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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Flowers, chocolate and crafting ..... joyful times

Did you have a nice Easter?

The weather was very mixed, some rain, some sunshine.  We had a lovely Easter, some time with friends, time with family, time spent in the garden and some quiet peaceful time reading and a little crafting for me.

I was given a lovely spring posy of beautiful tulips by my daughter

and a yummy Lindt chocolate bunny from DH.  Apparently, Mr Bunny was not bought for the chocolate (but he knows I am a fan of lindt chocolate), but for the recycling of the ribbon and bell that I might find useful in future craft projects - of course I will.  I have a few from last year (and from the Christmas reindeers) that I still need to use up - not that I eat lots of these little lindt animals you understand lol

A new knitting start hopped onto the needles over the weekend. A secret cardigan for Miss Isabelle's birthday next month is in the making.

The March challenge, chosen by Christine, was finally finished - just over a week late.  Having ran out of stuffing and waiting for an order to arrive in the post, its now completed.  March's chart was by Kissy Cross, there was a choice of two but I went with this one.   Following Carol's instructions on how she gets such a professional finish to her lovely ornaments I tried some of her tips.  Thank you Carol, I do think this one turned out much better this time and I will definitely be using your tips in the future.

UFO stitching and Irish Garden was out again.  The top left border has one side filled in with flowers.  Plenty of half and quarter stitches so no watching TV and stitching on these borders otherwise Mr Froggy might pay me a visit.  Instead, a nice quiet afternoon in the conservatory listening to the birds singing and neighbours enjoying their Easter family time (and DH's heavy breathing whilst having a little afternoon snooze on the sofa next to me!)

A new stitching start last Wednesday. Sugar Plums by CCN from another of the JCS Ornament edition magazines for my SAL with Barb and the ladies at NH.   I'll put some more little x's into this tonight as of course Wednesday has come round quickly again.

Finally, I can now share with you the Spring design I chose for the seasonal SAL over at NH.  We had 3 months in which to stitch any design of our choice.   Lots of different designs have been chosen and no two ladies stitched the same.  I have all 4 of the Heart in Hand 'Wee' series so will be doing these for each of the seasons this year.  "Wee Spring" in it's frame which now sits on my conservatory table.  I'll stitch the Summer one over the next couple of months and change the design in the frame when we move into Summer.

Another little hat for the charity will also be added to the growing pile when the knitting group meets on Friday.  We are nearly at our target before we hand them over to the hospital to be used in the neo-natal department.   A lovely group of ladies and children come along on Friday mornings, some new to knitting and crochet and keen to learn new skills.

It's nice to help and advise those just starting their journey into handmade and it makes you realise just how much you yourself have learnt over the years.   I never thought I would be able to knit the stitches I do now when I first tried to hold the knitting needles and yet now I can click away and not think twice about having a go at a challenging pattern.  Perhaps with the help and advice available on the computer it does make things a lot easier. 

Do you try things that you perhaps wouldn't have as you know there will be something or someone on the web that will help you instantly if you get stuck?  

Hardanger is still something that scares me when I do it, I think its about time I gave that another try.  You might hear me shout HELP if and when I do.

I've just finished a lovely book. Something I picked up in a charity shop whilst having my few days away.  Being a cat lover it was the cover that appealed to me.  It's the true story of Casper the Commuting Cat, a lovely rescue cat who took to riding the local number 3 bus unbeknown to his owner.  He became somewhat of a local legend in the Plymouth area and was famous around the world.

I'm behind on blog reading this week and really must schedule some time to have a catch up read, I bet you've all been creating some wonderful things over the extended Easter weekend.  See you soon on your blog......

Blessings to you all


  1. Hello there Miss Julie, well you have been very industrious ,puts me to your little ornaments and Isabelles secret cardi is going to keep her nice and snug. I wouldn't think otherwise about the chocolate animals would I!!
    Irish Garden is going to be rather splendid when it is finished ,they say patience is a virtue,and it looks as if you need a fair amount. Speak soon

  2. Ooh I love the job you did on finishing your March challenge piece!

  3. Hi, it sounds like you had a great Easter, a little bit of everything fun. The ornament turned it great and Carol does have some great tips. I'm going to try hardanger, anna is helping me, we fell in love with a design from an old magazine, anna said it will be easy, it's just window panes in the front window, then you can see a christmas tree.
    Happy stitching!

  4. Your works are lovely, and lucky you for the flowers, the colours are beautiful.

  5. I like the look of that book Julie, I think I'll give it a go. Yes I would agree, I taught myself lots of skills when I was learning about beading and they came from books and the web - the more complex the skill the better the web is as a resource in my opinion. I used it a lot when learning crochet too. Easter weekend was very sunny with us and it's been quite a bit warmer too.

