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Sunday, 4 October 2009

A gift, a finish and half a sock!

A surprise gift ...

Look what dropped through my letterbox late last week.

Karen has been playing with glass and made me this wonderful fob for my bag. She knows i am a fan of green, dont you just love the prickly spotty one, its so lovely to touch and feel. Thank you so much Karen, lots of folks have admired your latest creation and i do feel very special being able to actually see/touch the wonderful things you make with glass.

A little stitching for me this week, started the monthly ornament for Stitch & Stash and today i put it together. Festive hardanger ornament is from Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine March 1994, i think i was sent this in an exchange quite a long time ago. Something a little different this month but a very enjoyable project to stitch. It's stitched in the colours it asks for and how lucky that i had a skein of Caron Watercolour in African Sunset in my stash. I remember receiving it in an exchange a few years ago and it has just sat there waiting for this chart to jump out the pile at me, the green is Weeks Dye Works Perle 5 in Scuppernong.

It was 'Strictly' last night and DH's 2nd pair of socks were started. The last 2 balls of wool i bought in the sale from Black Sheep. He commented that these look like halloween socks, i chose this colourway as i wanted to see how it knitted up compared to the stripey stuff. Seems it gets the thumbs up, maybe i'll have to have a little splurge and order some more sock wool.

Have fun stitching, knitting, glass playing or doing any craft you care too....


  1. Oh lovely! I think they are great ;-)
    The fob is beautiful. Strictly what?????? lol

  2. Great sock yarn!! Looks very fall-ish. After you finish knitting them wear them and only them on Halloween and Yell BOO to your DH. Or should you say "Trick or Treat?" LOL

    Missy- who has has to much caffiene today.

  3. What a pretty bauble!

    Your ornament is very pretty too! Your hubby I'm sure will enjoy his spooky socks!

  4. Everything is lovely. Lucky you and lucky hubby to have another pair of knitted socks.

  5. I love the fob! Such pretty colors.

    I really like the ornament. I am going to have to look up that issue. I know I have it because at that time I was collecting all the magazines.

    One question for you. Where did you get the pattern for the 2 needle socks? I am thinking of taking the plunge ever since I saw the lovely sock yarns that are available.


  6. Sweet fob from's really darling!

    Oh, and I love your ornament! The colors are so pretty!

  7. That fob is stunning what a clever friedn you have
    Love the ornie and the colour way of the sox is cool
    Hugs shellie

  8. Your ornament is very pretty! I'm loving the spooky socks! By the time this series of Strictly is over you should have quite a few pairs made up!

  9. OH Karen they are lovely lucky Julie.
    Hey love the socks Julie,DH very lucky.
    Ornie very pretty too.

    I have 1 sock!!!!!!
    Hugs Barb

  10. Karen's beady fob is beautiful. Love the ornie too. The socks remind me of tiger skin

  11. What a fab addition to your bag!
    Very pretty ornie Julie.
    those socks are great and I like Missy's suggestion LOL!!

  12. Gorgeous gift from Karen! Love the socks in progress. I wish I could do socks. Mine are all full of holes - no not ones that I have made - just bought ones lol. x

  13. A pretty fob from Karen and oh i love your ornament finish, lovely bright colours.

  14. Julie,

    The little ornament you made is so pretty! Nice sock too.

  15. Love the fob, too cute!!! Your stitching and your sock are fantastic!!!

  16. I just wanted to let you know that I love the bunny you made for Daffycat! She posted it on her blog. Cute, cute, cute!

  17. Gorgeous fob from Karen - looks very tactile. Beautiful ornie Julie - I do love those colours. Those socks are lovely too. They make me think of tigers as well as Halloween. :0)


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