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Sunday, 15 August 2010

A blogs name?

What does my blog name say about me? Is it a true representation of what i blog about? I was thinking about this as i uploaded this weeks pics to show you what i've been doing.

My blog started off as Julie's Stitching Journal, thats me and it said what it was about, a journal of my stitching. A way to remind me of what projects i had done, when and how long they had taken and i was also able to share with other stitchers.

Soon i had found the knitting bug again as well as stitching especially when i started to send out lots of the bunny's. I decided on a name change then to Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal. That was ok too, there was still stitching and knitting being blogged about. More things were added to the sidebar when i was reading other blogs and found something that i thought would be a good idea to have on mine. Pics of my 'fluffy boys' brightened it up and a list of what i have been reading as well as the projects i have finished too. As my memory becomes 'forgetful' with ageing years, i added a 'reminders for the month' bit, no way would i be able to forget the projects that must be done that month. This month i've made another celebration bunny for a 50th golden wedding anniversary, that note never even made it onto the reminder list LOL

Recently, i seem to be waffling about all sorts on here, and there is not much stitching being shown at all. Is it the summer months causing the lack of stitching? or is it that i have found something else that i would rather be doing instead of stitching?

Desperate to try knitting a pair of socks, the first pair on 2 needles were a success and then more recently, a very loud and exhausting happy dance when i managed to make my first pair on 4 needles, that was really exciting.... i know, who gets excited about a pair of socks!! Now of course i've been learning something else new, the crochet project. The sample experimental granny squares started something off, my brain was keen to learn more of this.

Seeing a lot of wonderful things being created with the 'hook' and being directed over to Lucy @ Attic 24 was such inspiration, she has the most wonderful tutorials on her blog and lots of brightly coloured pics which are so easy to follow. Thanks Lucy, i was able to make my very first LUCY BAG using your pattern. I am thrilled with it, it's so bright and colourful and was fun to make.... does this mean i should have a change of blog name again to include crochet? I love these little crochet flowers and leaves, who would have thought little old me would be able to conjour up these cuties from oddments of wool with a little bit of time and effort.

This brings me to my question to you .... why did you choose your blog name? does it represent what your blog is about? how often do you change colours/style of your blog? do you mind if a blogger keeps the same design forever (yes, i know that's my blog, i'm a techno scaredy cat that gets all flustered and breaks out into a sweat with fright that i might loose everything if i altered it).

All these questions that popped into my mind as i was waiting for blogger to upload 2 little pics to show you.

I'm sure i was going to write something else today, maybe i better take one of these memory mints that DH had for his birthday on Thursday and see if i can remember what it was, never mind there's always next time...

Rambling and waffling over for today but i will just drop out one bit of good news. Amy now has a 100% fully functioning toilet! We are just waiting for the painters to finish off their work and they are scheduled for 23rd of this month. That date can't come quick enough i can tell you, then we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any suggestions that you think would improve my blog for you readers, feel free to say so, otherwise i'll just continue skipping along my own little path happily learning new things on my journey of crafting and share it with you.


  1. I've used the screen name Daffycat since we first got online many years ago. When I started my blog I knew I had to use it so my blog became "It's Daffycat" and I don't really care that the title has nothing to do with stitching, the subject of my blog.

    It really annoys me when people I follow change their blog title every time I turn around! People need to pick something and stick with it...otherwise it's hard to remember who the heck they are!

    I've only changed my blog background once and that only a few weeks ago. Like you, I am a big chicken and don't want to mess up all my hard work!

  2. Oops Sorry daffycat I am always changing mine LOL, but I think that's just me and the way I am, I like to change things sometimes as I get bored easily. Although you are not the only one Julie who has lost the stitchy bug.

    I am on the pc too much I think in the evenings thats when I used to stitch the most and considering how much I used to do as well.

    As for your blog, it is up to you, it's your blog, and I certainly don't think you will lose any readers if you do change or not, I love reading your blog!!

  3. LOVE your Lucy bag! And handknit socks always excite me!!!

    I've never changed my blog name and I probably never will...but I do change the background and sidebar pics frequently~~usually to coincide with the seasons or holidays :)

    But I did just recently change the name on my de-stash blog because I plan on adding more handmade items in addition to destash stuff...but I figure it's not a big deal because it doesn't really get many visitors :) Funnily enough, I've left the same background on there that I started with, lol!

  4. Fantastic bag! I don't worry too much about my blog name... or should I??? xx

  5. I love your Lucy bag, so cute & bright!

    My blog name hasn't changed since i started my blog, it dosen't represent stitching at all!, i chose Blackcountry Wench because i come from an area in the Midlands know as'The Black Country' and Wench is a Black County term for 'girl or woman', so i just put the two together. As for changing the look of my blog, i'm guilty of doing that all the time, lol, i recently changed it to three coloums and quite like the look now, (except for my header photo which will change soon) i think i will stick with the look i've go now.

