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Monday, 23 June 2014

Thank you Rachael

Last time I told you I'd received a beautiful gift from a blogging friend, would you like to see what Rachael sent to me as the winner of her blogoversary drawing.
I was amazed when I opened the brown paper wrapping on the beautiful box that the postie delivered.  
Inside the pretty box, was another box .....
with a cute kitty on the top....
and what a box it is too, the lid was padded .....
and as I took it off ...WOW!!!

An etui sewing basket filled with goodies, handmade by Rachael herself.  It's gorgeous.

I took the contents out, such a lot of lovely things for me to play with, just look at the beautiful felt dolly, she's so cute.
and I marvelled at the workmanship that had gone into this wonderful basket ...
Oh look.... a pair of angel scissors tucked into one of the little pockets.....
and some beads inside one of the bands....

two sides are padded to use as a pincushion....
the bottom is padded too...
and the fabric the whole box is covered in is just so pretty, here's the bottom and sides ....
It is absolutely a work or art, thank you so much Rachael, I am so thrilled with it and love it!
There was one of these etui boxes at the very first meet up I attended about 4 years ago with other stitchers where one lady was using it as her workbox, that one was yellow flowered.  I thought to myself at the time, I would love to have one of those, perhaps one day i'll find a pattern and be able to try and make one.... and here I am, the owner of this gorgeousness.   Just goes to show, things do come to those who wait patiently.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ***   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Talking of talented people who can make nice things, Saturday DH and I went off to a small quilt exhibition a few miles from home in a church hall.   The ladies were giving demonstrations and you could have a little go if you wanted to. 
Some wonderful quilts they had on show.....

and other quilted items ....
A stall selling their fabulous makes at quite reasonable prices too to raise funds for the church hall and a local charity.
Patchwork was something I had never tried before. the Craftshare group on Thursday I'd had a little go at it, just a little 4 square pincushion... the red button does add a little touch (*whispering* and it hides the fact that my join was a millimetre or two off centre) 
This larger pincushion will be very useful seeing as I am now the proud owner of this beauty, an early birthday gift from DH.    Better swat up on the instructions and have a go with it, now what to make first ..........
There are so many talented people whose blogs I read, thank you for your inspiration and guidance as I travel along my crafting pathway, which at present is taking a little detour from the cross stitching that I have been happily content with for the past few years into pastures new.
A little crochet has been happening in the garden here this weekend and a project that is so close to a finish there is really no point showing it to you till its all done.
Till the next time ... happy crafting!


  1. The etui is absolutely beautiful! I've seen this cartonnage work before & so wish I was brave enough to give it a go :) Enjoy, it's a real treat!

  2. Aww such a sweet gift and the little doll is super cute,,I love her so much..
    Your little pin cushion is so lovely too.
    Hugs x

  3. what a wonderful gift, its beautiful. and pretty things inside too :)
    Your pin cushion is very pretty, love the button in the middle :)
    smiles :)

  4. WOW! Such a beautiful gift you received from Rachael!!

    I love the pin cushion that you made, and I am looking forward to seeing what all you make with your new sewing machine!

  5. Beautiful etui and contents
    Racheal is talented
    Pretty pincushion
    And your hubby did good to get that sewing machine

  6. Oh my goodness, that box is amazing! So beautifull made and such lovely treats inside too. You really are very lucky!

    The quilt exhibition looks great too. I do enjoy looking at quilts even though I never make them myself.

  7. What a lovely box, so cleverly done. I look forward to seeing your crochet, I've picked up a hook and yarn recently and I'm trying to teach myself some basics.

  8. Wow! What a wonderful box full of goodies!So glad you enjoyed the quilt show. I think your little pincushion looks great!

  9. Great post Julie!
    What a wonderful gift from Rachel. The construction of these amazes me. It is a treasure.
    That quilt exhibit looks wonderful. And wow! That sewing machine! Your DH is a keeper. I can't wait to see what you have been sewing and crocheting!

  10. What a beautiful euro, Julie. The quilt exhibition looked interesting. Your sewing machine looks to be a sophisticated model. With your comment about other crafts, I think you will find that it is a case of so many crafts, so little time :)

  11. Gosh Julie, that etui is gorgeous!
    Some lovely quilts at the exhibition too.
    Enjoy your new toy

  12. Oh my, Julie, this box is a dream. I have seen this kind of cartonnage before but have never tried myself on something like this box. Absolutely stunning. What a wonderful treasure you own here.

    What great quilts you could admire at the quilt show, so many different patterns. Congratulations on your first little quilted pincushion. On your new Janome you can create one of these wonderful quilts yourself now.

  13. Such a lovely gift to such a lovely lady , how beautiful I can see why you are over the moon with it so wonderful.

    Love your new machine , you are going to have some fun with it.

    Wishing you a happy week.

  14. Oh, I just love the box..I must give that a go...wish me luck. I have a janome too: you will love it. I wouldnt be without mine now! Great happy post xxx

  15. A beautiful Euti! Love the photos...

  16. Now you really didn't need to whisper that last bit about the could have been your secret! Gorgeous colour combination, Julie.

    Don't dare ask what project is close to being finished, sob, I didn't do one bit of mine last week and this week isn't looking good, either, sigh!

  17. WOW! What a lovely lovely gift!!
    and such beautiful quilts at the exhibition!!

  18. Beautiful etui! Clever Rachael. I would love to make one. Thanks for sharing those lovely quilts. I think your pincushion looks just as good!

  19. Rachael's gift to you is absolutely stunning! I know you'll treasure it, Julie!

    And I enjoyed seeing the pretty quilts and your cute pincushion--I'm sure I would use a button in the exact same place. I have never tried sewing a pincushion like that, but I imagine my lines would be off, too.

    Oh, I'm so envious of your new sewing machine--be sure to tell us how you like it!

  20. A beautiful etui box, so cleverly made. I have one that I bought, I considered making it but went for one ready to use! And what a super new machine. I bought a new one a while ago that does all fancy stitches and I love it.. good work on your patchwork cushion.. better watch out Julie patchwork and quilting is addictive!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog..
    Love Chris x

  21. Wow the etui is absolutely beautiful! So beautifully made.

    Love your pincushion. I think you may have a new addiction!

  22. What a splendid gift, it's so gorgeous. Love you pincushion - you didn't have to confess, it could have been your secret!

  23. You hit the goody jackpot. :) What a gorgeous box ~ she really did an amazing job! So many pretty quilts to look at! And I love your pincushion. You did a really nice job. I see lots of sewing in your future with that lovely new sewing machine. :)

  24. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous gift. Clever and beautiful. I'm sure you'll treasure it forever. :)

  25. Wow! What a beautiful etui box! She is very talented and so sweet to make it for you. The quilts are amazing and the pincushion is darling. Have fun playing with your sewing machine! It looks like it can do nifty things :D Hugs!

  26. What a fantastic give away you won, it's beautiful!

    Your little pin cushion looks great to me, (I know what you mean about lining the squares up though, had that problem with a bookmark i made!)

    Have fun on your new sewing machine :-)


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