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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sock sorted - i think!

Had an afternoon sitting in the comfy chair and sorting out the sock and stitching, it was really nice and enjoyable singing along to the radio, certainly didnt want to be going out in the rain we've had today.

Does this look more like a sock now?? Had a lightbulb moment last night and realised the pattern is wrong. Knitters out there might think the same when they look at 2nd Row (clickable pic) after the bracket there is a s1 which i dont think should be there. I omitted it and the heel seems to have knitted up ok, not perfect but ok for a first attempt i think.

As well as making progress on 'le sock' i also did Part 1 of the hardanger SAL bookmark that Clare designed. Mine is the beginners one and is available together with 2 more advanced ones here all proceeds go to the MS society and St Cadfans Church for everything sold.

We have to show the back of this so i've been really careful to make sure it looks perfect. This pic is the front, the back is exactly the same *honest* The others that have been started look wonderful, a nice range of colours. Mine is DMC 3743 Perle 5 and came in the kit.

How do you all feel about other stitchers seeing the back of your work? Do you turn other peoples work and peek if they show you something? i know i do, i cant resist!

Only Julie (sew wilde) asked for the Dolly Mama chart so it is off in the post tomorrow to its new home


  1. I love to sit and sort through my stash! It is very relaxing!

    Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!

  2. the sock looks great,your bookmark looks good

    I have no problem showing the back of my work lol you know that;O)

  3. Sock looks good

    I'm always looking at the back of other peoples work and have no problem with others looking at mine

  4. Glad you've got the heal sorted out at last. I find knitting patterns are a law unto them self's some times lol .
    The hardhanger book mark is looking lovely :)

    the back of my work is always open to inspection as long as they don't expect perfection lol

  5. Wow - love the socks. Anybody can look at the back as long as they don't moan. I always like to look at the back of others stitching.

  6. I'm glad you got your sock sorted!

    I don't mind people looking at the back of mine. I don't always look at the back of other people's pieces but sometimes I'm curious.

  7. Looks like a sock to me! I NEVER let people see the back of my work, way too scary

  8. Julie the sock looks great well done on figuring out the pattern (Mine still hasn't arrived, not that I'll be starting it yet!)

    Your handanger is very pretty.

    OOOOh I hate people seeing the back of my work as it's so messy but yep I love to see the back of others works...heehee

    Happy knitting and stitching ((hugs))

  9. Glad you sorted your sock out! I have a terrible habit of looking at the back of other people's work, my backs aren't great but I'm not too worried about them!

  10. Love the sock!
    I don't mind people looking at the back of mine, I won't look anyones though, not that I have a problem with that, lol I don't have anyone to stitch with

  11. Had a look at pattern Julie clear as mud lol.
    Hmm its a no no with the back of my stitching I am afraid I do try (very trying) but I those threads do get away from me at times lol.
    Next thing is can I get this to you as I have awful trouble leaving comments.

  12. Congrats on sorting out the heel! You're right, there shouldn't be a S1 before the P2 tog. It's really looking good!!!

  13. Glad the sock problem got sorted - it really is knitting up lovely. :0) So long since I knitted it all looks like gobbledegook to me. LOL
    Bookmark look good. Am not looking forward to that edging though - not done that stitch very much.
    I prefer to keep backs a secret. ;0) LOL


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