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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

My dear friends

Thank you so much for your supportive words on my post about our loss of Mr Moe, hubby and i are most grateful to you, it really meant a lot to us.

The month of December is not a good one for us, too many sad anniversary memories, the passing of my dad on 19th and maternal grandmother who actually passed away on Christmas Day morning a few years back. It is also my eldest sons anniversary on 27th December, so i always tend to be a bit quiet in the run up to Christmastime. With the added loss of Moe this month too, it has been somewhat harder this year.

We have been spending family time together. We took Isabelle into the town centre to see the decorations for her first Christmas. This year they are as beautiful as ever. One side of the town hall square is Peter Rabbit and the other is Alice in Wonderland.

The fountain is lit up too and looks very majestic. The tree at the Clock Tower is amazing, so many twinkling lights. I love my trip each year to see what our council has done for us, but this year it was extra special pushing Isabelle around and watching the wonderment in her eyes as we stopped to look.

Earlier in the month i sent out some birthday gifts to stitching friends.

Tina (no blog) celebrated a special birthday and i decided to send her a little bourse, it's a long time since i made one of these. The design i chose to put inside is Elizabeth Designs, Dear Friend. I'm happy to say Tina loved it.

Sally celebrated her birthday too.

We have known each other since i joined my first forum for online stitchers, i think it's about 8 years now since that happened.

We always exchange a stitched small for birthdays and this year I chose to stitch this lovely freebie from Windy Willows called Petite Lapin and made it into a pinkeep.

Angi (no blog) is another online friend i have known since my first forum visit.

She has a love of lighthouses and this little chart is from an old Gallery magazine, i saw this way back earlier in the year when searching for something else and kept it inside my workbox ready for her December birthday.

I loved the hand dyed polstitches fabric from one of their grab bags, it just seemed to shout out for this design to be stitched on it.

Christmas Eve evening as i write this, are you all ready for the big day tomorrow? Everything here is done, gifts all delivered to friends and family, fridge bursting with goodies and table all set for dinner tomorrow. We have a roaring fire, watching Christmas movies on the TV and the choccie tin has had the wrapping taken off, so it's officially time to sit and relax after a busy day.

Sending lots of festive love your way for a peaceful and happy time with those you love and hold dear in your lives. Special thoughts to those with angel parents and children at this special family time.

It's been fun here already this year, as you can see little 'baby Belle' as Grandpa fondly refers to her is on the move and is getting quicker by the day. The tree has survived so far but Midge is rapidly learning to find a hiding place when she is here.

Have fun and enjoy, don't work too hard ladies, husbands can wash up and help out no matter what they tell you ....


  1. Julie, i'm so sorry that December is such a hard month for you. You are blessed with a beautiful granddaughter though and i hope that you have a good day tomorrow xx

    Love the photos of the decorations in town, i wish our Council went to that much trouble, alas we only have a few and the tree is nothing to shout about!

  2. What a joy your little baby Belle is for you, to lighten your hearts, when there are many sad times.
    Wow she is on the move already, time has flown!!

    I hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family!!

    Ssh don't tell anyone as they will want one, but hubby does the cooking on christmas day so I have to wash up!!

  3. Julie, I am sorry that December is such a hard month for you. ((hugs))

    I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas!

  4. How lovely to see the lights with Isabelle, she is really growing up fast.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year

  5. I'm sorry to hear that December is a tough month for you, so many sad milestones!

    At least you have that new little light on your life, Isabelle to bring a child's joy to the season.

    I hope you had a Happy Christmas!

  6. Julie I was so sorry to read about Mr Moe ((((hugs)))

    Little Belle has grown so much, I bet she's a bundle of fun. I hope you had a good Christmas xxx

  7. Hi Julie, it must be difficult to feel festive with so many sad memories crowding your mind, grandchildren can be such a blessing and give us so much hope for the future no matter how sad the present may be............hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family.........your stitching is so beautiful, lucky friends. xx

  8. Happy to hear you had some quality time with Isabelle :o) Always enjoy seeing pictures of her.

    You made some incredible gifts Julie and I'm sure the recipients are more than thrilled with them :o)


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