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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Midweek ramblings ...

Green fingered DH has a collection of cactus in our conservatory. Look whats happened with all the lovely sunshine we've been having just lately, it's the first time this has ever flowered, isn't it pretty.

Tonight i'm off to the stitchy club, no birthdays this week so no cake :-( It's a shame as i could just eat a nice slice of carrot cake LOL

This month is whizzing past and i'm going to be in trouble again. I just realised that next month is June and Mum has a birthday at the beginning of it. She loves to receive a small stitched gift so it looks as if the Tiny Rose will have to be put on hold for even longer. Need to try and remember what she's had in the past and find something different. I should have been more organised and got something done already shouldn't i. I better take the gift for a friend with me tonight (keep my mouth shut and concentrate on stitching and just listen to others conversations) and then i can set too with mums pressie and hopefully all will get done in time and disaster will be averted.

Happy Stitching


  1. I have cactus as well at least 1 is in flower now

  2. I've got one the same and mine is in flower atlast. One of the others has been in flower for weeks, lovely little daisy 'like' flowers :) They are one of the only house plants that I can't kill rofl

    I love the little baby rabbits, they're so cute :) Well done :)

  3. Pretty prickles you have there.

    All you talk of having things stitched faster has me remembering Mr.Stick, lol... does he turn on the master? ;o) Have fun tonight!!!

  4. Cactus looks lovely. Enjoy the evening!

  5. I have a little cacti which has well and truely outgrown its pot but I havent a clue what to do with it - they always died before they got this big in the past lol.

    They do have beautiful flowers - worth waiting for.

  6. What a pretty cactus Julie. The only one I have that flowers is my Christmas one!

  7. Julie,

    Best wishes in getting all of your stitching done. It does get hectic, doesn't it?

    I hope you're having a good week and are feeling well.


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