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Sunday, 8 January 2012

First finish 2012

A week into the new year already, how time flies. Why is it we all decide to make changes to our lives only when the new year begins and not continually through the year? In our home, DH and i talked about things that we wanted to change this year and so far during the first week we have made some little changes that directly affect us and how we manage our time better and get some quality relaxation time each day and not be chasing around late into the evening.

With this new found pace of life, i'm fininding small things fill me with glee and bring a smile to my face. Right now this old radio design tin that had biscuits in is doing it for me. Everytime i see it, i just smile and get that happy felling. Who would have thought an empty tin (yes, we ate all the biccies over the festive season) could bring such giddy delight to my life. This is going to be filled each weekend with homemade cakes or biscuits for us to enjoy - thats the plan!

Relaxation time each day means i've been busy hobbying too.

My Christmas decorations were still up prior to twelth night when i finished January's monthly ornament so i was able to photograph it on my tree.

Prairie Schooler ~ Christmas Favourites is from the 2011 Just Cross Stitch ornament edition and was finished just as it is in the magazine with the addition of the two little buttons to help me easily add on the rustic string hanger.

I'm hoping to make all 12 ornaments this year from this edition as there are such a lot i really love inside it.

Surprise, surprise and Shores of Hawk Run Hollow has also been off the floor stand and on my lap for some attention.

A good start on the double biggie middle block but this is going to take some time to complete as we have the big masted ship in this one too, lots of while sails, how exciting!

After my first ever try and a successful RR last year i decided to jump in and join another for 2012 with 5 other stitchers at Needlecraft Haven. The first post out isn't till the third week of January so a while yet, but i have finally decided what i want to do and have it all kitted up to make a start this week. I'll show you that next time when there's something stitched on the fabric.

How are you getting on this year so far with your crafting plans? Everything going well? There are so many different challenges and SAL's going on on the web for people to join in with, blogland will be buzzing with exciting designs for me to drool over.

Late December was my blogoversary, the 28th to be exact. I've been blogging for 5 years, it really doesn't seem that long. I've always had a draw to celebrate and made something for the winner. This year i decided instead of asking who would like to be included in the draw, i would only add the names of the regular commenters during the last 3 months to thank them for their continued visits and support and taking time of out their busy lives to leave me a little word or two. It does make a difference to know people enjoy what you write and coming to visit.

DH chose Carol at Stitching Dreams as the winner out of all who were entered. Here's the little surprise that will be winging it's way to you Carol, please could you let me have your address and i'll get it in the mail when i next visit the post office. I'll reveal what's inside when Carol has safely received it.

This next bit is just for my future reference, i wanted to list my finishes in the Journal for 2011 as i want to delete it from the side bar, so skip this bit .....

64. Crochet blanket
63. Lighthouse pillow - FOR Angi
62. Elizabeth Designs - Dear Friend - FOR Tina
61. Windy Willows - Petite Lapin - FOR Sally
60. Childrens Christmas Stockings
59. NH Ornie Exch - FOR Lindsay
58. Crochet cushion
57. Wedding card
56. Crochet cushion
55. 3 more Christmas Ornaments - fundraiser
54. 3 Christmas Ornaments - fundraiser
53. Witch's Kitchen - Primitive Hare
52. October monthly ornie - Stitching with Susan - Angels Sent
51. Ripple cushion
50. The Sampler Girl - In The Meadow
49. Isabelle's aran cardigan
48. Granny cushion (back)
48. Granny cushion (front)
47. Sept monthly ornie - Lizzie Kate - Love
46. Isabelles cardigan
45. Aug challenge - Le Temp des Cerises - Le Chalet des Perelles
44. Aug monthly ornament - Blackbird Designs - Peace
43. Book front for Best Flower Arrangement in Show
42. Book front for Best Flower in Show
41. Caoster for fruit & veg show local celeb prize giver
40. Fruit and Veg 'Best in Show' Sampler
39. Baby cardigan
38. Crochet baby blanket
37. DH's funky socks
36. Bookmark - Karan's b/day
35. June monthly ornament - Primitive Threadworks - Merry Christmas
34. Hazel's RR
33. May monthly challenge - Free design by Sablaise
32. Bunny for Hazel
31. Amigurumi Ballerina Bunny
30. The Sampler Girl - At Home with Jane Austen
29. Mrs Tape Measure Bunny
28. My monthly ornie - Midnight Stitching - Snowmans Quaker Christmas
27. Blue Tit tape measure - FOR Kathy b/day
26. Floral covered tape measure
25. Jackie b/day - covered tape measure
24. April challenge - Chroniques de Frimousse - Easter
23. Just Nan - Floral Fifteen
22. Tina's RR - Hillside Samplings
21. April monthly ornament - Plum Pudding Needlearts - Fa La La
20. PS covered tape measure - FOR Barb
19. Lesley's b/day gift
18. Maureens b/day card
17. Pink baby cardigan
16. Mothers Day bookmark
15. March monthly ornie - Elizabeth Designs - Christmas Greetings
14. Miss Tickling Stick bunny
13. Flower crochet mini blanket
12. Feb monthly ornie - Brittercup Designs - Consumed by Gifts
11. Feb challenge - The Stitcherhood- Love
10. My square on Clare's RR
9. Shepherds Bush - February - Barb's b/day
8. Lilac baby cardigan
7. Peach baby cardigan
6. Jan monthly ornie - LHN - Happy Skater
5. Pink baby cardigan
4. Jan challenge - Tralala - Petit Chat
3. Blogoversary bunny for Cathey
2. Isabelle Vautier - Grand Marquoir
1. 3 covered tape measures - b/day

I had 8 crochet, 11 knitted and the rest stitched finishes. A productive year i think considering a little munchkin came into my life and took up a lot of my hobby time, not that i mind that though, in fact a lot of the finishes were for her.

