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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Last day of May

Here we are again bidding farewell to yet another month in 2009 and time to see if i achieved everything i was hoping to this month... in a word YES!!
Nice progress on Beatrix and a good start to the fruit and veg piece. Birthday gifts sent and received in plenty of time too :-)

Here's an update pic of 'Home is' i had hoped to get it finished this month but a good book and some days of ill health i didn't even pick up a needle so no surprise that its not complete. June will be the start of a hardanger SAL at Stitch & Stash, there were 2 designs to choose from by Lynda Bodkin at Loopylou Designs, i decided on Christmas Wishes and all being well it will be finished in time for this Christmas.

Four and twenty blackbirds ... well maybe not quite that many but it certainly seems like it with all the noise Mr is making at trying to get the babies to come out for their maiden flight. Here he is (left) complete with a beak full of worms desperately calling them, you can see the ivy on the left in the second pic and where he is hoping they will fly to him... maybe they think its just a bit too far. Two days of squarking (is that how you spell it?) and we're still waiting to see them.

An amazing thing happened this morning,DH and i were sitting at the bottom of the garden on the seat amongst the trees, all of a sudden we heard this purring sound, i thought it was Mr Moe on the fence behind us, but when i turned to look it was a baby squirrel. Did you know they purr like kittens?? I had to check it out, it says so here how cute is that, sure made my day.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend


  1. "Home is" looks great Julie and that's fascinating about the baby squirrels. Enjoy the good weather , I look forward to seeing your SAL - just don't have the time to stitch it myself so will watch yours grow instead!

  2. Home is looking great, and I look forward to your happy dance! You've got a beautiful garden with lots of wildlife!!!

  3. Well you learn something new every day! Love your garden photos

  4. Funny how thbirds wnat their yung out and we have a hard time keeping ours in lol till they are old enough to go..then I think it often takes mush more than a few worms to get rid lol!
    Seeing the baby squirrel like that must have been amazing!

  5. I always enjoy photos of your garden. Mr. Blackbird will get those chicks out of the nest eventually!

    I love squirrels, but they can really wreak havoc on your bird feeders! How precious to hear a baby one purring!

  6. Home is fabulous, I do like that !!
    oh baby squirrels are cute, we have a pigeon nest in our tree and I saw the chick peering out at me, normally I detest pigeons but who could hate a baby chick!!

  7. Hi Julie,

    Lovely garden and we too have squirrels.. all winter we had a regular one and now we have her and her baby, so sweet and quite tiny.. what could be better than sitting in a garden and watching the wild life. Your stitching is looking good and such fantastic progress on 'Beatrice,' mine has been a bit neglected this month but I am ever hopeful!
    Chris x

  8. Beautiful garden! Progress on Home is looking great!

  9. Home looks great, Julie! Your garden is so pretty! I would love to be sitting there. Purring squirrels ... who knew!

  10. Garden looks great! Cute baby squirrel story.
    Lucky you to have a husband that sits with you!

  11. The Home WIP is looking better then ever.
    Oh! I can't wait to see the Hardanger SAL piece in progress.
    We have lots of squirrels around here, but I have never heard them pur and of course that is looking out our big picture window with glass.

  12. Home is looking lovely Julie. Looking forward to seeing your SAL piece.

    Your garden looks beautiful!

  13. Your stitching looks fantastic but I love your garden more! LOL, it is gorgeous and looks so peaceful!!! I love it!

  14. Your garden is absolutely wonderful! I'd love to have something like it, but 1. It's SO hot here that everything tends to burn 2. We have to many things in our yard that have no legs. I don't know how many "little" ground rattlers I've seen this year just walking in the yard.

  15. HI looks lovely Julie - looks like it'll be a HD this month instead. :0) Your garden is just glorious! Had no idea baby squirrels purred, lucky you hearing it & seeing it so close. :0)


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