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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ear plugs required

Bang, crash, wallop, drill and vibration of the foundations.... thats what its been like here for the past few days, the gas board are replacing pipework in the whole street, these pics are the view left and right from my bedroom window now they are tidying up for the night. There were 11 vans parked outside at dinner time today, and a whole host of guys in waterproofs (why couldnt they have done my street in the summer when they were wearing not a lot!!!) It sure does make you stressed out if you are like me and love your peace and quiet. We've had no gas at all from 8am today and hopefully it will be back on again by 8pm this evening if all goes to plan although the holes will not be filled in again till the end of the week after all the checks for leaks are done.

Poor DH, he's had to return to the dentist as he was in so much pain, it seems the tooth that shattered might have been infected in the gum before it was extracted so he's now on strong medication and not at work - anyone want a grumpy, don't know what to do with themselves, never suffered pain like it in my life (have a baby then tell me about pain!) visitor and of course all the noise outside is not helping his mood either.

Happy October, pinch/punch first day of the month


  1. Does that mean I got pinched and punched? LOL.

    Disturbing the peace are they? Sorry to hear it (no pun intended).
    Noise drives me nuts.

  2. I hate outside noisy work like that. Thankfully, I live somewhere where we don't get that.

    I am sorry your DH is still in so much pain. I hope that he feels better soon.

  3. Oh dear, sounds like a nightmare at your house. Hope the workmen get done & the meds kick in in double quick time so you can return to peace & harmony again.
    Not heard of that saying before. BTW, it doesn't work - I'm still here LMAO ;0)

  4. Oh dear poor you al that noise from outside. Hoepfully it'll be nice and quiet again soon.

  5. oh boy it seems like its to hard work for you with all that going on around you . Sorry to hear about hubby thou' we could both him and my son together so they can comfort each other he getting 2 of his wisdom teeth out soon. so even thou i am a bit late how about a pinch and a tickle for been so quick. hehe

  6. I know how you feel, they've got the whole main street up in my village too. Ours is for resurfacing. I expect the water board or telecom will dig it up about two days after its all finished ;)
    If I were you I'd put on some headphones and stitch till they go away.
    Sorry DH is still suffering with his teeth.

  7. hope the antibiotics are kicking in by now, it's an awful thing tooth ache :(

    I can simpathise about the noise, I've had the plumber in and he's been drilling through walls etc and it's driving me mad! I don't think I could cope with a full weeks worth lol

  8. I hate noise lol I love my peace and quite I get sooo frustrated by noise lol
    Hope dh's tooth is ok now.

    Hope you are getting lots of knitting and stitching done....

  9. I hope your DH is feeling better soon. You know men always have it worse! Lol!

    Hope they get the gaas pipes replaced soon and you get some peace.

  10. Julie,

    You are so funny! Thanks for a couple of LOL moments in your entry.

    I do hope your DH is feeling better for his sake as well as yours!

  11. Hope Mr P is feeling better, the gas men have decided to come and see the sea lol

  12. All that noise would drive me crazy. I like my quite time. Hope DH feels better soon!

  13. Aw, Julie, I agree you should have had them in the summer. The view I'm sure would've been much better and may have distracted you from the noise! LOL

    So sorry DH is having so much pain. I hope he feels better soon!

  14. Poor you with all that noise. Love your WW needleroll you did. Fab job! x


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