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Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

Christmas here was not the peaceful time i had hoped for, circumstances out of my control prevented that, but DH and i enjoyed each others company and we received some wonderful gifts. Karen stitched me this lovely mistletoe ornament and DH wasted no time holding it above his head after commenting on Karens perfect stitching and her fabulous idea for the perpetual mistletoe! She also sent me the lovely JBW Christmas Tree charts too. I'm looking forward to using them as part of the monthly Christmas ornament SAL at Stitch & Stash next year. The Prairie Schooler santa and JBW 'Secret Garden' chart was a gift from Karan and the choccies and shower wash from Clare. I also received some lovely gifts from Kathy (no blog) but unfortunately they are not in the picture. Thank you ladies for your kindness.

This little pinkeep i stitched and sent in Karens Christmas parcel. It's by JBW and was so lovely to stitch. I had been gifted the chart earlier in the year.

I do like JBW designs, they are quick stitches and always look so effective and splendid when finished, i have quite a few now that i hope to stitch this year, so wathc this space as they say LOL

Tina (no blog) from Stitch and Stash had a birthday just before Christmas but had kept it very quiet so unfortunately i had missed it.

She is one of my UFO stitchers so i decided to knit up a bunny for her. It did arrive just before Christmas and i'm pleased to say Tina loved her.

She doesn't have a name as yet, but is holding a 'prodding' needle and a reel of thread to help make sure Tina stitches on Tuesday UFO nights.

I bet you are all wondering why i titled this post 'Happy 3rd Birthday' well... according to the blog counter, today is the 3rd anniversary of my blog. Surely i can't have been waffling on and still have folks reading since December 2006. To say thank you for your visits i've decided to make something for one of you. What should it be? something stitched? or something knitted? Please say in your comment if you would like to be entered into the draw and if you would like a stitched or knitted gift and i'll get DH to pick a winner New Years Eve.

Edited to say .....
Not sure if i will blog again before the New Year, so i'll take this opportunity to wish you all health and happiness and send my warmest wishes to you all for 2010.


stitcheranon said...

Happy Third!!!!!
I love that little bunny, especially with her prodding stick lol.
Sorry xmas wasnt as quiet as you would have is full of unexpected things...wish it wasnt. I would love to be entered into your draw...and I dont mind anything stitched or knitted. Whatever takes your fancy lol!
Have a lovely New Year, just as quiet or as loud as you wish for!

valerie said...

What beautiful gifts! I love the bunny too...that prodding stick is too funny! I think I might be scared to be a UFO stitcher in your group! lol j/k.

Congrats on 3 wonderful years of blogging. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I'd love any type of gift.

Happy New Year...I wish you a wonderful one with lots of stitchy time!

Daffycat said...

So glad you had a decent Christmas. Those are lovely gifts.

The new bunny is a cutie and I'm sure she will be cherished.

Happy blogoversary, Julie! I'd be happy with another bunny so Merry won't be lonely...

In case you don't blog again, have a happy New Year!

Shari said...

everything looks wonderful Julie! I too love JBW designs. I have a lot of them in my to do stash as well.
Happy 3rd blogoversary. I missed mine with all of the extra activity here earlier this month!!
Happy New Year!!!

Ranae said...

Happy 3rd Blolgoversary! Julie
The prodding stick bunny is too cute.
Nice goodies you got there too.
Pretty pinkeep!
I would love to win a stitched piece, but Winston could really use mail order bride, lol
Sorry your christmaas was not as you would have liked.
Happy Stitching 2010!!!!

Lindsay said...

Happy Blogoversary, sorry to hear your Christmas didn't go as well as you hoped.

Put me in the draw please and I don't mind what for

Happy New Year

jane said...

Hapyy 3rd blogaversary Julie. Your Christmas gifts are lovely. I would love to be included in your draw - any kind of gift would be great.

Rachael said...

Happy Blogoversary Julie, What lovely gifts,but then you are a lovely lady who deserves such gifts.
I am not going to ask to be added as I would like to give someone else a chance to receive some of your lovely stitching/knitting :0)Even though I am kicking myself already LOL

mollycaff said...

Happy 3rd blogoversary!! I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas, even if it wasn't completely as planned. I'd love to be included in your draw please. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Happy birthday Julie. I love Reading your blog and keeping up with your news. Another beautiful bunny they are so cute - I love the way they all have characteristics of their own.
Happy New Year to you all x x

sarah said...

happy third anniversary!
i love reading your blog and seeing your stitching and knitting. i would love to go into draw for whateveer you decide to do
happy new year and wishing you lots of happy stitches for teh new year

sarah said...

happy third anniversary!
i love reading your blog and seeing your stitching and knitting. i would love to go into draw for whateveer you decide to do
happy new year and wishing you lots of happy stitches for teh new year

Christine said...

Happy Third blogoversary! The new bunny looks like a "Buttercup" to me.
I think anything you stitched OR knitted would make a wonderful draw prize

Hazel said...

OOOh happy third anniversary thingy. I'd love to be entered to win a stitchy gift. Sorry your christmas was not so peaceful but lovely gifts you got! It has been a trying time for us as well. xx

Carol said...

Wow! Three years, Julie--I am only completing my first! I would be happy to win either type of gift if my name is chosen--thanks for the chance.

Christmas is often a time of unexpected feelings rising to the surface when family members gather together. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your time with DH, though. It is cute how he held the mistletoe ornament above his head--sounds like something my husband would do, too!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010!

Sew Wilde said...

Happy 3rd blogoversary! I truly enjoy your blog. Please enter me in the drawing-either knitted or stitched is fine by me.


Barb said...

Oh Wow Julie, 3years ! I have a lot of catching up to do. Please will you enter me in your draw I love all your bits and bobs but the little pinkeep you did Karan was diVINE (oops sorry about that) you know what I mean.Love the colour of Tinas bunnys dress , oh like the idea of needle too,Happy and healthy as it can be New Year to you and yours too.

Mylene said...

Lovely ornaments both sent and received.

Happy blogoversary!!! I would love to be entered into your draw, thanks.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

staci said...

Happy 3rd Blogiversary! I love anything stitched or knitted ;)

Those are some really lovely gifts...both sent and received. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Stitching Kath said...

please add me to your draw. i would be happy to receive anything in the post that you had made.

love kath

Laural said...

It's 2 am and my husband just came in to see why I was laughing so hard. That bunny is brilliant!

I'm sorry you had to deal with unpleasant things at Christmas :( I am glad though that you and your husband were able to have a pleasant time together.

Always smiling said...

Well done Julie, 3 years wow some feat... Happy New Year and I would love to be in your give away.
Hugs and Blessings
Chris x

Tina said...

Happy 3rd Birthday
Love reading your blog Julie
Hope mr stick had a good christmas and is nice and kind to us in 2010 lol
Would love to be entered into draw
Don't mind what it is,love anything you create
Happy New Year
Tina xx
ps Bunny has now got a name
Hope...Hope i finish this UFO soon

Dani - tkdchick said...

Julie, happy 3rd Blogiversary! Also Happy New Year!

Please enter me in your draw... I'd love to win something knitted (aka a bunny!)

Pike said...

happy blogoversary! Something stitched for me please :)

Pirjo from Finland

Sheilasembroidery said...

Happy Blogaversary and something for you.

As one year ends
A new one starts
I hope you get
What's in your heart.

I hope 2010 is a good one for you.

Babs said...

I love those little bunnies. Do you sell them aswell? I'd love to have one to help me stitch ;-)