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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Flower Samplers...

A finish at last and about time too with this one. I added the charms this afternoon and also made a change. The chart asks for a rabbit treasure under the 'N' but i didnt have one and i dont need to order anything so decided to add 2 little white flowers instead, i think they look fine, what do you think?

I've decided to pass on these 4 charts. They were bought from Ebay a few year back but if you would like them, please tell me which season is your favourite and why. I'll put the names into a bowl and get DH to pick one at the weekend to give those of your who only visit once a week the chance to enter.

Good Luck


  1. They all look lovely now they are done. I think Winter is fine without the rabbit... white flowers seem to sort it better.

  2. Wow they do look beautiful. I think all the charms are just lovely!
    My favourite season is Autumn mainly as I love the colours,and as a child I used to love kicking my way through piles of crunchy leaves. ;0)

  3. Those are gorgeous finishes! I'd love to be entered in a drawing for the charts. I'd have to say Autumn is my favorite season as it signals the end of the summer heat, and I just love the crisp coolness of the season and how blue the sky gets on the perfect fall day.

  4. They are beautiful Julie! You did a great job!

    Autumn is also my favourite. I love the colours, the smell in the air, the crisp cool weather... and I miss it so much. I haven't seen fall since I moved to FL 6 years ago. I am hoping to get up north this fall.

  5. WOW they look fabulous Julie, you've done a great job with these!
    The white flowers are just perfect :)
    I like autumn, but I think my favourite has to be spring, when the bulbs are coming through and the blossom is on the trees, with the promise of whats to come (even though I don't take the summer heat very well lol)

  6. Wow! Fabulous eye candy. I love the little charms on all of them.
    I love Autumn and not becuz I have lots of leaves to rake,lol. I also love winter becuz snowmen melt my heart.
    The bead bookmark from karen is gorgeous and I love that little freebie design on the basket.

  7. Congrats they look fantastic!

  8. woohoo on your finish/es Julie!! They are all beautiful & it looks fine with the flowers instead of a bunny. I cannot do the stitches like in the border, but I will still add that autumn is my favorite season because of all of the changes that take place.

  9. Julie,

    It looks great. I think the white flowers are perfect.

  10. Congrats on another finish. Winter looks great with the charms. My favorite is Spring, with all the lovely flowers all around. I would like to be entered with the draw, thanks.

  11. They look so lovely! I like spring and autumn because spring colours are fresh and delicate,it's a new start for the nature,
    autumn colours are so rich and deep, time for the nature to fall asleep.

  12. Julie, these are all absolutely beautiful and you have stitched them so quickly, I have enjoyed watching your progress on these, well done on a deserved HD!!

    I would love to be entered into your draw for a chart, I love them all so would not mind which I received if I was lucky enough to win...

    Big hugs

  13. Oh Wow, they are all beautiful.

  14. I'm sure you must drink alot of caffeine, you stitch so fast! They look wonderful!!

    I like contests (if you don't mind shipping to Canada)... very thoughtful of you to pass your used charts along. I would be happy to receive any of them, but you ask which season is my favorite, so I must say that Autumn is.

    Reasons are so many... burning wood in the cool air, yummy harvest foods, less mosquitos, beautiful rainbow colors in the tree, geese flying in formation and honking encouragement to one another.
    I'll stop there or some readers may nod off. LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I just found your blog a few weeks ago-I love it! Your picture is gorgeous! Autumn is my favorite season since the leaves turn such beautiful colors and it is great weather for hiking! Thansks for having the drawing!

  16. These all look lovely Julie. Congratulations on finishing them all.

    Wow you've had a busy, eventful few days. So pleased to flower show went well.

    Sorry to hear about the vandals. They all want rounding up and I won't tell you what I think they should do to them. Little beggars ( and that's mild!)

    I hope Midge will be fine. Poor little thing. I hate it when our pets are ill.

    I love how you finished the challenge. It looks so pretty. I didn't even get it stitched this time. Maybe next time.

    Lovely glass bead bookmark from Karen. I think she should start selling her creations too.

  17. They look lovely Julie. I think the white flowers work perfectly

  18. Beautiful finish, they all are lovely. How are you going to finish them?

  19. Beautiful finishes Julie. How is Midge?

  20. Hi Julie, gorgeous finishes congrats.

    I would llove to enter your contest for the charts.

    My favourite seasons, have to be Spring because the daffodils start to bloom, and the evenings start to get brighter, and Summer, because it's (supposed) to start warming up a

    Thanks Julie, happy stitching....

  21. I think the white flowers look great. Awesome finish!

    My Fav season is Fall. I love watching the leaves turn color, the cool nights and the fact that christmas is right around the corner. And it's my birthday time..Mine, my sons and my hubbys.

  22. They are all very pretty Julie.

  23. Beautiful! They look stunning when they're all together like that Julie. :0)
    My favourite season has always been Autumn: Harvest Festivals, farmers ploughing the fields, wood smoke, conkers, multi-coloured leaves & thoughts of longer nights (more stitching hours!) cosied up in front of a coal fire (childhood - nowadays it's turning the thermostat up, LOL). It's a slowing down after the full-on blooming fertility in nature to a gentler rhythm I find so soothing. :0)

  24. I've been looking at the seasonal charts at my LYS last week. I would love to win them.

    You did a great job on them.

    Joanie R.


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