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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Busy doing nothing ... if only!

A little while since I was here posting updates, lots of stuff going on.

Hubby's still undergoing further tests, yes and we are now 7 months down the line...... amazing what they find when they are looking for something else and then that needs attention too!  DD had a health scare (every womans nightmare type) and after quick tests etc there was relief for us all that all would be fine and it was something that could be sorted.

Isabelle, my grandaughter had a birthday, she turned 3.  Brave the Disney film is one of her favourites, unfortunately we have no room for a horse, so she had to make do with riding her new bike wearing her Merida costume.

A reveal of the big crafting project at the local Community Centre was organised, tea and homemade cakes and a visit from the deputy mayor and all went well in the end. 

After a lot of heartache and problems since last summer, it is finally on the hall wall and looking really nice.

Oh dear... that's not the picture, that's before the Deputy Mayor and our local councillor pulled off the cover.....  
Here you are... the finished piece.....

a few close ups ....
Lots of talented people took part showing their wonderful skills.  We had, lacemaking cross stitching, knitting, crochet, applique, silk printing, decoupage, quilting, hardanger and beadwork.  The darker blue squares down the sides were created by the gardening club using leaves and sunlight, the pictures were then copied onto fabric to be added to the finished design.  The long blue bottom border has the names of all those that took part, names were signed onto paper then transferred to the cotton fabric and backstitched into place.  It was decided to call the finished piece 'Community Threads' as that was what the whole project was about, bringing the community together and of course we had used threads in our finished works. 

I've also been spending quite a bit of time with a man from the library services and the council as they plan to bring a new self service library to the centre which means changes for our Book Borrowers group, some good changes and some not so good, progress they call it.  The whole community has had a say with surveys being filled in as to what they would like from it, that's taken up quite a bit of time speaking to lots of people at the centre.  With all the council cuts there will be no actual library staff, they hope volunteers will run the service.

Stitching has not been so productive, but I've tried hard to keep up with my SAL's.

Irish Garden had 3 speciality stitched borders added ...
Gingerbread men have arrived at CCN Gingerbread Emporium ....
and 3 more letters added to Nature Alphabet ....
Ooops forgot to take a pic of the full design.  Only the bottom row left, the final 2 letters and name/date etc.
Finally, a little gift I stitched a couple of weeks ago, I can share now its been received and opened.  A little notebook and pen, a useful gift and a quick stitch iris design for a spring birthday.
The first sweet peas of the year are in bloom, DH gave me a tiny bunch last weekend, the smell was heavenly as you walked into the room.  He always sows a few seeds January 1st to get an early crop.

It's been lovely to read what you have all been up to on your blogs, I'm all caught up with blog reading again after getting way behind.  Lots of wonderful craftwork being created out there, well done to all.
There are some friends who are going through some stressful times themselves and with their families, {big hug} to you and a special {{{great big hug}}} to a very dear friend of mine who is not quite herself at the moment.
Thanks for popping in....


  1. Great post with lovely crosses updates and sweet gift.

  2. The community threads work is amazing. Absolutely stunning! I'm sorry life has been so stressful just lately: I hope it calms down soon. I would ask the council how their insurance would apply for 'VOLUNTEERS'. I've been away for a few years but as far as I can remember, volunteers are not covered by the same insurance as employees...might be something to rattle their chains with. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted soon. Lovely stitching as always. I love the Iris...well, I love it all. Can't believe you have done so much considering you've been so busy!

  3. Hi Julie... I'm sorry to hear that your husband's health issues are ongoing. I'm glad they are fixing the things they've found along the way, but to have him not feeling his best after all this time must be so frustrating for your family. What a relief that your daughter is fine, though. Her Isabelle looks just darling on her new bike, too :)

    Lovely looking community craft hanging--how very special to see so many talents on display. I'm sorry to read that there will be no library staff on hand. What a shame...

