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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Rippit Rippit ...

I was stitching away like mad at the club last night then suddenly realised that i was one stitch out, i tried to undo it secretly but that didn't happen, i was spotted and awarded the 'club frog' for the week - it's given to the person who has done the most frogging in the previous week or at the club that night!! He's now at home on my citrus candle bucket in the conservatory for the next week and he better behave as i dont want any more frogging visits! I'm pleased to say the front of the surprise is all stitched, i just need to do the back and make it up so not really too much of a disaster more like a little ripple in the pond.

Postie brought me a nice surprise today, a cheque for £5 which i won in the local hospice lottery last week (so yes last week did get even better lol). He also brought me a card from Royal Mail that tells me i need to pay £1.06 for a letter that has been sent to me with 6p too little in stamps on it, and they are charging £1 for admin charges, wonder who sent that??


  1. I had to pay extra to get a letter turned out to be junk mail!!!!!! I wasn't impressed

    Love the frog LOL

  2. congratulations on 'winning' the frog Julie lol

    Our post office let us see what it is before deciding to spend the extra money, you could ask them!

  3. What they bringth in one hand they taketh away with the other!
    Good try at trying to secretly undo it, I hate it when I have a knot and my DH realises as he can hear the knot being forced through the fabric as I stitch (only with the hard to unravel knots...honest)

    Yes Lucy is 8yo on the 28th,LOL

  4. Sorry to hear about the frogging.
    nd congrats on the win!

  5. Oh dear! Still he is a very cute frog ;)

  6. He's a very cute frog though Julie:)

    Mmm I hate it when they charge you all that. It's disgusting.

  7. Usually find that these are junk mail. I dont even go to find out anymore.

    Congratulations on the fiver and commiserations on the frog lol.

  8. Cute little joke, with the frog, lol.

    In Canada, if there isn't enough postage, it gets returned to the sender... if there's no return address, I guess it goes into the "black hole".

  9. You had to pay extra for the letter?? OMG...

    OOOOh a frog Julie....we don't like them do we..... at least you know he's only with you for a

    Happy stitching and knitting....

  10. Julie,

    Hello and I hope all is well with you. That frog is cute but I do hope he doesn't bring any mischief into your home. Have a great stitch filled weekend.

  11. had to laugh at you being caught out frogging Julie, at least he's quite a cute frog.
    congratulations on the win!
    I've been charged these ridiculous amounts before, usually junk mail grrr!

  12. Hope Mr Frog keeps all his pesky relatives away. DH always spots me frogging too - though that might be because of the face of thunder & the rude words I mutter! LOL
    Congrats on the Lottery win. :0)


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