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Sunday, 22 November 2009

A wet and windy Sunday

Lots of horrid weather this week, high winds and heavy rains, but no where near as bad as some areas of the UK. I've done a little stitching, some knitting and made up the monthly challenge ready for reveal next weekend. These are another pair of socks for DH. The monthly ornament is stitched but i still need to make that up before i show you and my friends birthday gift is almost ready to be made up too.

DH is feeling much better but still not 100% and DD is now 12 weeks into her bad throat and cough, she's back off to the Dr this week after finishing her antibiotics and still no improvement. I'm still germ free, so i'll send you all a {big hug}

Happy stitching and knitting


  1. I am still coughing too...and I have lost my sense of taste!!Insult to injury hehe.

    I love the socks. I still have not done a sock. Maybe next week lol

  2. Weather is pretty grim here too :(
    Great socks, you've got more patience than me...

  3. sure hope you your family gets feeling better real soon!!!! No fun being sick.
    I love the socks you made! I just showed my husband & said aren't they pretty!?!?!
    I said I should send you my yarn & needles for my arm mitts!!!! I cannot get the hang of it!! Four needles is too much for me!!!!
    Thanks for your loyal support of my blog!! I appreciate it so much!

  4. My daughter got that sore throat thingie a few years ago. I thought she would never get well. I hope your DD feels better soon!

  5. It's raining & windy here again too, though thankfully getting away pretty lightly compared to Cumbria.
    Love the socks - the yarn has knitted up beautifully. :0) Poor DH & DD - healing vibes being sent your way. Hope they both feel much better soon (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  6. Another great pair of cozy socks!

    Sorry to hear your family has been hit with illnesses. Hopefully you'll stay healthy to take care of everyone!

  7. Love your socks! I don't know of many people now that still knit. Well done


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