    Your stitching looks lovely and I see you're on the final stretch of a Nature's Alphabet finish! Love those sweet peas, too--I'll have to make a note to plant some seeds next year.

    Take care now...

  4. Your husband is in my prayers. Your GD is beautiful. So are the sweet peas! What a great community project.

  5. Your hubby is in my prayers...
    Such a sweet community project..
    Big hugs x

  6. Hope the tests reveal what really needs to be taken care of for hubby. Love the stitching and that notebook is a wonderful gift to receive.

  7. Hugs for DH and x x for DD - a worrying time but so glad she's OK.

    The community piece is beautiful, a lot of worry but a credit to everyone's hard work.

    Lovely stitching - sending hugs too to those who need them x x

  8. So many people seem to be having problems at the moment Julie, I hope everything sorts itself out soon. You are a very busy lady, lots of lovely crafting going on - I enjoy catching up with it all.

  9. So glad your DD is ok Julie, you have certainly had some worrying times lately. I hope things improve with your DH too xx

    Lovely progress pictures, Isabelle is growing up so fast too, can't believe she is 3 already!!

    Take care xx

  10. Continued good thoughts for your DH, Julie, and so glad that your DD is okay. I can't believe how big Isabelle is--they really do grow up so fast!

    Even with all the worry you have been going through, you have done some lovely stitching, and the community project is stunning!!

  11. Miss Isabelle is getting so big! She'll be at school before you know it.
    The community project looks fabulous, I know it's been a struggle getting there but it was so worth it

  12. Wow what a gorgeous quilt! Lovely progress on Irish Garden and such a sweet granddaughter! I hope your hubby finds out what is wrong soon x

  13. Congrats to your granddaughter, she has a beautiful bike !
    I love the quilt with all those different elements in it, what a great idea.

    Glad your DD is okay and I hope the same for your HD.

  14. It can be so frustrating getting to the root of a medical issue, and you are so right ~ it really is amazing all of the things they find along the way. I hope you get answers soon. Glad to hear that your daughter is okay. You have the most adorable little granddaughter! :) I always enjoy seeing your stitching! And what a lovely gift you made!

  15. I hope all goes as well as your daughters scare, whew!!
    Pretty little princess you have there, she's greeting soooo big
    The table looks very very delicious, yum
    That quilt is amazing as is your stitching
    Take care

  16. Your comunity piece is lovely, so many different crafts represented there. I love the idea of the gardeners using the leaves to make their part.

    So sorry to hear about your library cuts though, how they think they can run a service with volunteers I really don't know. Oh no, they don't, it's just an excuse to shut the place down. Makes me so cross. So many of these cutbacks will be hard to reverse after the next election too.

    On a brighter note your stitching is looking lovely as ever.

  17. Julie- I'm sorry you've had a scare with your husbands health-- I hope things go well for him now.

    Your little granddaughter is adorable-- our little ones love that movie too!

    The collaborative sampler is just magnificent- what a wonderful project-- and your stitching are lovely as well. I love cross stitch-- but it's been a while. Had to give it up for my knitting obsession:)

    So glad you stopped by to visit me-- thank you--

  18. The Community Threads project looks great. With all the family concerns you have, it's amazing how much you pack into your time.

  19. Continued good thoughts for your hubby!!!!
    Three already?? That is just crazy to me. Three????? Happy birthday to her!! :)

  20. So sorry to hear about the health problems running in your family. But good to know that your daughter's problems aren't as severe as they seemed to be in the beginning. Sending good thoughts to your husband that the doctors will soon find out more about his health problem.

    The community threads project is looking gorgeous. Wonderful that so many talented people have united to create such a beautiful wall hanging.

    But it's sad to hear that the community wants to run the library without librarians. But volunteers are better than closing the library completely - which was the alternative here in my community. So our little local library has been run by volunteers for more than 30 years. It will be interesting to know what decision they will take in your community.

    Nice progress on your stitchy projects.


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