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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Stitch & Sew

So far so good ..... i had a very quiet and lazy day today as the boys were out at work. I listened to some nice peaceful CD's and drank lots of Lady Grey tea whilst finishing off gift number 1 which i started yesterday.

The design you have seen before as i stitched it for the noteblock Christmas gift (and it was still in my workbox lol) Its a great design from an old magazine. Thread is DMC 3835 and i chose to finish it as a lavendar hanging pomander (home grown lavendar)as the lady its for is a knitter and not a stitcher, i hope she likes it.

I'm on a roll ... another lady has a birthday second week of Jan and her scissors are naked, so i decided to make a biscornu fob. 28ct mushroom evenweave and Dragon Perle 12 floss 'beloved' was used. I always backstitch the outline and sew up with Perle 12 when doing a biscornu as its much stronger and you can pull it tight without it snapping. I decided to carry on and stitch the front and back with the same and made up the design as i went along after i had stitched a 22 stitch square. The twisted cord is made with the Perle 12 too.

Happy Stitching, i think i'll put a few X's into the dreaded Peacock Chair tonight ...


  1. I love the little biscornu...will def have to get some stitching scissors so I can do something similar lol.

  2. Very pretty projects! I have both of the stitching chairs and haven't started either yet! I'd love to see your progress...

  3. Love your projects you completed... I too have made an ornament with lavendar in today! Good luck with the chair!

  4. I have to say I like the new pic of Mr Moe in the basket!!
    Glad you had some quiet stitchy time. Lovely little Lavender pomander. and a cute little biscornu fob!Good luck with the chair!!

  5. gorgeous stitching, Julie. You could always send me that peacock chair...

  6. Both finishes are awesome.
    Ah! I want to see that Peacock Chair. I love it, but the finishing scares me to death.
    Good Luck!!

  7. Lovely work as always Julie - you are so kind to stitch these gifts for all your friends.

  8. I loved your latest stitching, great to see other stitchers work it spurs me on.
    Happy New Year

    Chris x

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Lovely pieces Julie. The biscornu is so sweet.

    Thank you so much for my lovely scarf. I wore it on Monday when we went into Hull and it kept me lovely and snug. There is a thank you note on it's way:)

    Happy New Year my dear friend:)

  11. Lovely stitching as always Julie :). If you need any help with the Peacock chair, just ask, mine is sitting right next to me as I type ;)

  12. Such pretty finishes! Wishing you a wonderful 2009!


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