I have a few plans for 2012, the RR has deadlines and lasts until September, DH would like a crochet blanket for himself this year and i really would like a pair of handknitted socks for me. I don't have any as yet so that needs to happen this year. I've joined a card a month SAL, this can be any craft and also will be doing the monthly Christmas ornament and if times permits there is also the monthly challenge that i enjoy doing. I've 2 WIP's in my workbox, Shores and Irish Garden that i would really like to finish this year too. A UFO remains in there that hasn't seen the light of day for a while so i might just get that out and try and make headway on that. Otherwise, if there is time, i have a 'few' (cough, splutter) things in my stash that i really would like to do this year too. Like a lot of ladies i'll be stitching/finishing from stash as much as i can to save on funds.

If you've got this far, i thank you, what was going to be a short first finish post has turned into a marathan one. Who would have thought i had so much to say this time.

Make crafting time in your day every day if you are able, it frees the mind from stresses and strains of daily life and gives you a little much needed happy time.


  1. Lovely first finish of the year Julie, I am still stitching Christmas things too!
    Love the biccie tin and your plans for it - lovely. Idea to have home baked goodies to delve into.
    Fantastic list of finishes not sure mine is that long. Congratulations to Carol for being the blogaversary winner.

  2. Congratulations on your first finish of the new year!
    You had some amazing finishes in 2011 too,congratulations on all those :-) Congrats to on your blogoversary, wow 5 years!

    I don't understand why new starts are kept for new year either, unlike most people i quite like Monday's because for me that is like a new start, new week, new things to achieve :-) Although i have made some goals for 2012.

    Good luck with your new RR, i shall look forward to seeing all you new finishes this year:-)

    Have a great week x

  3. Wow, what a list of finishes! Well done! Good luck with your RR, I have participated in quite a few and enjoyed them all.

  4. Lovely ornament Julie and it's great to see Shores making an outing. That's an impressive list of finishes for last year!

  5. Beautiful finish, Julie!! And, Shores is looking very nice!

    You certainly had a lot of wonderful finishes in 2011 and it sounds like you have some excellent plans for 2012.

  6. Well belated Happy Blogoversary,Lovely ornie!
    I am hoping to get my WIP's finished, especially as my mojo seems to be back!!

  7. Oh, my, Julie!! I was happily reading along in your post thinking how lovely a tin of fresh-baked goodies would be each week and admiring your latest PS ornament and Shores progress when I stumbled across my name! Isn't that wonderful that your husband picked my name--tell him thank you for me :) I will email you right away with my mailing information...

    And congratulations on five years of blogging--that is really something to be proud of! I so agree that adding a bit of creative time to your everyday life is so very helpful :) Thanks again, Julie--I'm so excited!!

  8. Lovely ornament finish Julie. Its amazing how much you managed to get finished last year when you see it all written down like that. I've only ever logged the stitchy finishes before, perhaps I should start including all the other stuff.
    Love the retro tin by the way.

  9. what a fab start and finish already. It looks like you were really busy last year with your list. I too have reconsidered my routine to make more time for relaxing. Good luck with yours
    x catherine

  10. Great ornament Julie, and that tin is fab...enjoy your extra relaxation time, I'm trying to plan my time better too so I get a little more time xx

  11. your finish looks great! I haven't seen a PS that I haven't liked I don't think!!! And the shores piece is wonderful!!! Keep on stitching!

  12. What a busy little elf you have been my Julie friend. I loved this post lots to read and look at.
    I will be stitching with you and Mr Stick tonight over at N/H I have dug out Quaker Diamonds. That long suffering UFO of yours wouldnt begin with L would it !!!!lol.
    Be in touch soon

  13. Lovely first finish of the year Julie.

    Nice to see Shores back out again. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    That tin is really unusual. I've not seen one like that before.

  14. Julie I love the idea of organizing life so you and your hubby can spend quality time together in the evening and enjoy your hobbies!

    Cute little oranemnt!

    Yay for Carol, she has a great blog!

  15. Happy Blogoversary!

    The tin is adorable. I tend to keep those too because I feel guilty throwing them out. :(

  16. Fantastic to get a christmas ornie stitched already, its lovely! I intend to do a monthly ornie myself too this year along with everything else. All those finishes... well done. I love sock knitting and have several which I wear around the house and in bed!
    Happy crafting Julie

    Chris xx

  17. You finished an ornament already? Good for you!

    Glad to see Shores out again :o)

    Congrats to Carol! I still have my bunny and she has moved into the TV room :o) Happy Blogaversary Julie!

    I'd say you had a very successful year!


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