  6. Julie I am astounded, and jumping for joy with you, fab-u-lous bag. Shall have to get that hook out again ,I love the bag (puss).
    As you and Karan started me off on the bloggy thing and I do tend to change the background a lot ,I think your blog is just fine sweetie, and it is just that YOURS.
    I worry mine is too long but once I start I cannot shut up. (as you know)so pleased to hear that Amy is fully functional now, and I have to have some memory

  7. Julie, a blog's name is whatever YOU want it to be. Mine is a nick name I was given by Jennfier Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams one time and I just really liked it so thus it became my blog name! I change my look, "when I feel like it".

    I don't think your blog needs any changes, and don't change it to suit someone else, change it to suit you (unless someone lets you know the font/colour/backround colour combination is hard to read.

    I think you've had a hard time settlign down this summer because there has been a bit of upheaval in your life, helping your daughter with her apartment and so on.

    You'll find your stitching bug when you're ready.

    In the meantime that bag is fantastic!

  8. My blog name has nothing to do about stitching but it's about my hometown. I don't even live in my hometown anymore...just a few miles south. I wonder if I should change the name but it's me and does personify who I am at heart and I figure that's enough. I am thinking about changing the template to something a little cheerful. Still thinking if I want to do that though.

    I love your bunnies!! The 50th anniversary one is so special and your Lucy bag is great!

  9. Hellooooo Julie!! First up I LOVE that bag!!

    I changed my blog name after not blogging for many months because I wanted it to represent me at this time in my life and also because there was another blog out there with a very similar name to my old blog name and confusion was plenty on a daily basis for some readers.

    I think changing my blog name for some reason made me want to blog more....not sure why but I guess it was due partly to the fact that I wanted to blog more with my new lease on life so to speak.

    I think you should follow your heart and do EXACTLY what you want!!!


  10. Well, my dear friend, my blog was called Sally's Stitching Place because that was all I could think of but then someone ( you!!!) gave me the inspiration for a new name thus it became Stitchyangel's Treasures Lol!!!

    I love your latest bunny. So cute:)

    I absolutely ADORE your crocheted bag. As I said on S&S I can't crochet so please can you come and teach me lol ( puppy dog eyes again)

    Glad Amy's problems are finally sorted. What a long time it's been. So ridiculous and very bad.

  11. Well, my blog name is named thusly because it matches my web site..........which originally came from a spot that my husband & I loved on the coast. A prominent house in the area had a huge custom smooth stone (granite?) archway over their walkway with the phrase 'moonraker' inscribed on it. I always wondered if it had to do with their (obviously) spectacular views of the ocean. (It's also from a Bond movie but I've never seen it. My inspiration came from stone. :))

  12. my blog name is sharissharings & that pretty much sums up my blog. I share what is on my mind!
    I love the bag you made!!! And your stitching will resume! I think we all go thru spells where we don't stitch as much

  13. Your Lucy bag is gorgeous Julie! It wasn't that long ago that I came across this tutorial and bookmarked it. It's been a good few years since I've done any crochet but I've been itching for a while now to have a go again. I think the Lucy bag might be a 'must do'!

    I've always thought my blog and blog name are pretty boring really and they don't say a lot about me, except for it's just my blog where I post my stitchy finishes! I named it Just Carol because that is also the name of my website (my stitching gallery) and I thought that friends who liked to visit would know that they both belonged to me! I wouldn't ever change my name and I think I've only ever changed the background and layout once.

  14. Your newest bunny is darling as is that colorful bag, Julie! I always enjoy my visit to your blog--no need to change anything...

    My blog's name was chosen in early 2009 when I began blogging. One evening when I was unable to sleep, I started thinking about fun things to do and I had the "dream" of "stitching" an ornament a week for an entire year. Thus the name of my blog: Stitching Dreams was born! Probably won't change it, but I do like to change the background and header photo every 3 or 4 months (seasonally, I guess!).

  15. Love the crochet bag. I'd stick to the name you've got, Julie's stitchyknittercrochetcatsgardeningandbooks journal just doesn't have the same ring ;D.
    I went with Alchymyst's Study for mine because it started out with the intention of being about my designing and I've never seen the point of changing it. I've kept the same background since day one too. Its plain and unobtrusive which works for me

  16. Just popping in to return the hug with love and wish you luck for Oct I see my neuro in November but dont hold out much hope for answers still waiting for appt with physio was told there was a six week waiting list about 8 weeks ago!!!

    My blog name just seem to fit lol not sure where it came from LOL

    Love and Hugs Shellie xxxxxxxxx

  17. Great job on the crocheted bag, Julie. It is so lovely!!

    I so want to change my blog title as it's just my name which i had picked it when i open or started blogging but can't think of an appropriate one that i really like so i just let it be...

    That's a good news about Amy's, here's hoping all the painters will all be finish soon.


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