  6. You have been busy! The NH ornie is lovely, Christine does choose great designs and you have finished it so well.
    Irish Garden is progressing nicely too.
    I am well known for Googling stuff to the point that if my son says something and I reach for the iPad he says "you're going to google that, aren't you.". Even the Small Boy's Psychologist told me that she knows I google things she says to us!
    I've always loved looking things up and the Internet is just an extension of my library of books.

  7. Lovely ornie finish Julie,irish garden is coming on a treat,the secret cardigan looks lovely.

    Love lindt chocolate too.


  8. I ate my whole dark chocolate Dove bunny. Next is the same one you showed. That is the second one I have seen posted that has a bell. Mine does not!!
    Love the looks of that secret cardigan. So jealous of Isabelle's gifts.

  9. It's been lovely reading your post with all the beautiful projects you have been working on.

    I've never heard about Casper - but then I don't read any local papers and very rarely listen to the news either so not surprising really.

    Enjoy the rest of your week x

  10. You are such a wiz with your needles! That cardigan looks so complicated haha. Thank goodness for the Internet! I don't know how many times I watched videos and read blogs over (and over and over) just to figure out a magic ring for crochet! I am a bit timid about asking for help directly but it seems most people would be nice about helping. :)

    And what a cute story about the traveling cat! It's such a shame that his escapades were cut short by a careless driver.

  11. I love the look of the cabled cardigan. I just attempted cables for the first time and love them!

  12. What lovely flowers your family brought you and the sweet rabbit.
    Wow Julie love your Christmas ornament great finish .
    All your work is just wonderful , hugs .

  13. That is a beautiful finish,no wonder you are pleased.
    Lovely knitting as always.A great post,I really enjoyed reading it.

  14. Great finishing on the March challenge and progress on Irish garden. Isabelle's cardigan is going to be lovely :-)
    The book sounds interesting, just followed your link and it sounds like Casper was a real character!

    I love the lindt bunnys but i was very good :-) And in answer to your question, no i didn't get chance to steal any of Olivers chocolate, he wouldn't give anyone any, we did try, lol

  15. My mum buys me Lindt reindeer and bunnies so I can have the bells for craft! I'd much rather the chocolate, Lindt is yum! Great progress on Irish garden and your March NH finish is superb.

  16. Great challenge finish and I love the new cardi.
    I always save the bows off Lindt bunnies (or their low-rent copies more often) too, also the lengths of narrow ribbon that are stitched into the shoulders of tops so that the shops can put them on hangers. Snip them out and keep them every time.
    Hardanger is quite easy once you get the hang of it, and it grows much faster than cross stitch

  17. Lovely work, Julie. I've found Carol's finishing tips useful as well. I love Hardanger even though I still get nervous when it is time to start cutting.

  18. Lovely flowers Julie and love Isabelle's cardi, she will love it. Gorgeous stitching and finishing, I don't know how you find the time to do it all you must be so organised x

  19. Hello!
    Just found you.

    Those tulips are just beautiful!
    Lovely stitching and I think your finish is very cute!
    Gorgeous knitting too.
    Happy Thursday x

  20. Stitching outside! We haven't quite gotten to the right day for that in my back patio, but it's surely coming soon. :) I'm so looking forward to it!

  21. Lovely tulips Julie - my DH also bought me Lindt bunnies with recyclable ribbons and bells. Lovely stitching as always :-)

  22. Lovely post thanks for sharing - loved the knitting xx

  23. Tulips and a Lindt chocolate bunny, that makes Easter for me. And I had both this year as well :)

    Your new ornament is looking gorgous and yes, Carol's tips are really great. Your newly started cardigan has a nice pattern. Wee Spring is lovely, I have Wee Summer, a gift that was once sent to me by a dear stitching friend. Very nice stitching on your WIPs.

  24. Fantastic job on your finishes, they truly look so pretty!! Beautiful blooms too :)

  25. Lovely Tulips!
    I love how you finish off the March challenge, it's beautiful!

  26. I'm so glad you had a nice Easter, Julie--I so love those tulips. They're such happy flowers :)

    Little Isabelle is bound to be the best dressed girl around with all these lovely cardigans you're knitting!

    Good to hear that you think my finishing tips helped, Julie--your ornament turned out great! I am so far behind on my finishing right now--I hope things calm down in my life soon and I can have a finishing day (or more accurately--a finishing week :)

    I am not good at trying new crafts at all--just tend to stay inside my comfort zone! And hardanger scares me, too...

    Enjoy your week!

  27. Beautiful tulips! Those are my favorite flower.

    The cardigan is so sweet and I'm sure will look perfect when it's done. Love that Wee Spring pattern. I will have to go have a look at that series.

    Good luck with hardanger! It looks challenging enough. I'm thankful for the Internet everyday. I wouldn't be knitting my first pair of socks without it.


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