn't resist any longer when seeing so many being stitched and finished on blogs.  It will be nice to have a monthly stitch to display this year.  I say I will do one every year and somehow I never do.  I've done quite a bit more than this pic shows as I intended to blog yesterday but it didn't happen - you know how it is.  I see February is out and some have already stitched that one too!  
What's brightening your wintry days?
{{hugs}} to a special online friend who I had the opportunity to speak to on the phone recently and get well wishes to the poorly folks, lots of nasty bugs about at the moment.
Blessings to you all from my home to yours
Happy Crafting!


  1. Aww I love your book so's so much fun to read everyday a sweet qoute...
    Love your stitching xx

  2. Lovely to start with day with a positive thought, will have a look at her site later. Beautiful stitching as always xx

  3. I love your Prairie Schooler finish. One of these days (years?) I hope to be able to do beautiful sewn finishes like that.

    I'm also doing the Joyful World SAL! My progress is going to be slow, because I decided I want to use the charted GA threads and I won't be able to get them in a timely manner. Her designs are so lovely, though, I don't even mind. I'm just enjoying stitching and seeing others' work! Your start is adorable.

  4. I can't get over how fast some people stitch that they have both January and February finished for the Joyful World SAL! My progress is more like yours!! :)

  5. What a lovely post Julie. Stitching and reading stitchy blogs is a good way to release the joy! You've got some lovely projects on the go there.

  6. Reading blogs and crafting keep me happy in winter. I also look forward to my eldest singing in the young voices concert too.
    You have made lovely progress on 12 days and I was so tempted by the snowflower sal too. I shall watch yours grow with envy as it looks beautiful. The Feb design was very cute too. Happy crafting Julie x

  7. Lovely book, I like the idea of a new thought each day. Daffodils are just small balls of sunshine on a gloomy day. I am about to start the Snowflower stitch along, it look beautiful.

  8. A lovely gift from DH - something I would like as you know I like quotes,etc.

    Beautiful stitching and so glad you have also succumbed to the Joyful World SAL - it really is too sweet to resist. I am holding off working on February though.

    Have a wonderful week x

  9. Great work on your 12 Days, love your dancing ladies.
    I'm resisting the Snowflower Diaries SAL but still saving the charts for someday! Your's looks great.

  10. Sweet stitching Julie. I too plan on stitching up the Snowflower Diaries SAL. I have to get better first.

  11. Such a wonderful gift your DH bought you--a wonderful way to start each day!

    Beautiful Daffodils, and lovely stitching!!

  12. Lovely cherry daffs, it's makes it seem like Spring is just around the corner seeing them in the shops already.

    The Snowflower charts are so lovely aren't they? I have February printed out to start when I've finished what i'm already stitching, January is so cute but i'd never get it done in time for this month.

    Take care

  13. Oh I love the happy thought page a day. So neat. Your flowers are beautiful and are a great reminder Spring will be here soon enough. I love this time of month because I get a lot of nothing done which means a lot of stitching time. I call it hermit month. Your stitching looks great. I'm really enjoying watching the SAL. I never feel drawn to primitive designs so it shocks me how much I like this one.

  14. Great stitching Julie all looks lovely .
    Love the saying and the beautiful daffodils .

  15. Beautiful daffodils,they lift the spirit just looking at them.What a lovely gift from your hubby.
    I am enjoying seeing the Snow flake Diaries SAL designs on various blogs,yours is no exception,a lovely finish.

  16. Daffodils really make me feel that spring is just around the corner. Love the little foxy stitching!

  17. What a sweet and thoughtful gift - an uplifting positive start to each day - beautiful x

  18. A lovely finish on your PS ornament, Julie. The Snowflower Diaries SAL is popular.

  19. Lovely challenge finish Julie and the calendar piece is looking lovely

  20. That's a very thoughtful gift - positive thoughts are very encouraging! Daffodils always say "spring" to me - a promise that the light and warmth are coming. Love your stitching pieces!

  21. Such a lovely gift!
    I think not long now, we will see those vibrant flower around, we still have quite high temps for the month of January.
    Love how you finished the dec. ornament.

  22. Lovely gift that will last all year, great stitching to start 2016 :-)

  23. You have been doing some nice stitching. Beautiful new ornament with a Prairie Schooler design. And yes, Maja's new SAL has become so very popular all over bogland. No wonder, as the designs are so sweet.

    Winter has arrived here, too, last Friday with 20 solid inches of snow. Not something that I like. I had to spend many hours outside shoveling snow. Not something that I like either. What brightens these snowy days is my stitching and crafting. When I'm not outside shoveling snow I am stitching.


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