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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Emails to make you smile

Someone has sent me this, being a cat lover it really did make me smile hope it does the same for you!

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. The weather wasnt too bad here. Saturday we went for a walk in a local parkland where there was a fundraiser for the local MS society, it was a lovely afternoon and nice to sit out in the sunshine after our walk in the countryside. Sunday was spent in the greenhouse for DH and i spent some of it stitching and reading. I finished off the latest Barbara Erskine book Warriors Princess, thoroughly enjoyed it too. Yesterday DH was yet again in the greenhouse for a lot of the time complaining about not enough room in there for his seeds/tomatoes etc, its the same every year you would think the dear man would be used to it by now. He also went to the allotment and with the rain we had been having there were 6 cauliflowers ready to be picked, guess what we had for tea today!!!

I haven't any stitchy pics to share with you. I finished a small birthday gift which i will reveal when it has been sent and received. I also started the monthly Christmas ornament, this one is very different and i really do like the colour combination, not your usual red/green christmas colours this time but you'll have to wait and see that too, its almost stitched so not too long a wait :-)

Thanks for visiting


  1. ***snicker*** Funny one! won my giveaway! email me!

  2. LOL at that cartoon!
    I love cauliflowers, but I don't think I could eat six at a time ;D

  3. Did u get sponsered fro your walk hun?
    Well done for doing it, I have been in contact witht he lady on that MS fundraising blog you sent the link for and we have been sending chatty e mail s to each other so thanx for that.
    Yummmy cauliflowers i dont seem to have any luck with them or broccoli dunno what I do wrong lol
    Hugs and Happy stitching

  4. Thanks for the laugh Julie. The walk sounds lovely - hoping to do a lot of that on my hols next week. Sounds like you'll be stocking your freezer up with veggies. :0)

  5. Thanks for the today's smile

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely bank holiday.

  7. LOL that is too funny! I am a cat person too and that just cracks me up!


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