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Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy Birthday Barb

I knew exactly what i was going to stitch for Barb for her birthday. She has a love of Shepherds Bush designs and i thought the old freebie 'Friendship Lamb' would be perfect. As i stitched it i was unsure how i would finish it but finally decided on a simple pinkeep. I hope you've had a wonderful Birthday Barb and have been thoroughly spoilt by your family and friends. I wont let on how old you are LOL x

Did you all have a lovely Valentines day?

DH and i dont usually celebrate as we have our wedding anniversary this week, but when we were grocery shopping on Thursday he spotted this little heart shaped tin amongst the valentine goodies on the shelves. I love little tins and he loves Lindt chocolate so it was the perfect little treat for both of us.

Not a lot of stitchy progress to show you, my eyes have been very sore and giving me trouble this weekend. I have finished the Christmas ornament for this month but still need to take a picture so i'll show you that next time.


  1. Awww! How sweet! I don't think I seen that SB freebie
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    I sure hope your eyes get better, we love to see your stitchies

  2. A lovely piece for Barb's birthday. Happy Anniversary. Hope you are better soon.

  3. Oh I bet Barb loved it. Very nice treat for you both. :0) Hope your eyes start to feel much better soon. Gentle (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  4. Cute sheep! I'm sure Barb will be thrilled with it. Hope your eyes are feeling better soon.

  5. That is the sweetest little pinkeep!

  6. A very cute pinkeep for Barb.
    Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your eyes get better soon.

  7. Love the stitching and ur a girl after my own heart I love tins too lol
    Hope you eyes settle soon is it the usual I know mine play up occasionally.
    Happy Annivesray for during the week.
    Hugs Shellie

  8. What a cute little lamb! I like Shepherd's Bush. I really like that little heart tin.

  9. What a sweet gift for Barb! The little tin is sweet too. Have you noticed that when you unwrap them Lindor chocs totally look like the Death Star (oops, my inner geek is showing again). Hope your eyes feel better soon

  10. Julie if you have seen my blog you will know I loved my sheep. You are such a talented lady and I will treasure him along with all the other bits bobs you have made me.I have your shaggy scarf on at the moment,it does wonders for my painful neck.Thankyou so much again.I am 26 and dont care who knows it (oops got that back to front I wish lol)
    Many congrats to you and P for your anniversary .Hope the eyes improve soon, oh lor its Tuesday .
    and we know what that means. hugs Barb

  11. the pinkeep is adorable!!!!!! You did a great job on it!
    Happy Anniversary this week...what day is it??? Today is my dear son's birthday!!!
    so neat that you found a Valentine treat that worked for you & your husband!!!

  12. That is a sweet gift you gave Barbara,
    oh I would struggle to give away the chocolates!!


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