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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday sunshine ...

and if we get a bit more like we've had for the last couple of days my lovely camelia will be out in flower just like it was in this pic taken last year. I have 6 of these in my garden and they are by far my most favourite plants that we have. One of them was my 1st wedding anniversary pressie from DH.

Stitching update - i have almost finished the indian, 1 more session and i should be happy dancing. The Feb challenge piece at Jayne's is half stitched and i have an idea for finishing that off, just need to make sure it's all done before the reveal date. Then of course the 2nd part of the Papillon SAL is out too, looks like its going to be a busy week, wonder if i'll get it all done? My DD is off college this week as it's half term hols here in my part of the UK and she's sure to want to be booking "Mum's Taxi" LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend


Lori-Ann said...

Hope you have your "Mom's taxi" sign ready, lol.

Really, I still can't get over the fact that flowers are growing over across "the big puddle" where you and Karen live.

Look forward to flower pictures, since everything here is under ice and snow.

Stitchingranny said...

Look forward to seeing the Indian done.

Its amazing what a little sunshine can do for the garden.

Sally said...

Can't wait to see the Indian Julie {{{{hugs}}}}.

Hope you have a fantastic week. Looks like it's going to be lovely weather wise.

Lynn said...

what a lovely flower :) I have a gorgeous red one in my front, and will be putting a couple in the back garden this year.
Can't wait to see the indian all finished, it's a lovely piece.:)

Karen said...

lovely flower

Karan said...

Beautiful flower Julie. The snowdrops & crocus are in a blooming frenzy at the minute & lots of other green buds & shoots appearing everywhere. :0)
Look forward to seeing your stitchy update pics.

Rachael said...

Pretty flower,we have a camelia bush in our garden,it has red flowers,I do prefer the white and pinky shades though!! :D