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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunny Sunday ...

WOW what a scorcher it's been these last few days 75C/24F. Although it's nice to see the lovely sunshine, i much prefer a nice cool day, i am so typically British and moan about all the weather we have and am never satisfied LOL

Friday was Week 5SAL night with Karen, but i didn't stitch on Friday, had a really nasty headache so gave the stitching a miss. I had a nice evening last night and got carried away whilst DH was watching some sort of motor racing on the TV and it was gone midnight when i finally put it away. It's a lovely project to stitch and i'm really enjoying it, i hope you are too Karen.

Today the weathers been hot again and i've been trying to sit in the shade in the garden (whilst watching DH and making sure he was gardening properly!). I made up the needleroll for the exchange at TS and also finished the stitching for the one at JA, so they will be in the mail in plenty of time before the deadline of end of May. I'll be able to reveal the TS one when thats received but the JA one will have to remain a mystery till the end of May as it's a secret exchange.

Hope you all had a really nice weekend


  1. Update is coming along great, Julie.

  2. Glad to see your lamp post now has leaves and is beginning to look more like a tree. I am enjoying watching this grow its really pretty.

  3. This is gorgeous Julie:) I look forward to your's and Karen's updates each week.

  4. Oh, it's coming along isn't it?
    Looks great.

  5. You are making wonderful progress on this piece. It looks great ;)

  6. Lovely progress!! I am the same about the weather!!lol


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