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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Mistletoe and wine ....

Mistletoe was one of the scents of the Yankee Candles Jorja sent, the other was Christmas Cookie, i'm looking forward to lighting them to scent my home. Kathy sent a lovely bag too. DH bought some mistletoe from the garden centre today and stood there lips pursed in anticipation in the doorway when we got home, he got the obligatory 1 kiss LOL


  1. LOL if DH had done that to me you wouldn't have seen me for dust running down the street , great gifts I love yankee candles

  2. I bet those Yankee Candles will smell gorgeous:)

    Mmm must get some mistletoe as I haven't as yet!

  3. Awww He only got 1 kiss lol!!

  4. So love those Yankee Candles.
    What a romantic your DH is. :0)


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