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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

F..... is for Five Finishes

It's always lovely to do a Stitch-A-Long with overseas friends and last week I put my final stitch into Nature's Alphabet that Gillie over in the USA and I have been doing each Tuesday.

An old design by Elizabeth Designs and a chart that will be so useful in the future to make lovely scissor fobs and other things using a single letter.

H for Hare..... he's cute....

N for nest..... where the little blueish beads were added (not charted but you can't have an empty nest!)....

JAS .... my initials and the little tulip bead that completes the bottom left hand square.....
F for finish ......... a tah dah moment and the final design all ready for the framers .....
A for Anniversary.... Clare and her hubby celebrated 25 years of marriage,  I stitched this little keepsake for them.
C for crochet .... a flower cushion finish for the newly acquired and refurbished Lloyd loom chair in my bedroom
M for Monthly challenge ... the last Sunday of the month and another lovely design can be revealed that was chosen for us by Christine over at Needlecraft Haven for the month of June.  Stitch and finish the free design any way you choose... always popular and great to get ideas for future challenges.


E for Exchange .... back when we had the meet up with other stitchers earlier this year we had a filled in card to choose with 5 questions asked.  We had to stitch a summer themed coaster and I chose the card from Gill (no blog) and here's what I put together in response to her answers. Opening day was 30th June.

Angie chose my card, and this is the lovely parcel I received.  Thanks Angie.

S for squirrel..... The squirrel with attitude is still around, and can be seen here sending his friend off to the second feeder we have at the bottom of the garden to get a treat....

and sweet peas...... - in abundance and so many I've given away to friends and neighbours for them to enjoy.  I wish you could smell this bucketful of loveliness.....
J for Jam... made from the latest strawberry pickings ......

P for potatoes........ after the lovely sunshine and rain we've had last month the first crop of the year were delicious......
B for beetroot ..... a super food, very healthy and good for you, how do you cook yours?
An alphabet of simple but nice things from the past week. 
Today see's us starting another month, it's July and the summers here already, the schools will soon be breaking up for the long summer holidays.  Does your stitching suffer in the summer months with the hot weather, or perhaps you spend more time tending your garden?   What plans do you have for July's crafting?  I have a project that needs attention this month and will be the focus... can you guess what it might be?

Edit - I've had an email asking for the link to the Noel free chart I used for the monthly challenge, here's the link in case anyone else wants it.


  1. I can't believe it's the first of July today Julie. Where has this year gone? Your finishes are all just perfect, the alphabet is a great design. Your produce looks delicious. My dad used to grow beetroot and I can remember him cooking and pickling it in vinegar but I don't know exactly how he set about it.

  2. Nature's Alphabet turned out SO pretty! It has been fun to watch your progress... I'll miss it! : ) I look forward to seeing what new project is going to have your attention this month! Happy gardening and stitching!


  3. Enjoyed your alphabet themed post. Oh, the satisfaction of another finish - it looks great.

  4. Oh my! What a post. :) Wonderful work my friend.
    I definitely do less stitching in the summer due to gardening. Your garden looks lovely.

  5. wow super sweet stitches...i love them so much..
    your garden is looking so lovely
    hugs x

  6. Wow! Your nature's alphabet is just lovely! What a lovely post! I love sweet peas! Your beetroot looks amazing! I LOVE beetroot! :-)

    I am definitely stitching less and spending more time outside. :-)

    I hope that you have a lovely day!

  7. So many lovely things to celebrate the half year. We love our anniversary gift :-) The meet up exchange coaster are lovely.

  8. Hi Julie! How productive you are. Yes, I do find I finish less in the summer but this year is a great deal of year long projects which need some catching up on. We are busy with our garden in the city and at Cranberry Cottage. I also have not been getting much done as I am slower after the sadness of loosing Elwin. It really does affect you even though he was not with us long.

    I love your ABC piece. It is so pretty and love the addition of buttons and beads. Will you frame it or use it in another way?

