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Thursday, 12 January 2012

RR and a new SAL

I finally decided what to do for the RR. You would have laughed at me, sitting in bed with morning cuppa, a thought of the perfect chart randomly popped into my head, jump out of bed, race downstairs and search the stash box for the chart. No luck, i was sure it was in there, i remembered printing it off. Where was it, had i dreamed the chart? Quick breakfast and i unearthed my collection of Gift of Stitching magazines safely stored on disc. After some searching - was it really that long ago i first saw this one - there it was, press PRINT and yippee there it was in my little mitts.

Now for the fabric and thread. Chart asks for Dinky Dyes and I only have a couple of those, so that wasn't going to happen. I did have a coupe of skeins of Threadworx 1157 in a very nice purple/green mix, would that do? It didn't have the blue that was in the DD Yallingup but i liked it. I matched up the colours in it using DMC for the other symbols in the chart, found a large piece of jubilee in cream and we were all set to make a start.

Here i am rambling away, of course you want to know what it is don't you. The chart in question is My Little Book of Stitches by Debbie Draper. I cannot believe it was way back in Issue 19 (August 2007) that this was in the GOS online mag. There was me thinking the brain couldn't hold a thought for 5 minutes, this one must have made an impression back then to have been stored and filed just for the right stitching project.

A perfect ready edged piece of cream jubilee measuring 18 x 27 was in my stash too, this project was just meant to be. Fabric was gridded into the 8 pages needed and i've stitched up page one. I'm going to do page 8 also before it heads off to the next person. There are 5 other ladies in this RR so that means they will all get a choice of page and when it returns i can stitch the final one (unless anyone loves it so much they decided to stitch on 2 pages for me LOL).

In my quest of looking through the GOS mags to find the RR chart i came across something else that i loved when i first saw it (i'd forgotten about this one!). Wednesday evening at NH is The Sampler Girl SAL night and as you will perhaps remember i've stitched a couple of Tanya's designs with the ladies last year.

This one was in issue 28 (May 2008) and is In The Garden with Jane Austen.

If you like it but don't have this issue the chart is available here at The Sampler Girl. A pretty hand dyed piece of 28ct brittney fabric called gladioli was in my stash and called out for this project and here's last nights progress.

Postie arrived this week too and brought me the giveaway win from Mary Ann's blog, Just Stitching.

The lovely JCS Christmas Ornament Preview edition. Thank you very much Mary Ann, i have enjoyed browsing through this and am sure i'll be stitching up some of the lovely designs in there. Stiching ladies are so kind and friendly, it sure makes me a happier person meeting and chatting to like minded ladies and share my crafting interests.

I hope you are all having a good week.


Carol said...

I think the piece you've chosen for your RR is delightful, Julie--haven't seen that before. I'm sure all the other stitchers will enjoy it as well.

How nice to win the JCS magazine as well--I agree, stitching friends make us all very happy indeed :)

Maggie said...

Hi Julie, that is just the perfect piece for a RR - can't wait to see it all stitched up :-)

Good progress too on the Sampler Girl stitching!

Shari said...

wow....two beautiful projects going.....I LOVE the start of the Jane Austen...that fabric is beautiful!!! Will look forward to watching your progress on both of them!!!
Congrats on your win also!!!!!

Rachael G said...

I have always wanted to do that one, I have the charts for it...But I must not have any new starts!!!!

Christine said...

That is a fabulous idea for your RR Julie!
Great start on the JA design too

Mary Ann said...

Julie, what you have chosen for your RR is going to be lovely! Your new start, In the Garden with Jane Austen, is looking wonderful--I love the color of the fabric!!

And, you are very welcome. : )

Lesleyanne said...

Great start on the RR. Glad you were able to find the project you were after. Your Sampler girl project looks lovely. Congrats on the JCS magazine win.

valerie said...

Wonderful choice for a RR! It's looking great already and will be wonderful to display when it's all finished up!

Lovely stitching!

Barb said...

Oh my ,oh my, what nice designs you are stitching.You will be deserving of a gold star when you arrive in the parlour next week .
Will mail you soon.
Hugs and more hugs

Tina said...

Looking forward to stitching on your RR julie,love the fabbie you have chosen for In the Garden and great prize to win
Hugs xx

Sally said...

What a lovely choice for your RR Julie. Looking forward to seeing this one when you get it back.

Nice start on the TSG one too. I loevd stitching this one when I did it. When I get myself sorted I shall to join the SAL.

Congratulations on the win:)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh, I have all the threads to start the boom of stitches what a perfect rr piece!

Elisa said...

Little Book of Stitches in my UFO pile....I may have to get it out again. A great start on your TSG SAL

mollycaff said...

I love the project you've chosen for your RR, in fact I need to go through my GoS magazines to find it so I can add it to my list of things "to do"

Pumpkin said...

Oh, I LOVE that design and how perfect is that for an RR! Makes me want to stitch it now ;o) LOL!

Lovely new start too Julie.

lily said...

Hi Julie, lovely stitching choices.
Thanks for your words of wisdom on my post re: blogging.........I think it must just be the time of year or , heaven forbid, the fact of being a woman of a certain age that has given me the wobbles about continuing with the blog. It is nice to keep a record of crafty makes and is worth carrying on for that alone.

You certainly keep yourself busy with all your stitching. x