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Monday, 20 July 2009

Is it Monday!

Not much stitching/knitting etc to blog about, sorry. I did get the Dolly Mama made up this weekend into a fridge magnet, although it looks a bit wonky to me now its done! Lots still on the 'to do' list this month, but being realistic i dont think they will all get done.

All the expectation and excitement of the socks has left me, i've knitted the heel part 5 times and undone it every time, i'm sure i follow the instructions exactly as it says, but you run out of stitches before you have knitted the required amount of decreasing rows!!! We have an experienced knitter at the stitchy club, so i might just have to ask for help when we return on 29th July, there is no club this week as they are having the annual deep clean so we are off to the local pub for a nice meal out.

Trying to keep my mind occupied with something simple and needing no concentration, been a strange week where i cant seem to concentrate on anything. I've spent a lot of time curled up in the chair with a book. Barbara Erskines House of Echoes was a real spooky thriller which grabbed the attention, a really good read. I've now started Lesley Pearse, Trust Me Thanks Barb (no blog) for passing this on.

We are also a bit worried. Davids not been well for a while and we finally persuaded him to visit the Dr last Friday eve, seems they need some speedy tests done today and we get the results Friday unless they send for him earlier.

Hope you all have a lot more enthusiasm for your crafting projects that i do...


  1. Hang in there with the socks...the heel is the trickiest part. But once you've done it, you'll have no trouble. I hope your friend can help you out :)

  2. Maybe it's the time of year - I've run out of steam a bit too at the moment. Nothing quite grabs me. Hope you get the socks sorted out!

  3. I hope David is ok!
    I bet your friend can help and you'll soon be knitting lots of them.
    I am glad you liked House of Echoes it is a bit scarey isn't it!

  4. Hope David is OK.
    Good luck with your sock, turning the heel is the hard part

  5. The fridge magnet turned out very cute!

    I hope David is okay-will send good thoughts his way.


  6. I hope David is ok
    Least u can knit I cant knit a dishcloth lol
    Love the Dolly Mama its fantastic well done
    Hope ur stitchy bug returns soon
    hugs shellie

  7. the magnet looks great , lets hope David gets some help soon

  8. Hope all goes well with the tests. I understand the waiting game very well. I knit, but I've never tried socks, so no help there.

    I've been on the low edge of stitching, too. It seems to be coming back, though. It maybe the time of the year.

  9. Love the Dolly Mama, well done on your finish.
    Hope you manage to get the sock fixed up soon...I hate it when you can't figure something out, I hiop you do though.
    Hope David is ok, please keep me posted....
    Hugs and happy knitting and stitching....

  10. Prayers that all goes well on Davis's health. Love the DM finish. I too have been reading more than stitching. Can't help myself!!


  11. I hope David is OK Julie. Lots of hugs coming your way.

    Love the Dolly Mamma piece:)

  12. I hope David's okay!

    Sorry to hear your socks aren't working out.

    Congrats on your finish.

  13. Love your fridge magnet. Hope all goes well with David's tests. Must look that book up... need a good new read!

  14. Hugs coming your way for a good result on Davids tests ((((hugs))))

    The sock is looking lovely and I'm sure you'll get the heal sorted :)

  15. Like the fridge magnet! I hope the results of the tests are good news

  16. Oh Julie, had no idea this was going on until having a blog catch up. You must be worried sick. So hope all is OK - email me if you need to offload (((((((((hugs))))))))).
    DM looks great, am sure DD loved it. Take care (((((((((hugs))))))))).


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