    Hugs from Holland,

  9. Well done on so many lovely finishes.

    Your jam looks very tasty and isn't it great to use your own produce.

    I hope July is a great month for you - me I need to get cracking on the Penguin stocking for Elisha.

  10. Wow five finishes!
    Love the alphabet sampler,I have this in my stash and have used the letters individually for cards.
    The other finishes are lovely too.
    Yummy,love strawberries and home made jam,you just need some scones and cream.

  11. What a fun post Julie! Congrats on your finish! I've been admiring your progress since this chart sits in my stash and would be great for fobs. Lovely exchange and sweet peas!

  12. Congrats on your five finishes! Nature's Alphabet is just gorgeous!

  13. Love that sampler
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Congrats on all these pretty finishes & the super yummy food...

  15. Wow Julie! Congrats on finishing your nature's alphabet! It looks fantastic and I love the little ways you've customized it!

    You've sure been busy!!!

  16. What an enjoyable post, Julie! First of all big congratulations on finishing Nature's Alphabet! Wasn't it such fun to stitch!! Did you know there is a companion piece to it called "Nature's Alphabet 2?" That one has a very cute black sheep for the "S" block.

    Love the little ornament (thanks for the link, too--that was a new one to me) and your exchanges, too. Beautiful berries, jam, and beets--I LOVE beets! But, no one else in my family does so I don't fix them...

    Hope you have a relaxing July!

  17. Nature's Alphabet looks gorgeous, I love the little tulip button you used in your signature block.

    You must stitch Number Two now LOL

    The exchanges are great too, a nice little collection of goodies.

    I will probably stitch more this summer because I'll be at home with the boys so I will stitch while they play!

  18. A great post Julie!
    Congratulations on your finishes, love the Nature's Alphabet!!

  19. Congrats on your newest finish!

  20. I find I stitch more in the summer because I really don't like to be outside in the heat! Spring and fall are when my stitching suffers; the weather is just too nice for me to sit still. :)

    As for beets, I love love looove them pickled! Something about that wonderful purple juice that becomes even more amazing for purple pickled eggs! o, I'm drooling at the thought.

    Your Nature's Alphabet is absolutely beautiful. I love X with the little snowballs on the tree!

  21. Love the Nature's Alphabet finish! It's been great watching it progress along. The wee little bunny button and 'eggs' are just too cute. Very fun post to read through. SO MUCH good stuff!!!

  22. Julie, what a nice and chatty post. Loved your alphabet of well-loved things. Congratulations on finishing five projects, they are all very beautiful. IT's so cute how you embellished the ED piece with beads and buttons. And a lovely pink crocheted pillow.

    Your garden seems to have got just the right mixture of rain and sunshine. Your vegetables and fruits look gorgeous, and I'm sure they also taste gorgeous.

    This month I will stitch my two monthly little pillows and a Santa, then I will pull one of my big projects and stitch a new section on it. And last but not least I will start as many new projects as possible. And no I won't be saying anything about finishing some projects, lol.

    Have a great July!

  23. Nature's Alphabet is just beautiful, Julie! I really love all of the little details. I'm also in love with your crocheted cushion. :) You always have so many lovely things to see ~ I really enjoy my visit here.

  24. Nature's Alphabet is lovely !! Your crochet cushion looks great. What lovely abundance from your garden. Flowers and veggies all look great.

  25. Amazing finish Julie! Congrats! What an alphabet too. Each little block is so sweet. Beautiful crocheted pillow on your chair. It's colour is so soft and pretty. Love beets and I do so many things with them. Make a borscht, roast them even steam the leaves and eat them! I always have too many things on the go in the summertime but I do try to stitch in the evenings when it's cooler. Hugs!

  26. What a fun post! I love that Elizabeth designs chart. Great idea for gifts. X

  27. Omg-- your alphabet sampler is fabulous-- that is an amazing project. It will be so beautiful when it's framed!
    You do truly beautiful stitching:)

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