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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Happy Dancing ....

Finished this morning - Spirit of the Eagle in all it's glory and if i have to do one more french knot star i'll scream.... I've really enjoyed this one and i know Dad would have loved it, shame i didnt see the chart when he was still alive, although i dont think i would have got the same satisfaction out of stitching it as i would have been doing it for different reasons.

Lori-Ann you asked if it was for my wall - my DS has watched this grow with great interest (he usually just grunts and nods at my stitching lol) and has asked if he can have it for his bedroom, he and my dad were very close.

Love and {hugs} to you all


  1. wow looks stunning Julie well done

  2. Oh, that's such a bitter sweet story, Julie ! Thanks for sharing.

    Irritating things, like a whack of French Knots are so rewarding for years afterward. It sure wouldn't have given it that soaring look without them. Just beautiful !

    What next?? hehe

  3. Wowza!! Happy Dance
    Congrats! it just beautful!!
    French knots seem to get easier the more you do, lol. You should be a pro.

  4. oh wow Julie that is truly stunning! Congratulations on your finish.

  5. Gorgeous! And what a nice way to make a connection between you, your dad, and your son. I'm sure it is something he will really treasure, and appreciate more as the years go by,

  6. that's beautiful Julie, well done :) I'm sure your son will admire it for years to come :)

  7. Great finish Julie, though I somehow think you are going to be sad to finish with this one. It will be lovely for your son to have it - and heirloom reminder of his Grandpa.

    Well done

  8. Well done on the great finish,that is a stunning piece!!

  9. Oh wow Julie it is gorgeous - well done :) I am sure your dad would have loved it :)

  10. It's stunning Julie - a fitting tribute (((((hugs))))). Think your DS will treasure it for many years to come.

  11. Oh, congratulations. This piece is just beautiful. Glad your son is interested in it ;)


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