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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Happy Birthday Karan

Say hello to Wanda Witch Wabbit. Mr Stick and i decided that Karan needed a helping hand to get her stitching mojo back, what better way than a birthday gift that can give a gentle prod with a broomstick. No excuse now Karan for not stitching on UFO night, we have another spy on the loose to report back LOL

We had the most horrendous storm yesterday afternoon, this was the second day it happened, i dont like storms. On Monday i was chatting with Karen and she kept me company here while it passed over as i was home alone, not even a kitty in the house to cuddle up to. Thank you Karen for humouring me in my scarey moments. Yesterday, 2 cats asleep in the conservatory and me sitting reading a book to try and stay calm. Local newspaper today shows a picture of a lightning strike on a church in the city, what a great pic (under the pic of the house click the next button to see the lightning strike on the church)- right place, right time for the photographer.

A visit into town to the bank and i had to walk past the LNS. I was only going in to 'look' but i have bought something that i have wanted to do for a while now, i'll take a pic and tell you about that next time.

Enjoy your Birthday Karan, i hope you are being spoilt by your family and friends


  1. to cute Julie!!! I am sure Karan will love it! Gosh, storms are the worst, aren't they?!?! I do not like them at all.

  2. Ohhh Wanda Witch is a cutie!!! I want one to!!! :)

    Storms scare the dickens out of me! I try and keep busy during bad storms but alas I found myself holding the cats and praying!! I'm such a big baby!!

  3. Julie,

    You've created another adorable rabbit! I love her little hat and broom. I'm sure Karan will really love her.

    I can't wait to see what you bought at your LNS. You've got me very curious :)

  4. I love storms! Wish I could have been there...I could have been brave and held your hand lol

  5. great bunny I bet Karan loves it

  6. Another fabulous addition to the bunny family.
    Sorry to hear you don't like storms, I am the opposite,not sure why but I love to watch them, and count 1 elephant,2 elephant...LOL

  7. Ahh! The Halloween in me loves Wanda Witch Wabbbit
    She is so adorable.
    I don't like high winds, that's what scares me.

  8. I love Wanda!!!! she is so cute!!!

  9. I love watching lightening, that's a great photo. Looking forward to see what you bought in your LNS!

  10. Wanda witch is fab Julie, you are clever :)

  11. Wanda is gorgeous, Karan will love her.

  12. I love Wanda, she's adorable - though she does get a tad feisty with the broom on UFO Tuesdays. LOL Thanks again Julie. :0)


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