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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

to all my blog readers, hope you are having a lovely time with your families ...

My stitched gift in the exch at JA was from Dusty and was wrapped so beautifully and put inside the beaded blue bag with the bar of chocolate. It's a wonderful hardanger tree ornie and is hanging on my tree. Inside the card was a needle puller, i haven't seen one of these before. Thank you Dusty, i love it.

Day 24 of the advent exch - from Jorja i received a lovely gingerbread man photo frame and from Kathy some Earl Grey tea to savour. Day 25 and the final parcels to open. Jorja has gone overboard and sent me these 3 charts!!! WOW what a treat. Kathys gift for Day 25 was the beautiful wooden box that you can stitch a top for and it has dividers inside. I have been so spoilt by Jorja and Kathy in the advent exch and i am really very overwhelmed with all the gifts they have chosen for me. Thank you so much to you both. XX

The other stash in the photo are gifts from Karen, Edda, Jayne, Elaine, Cindy and Lisa. My love and thanks to you all


Karen said...

you did very well for Christmas, I'm glad you liked the bits I sent , the advent gifts are great and the exchange gift is very nice

Lynn said...

You've done very well in the exchange gifts haven't you :)
I love the box, I'll have to ask Kathy where she got it :)

Hope you've enjoyed your Christmas with your family and I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR xx

icelandmom said...

Wonderful gifts that you received for Christmas Julie. I am happy you liked the chart that I sent to you, I enjoyed sending it. Hope you had wonderful time at Christmas and wish your New Year will be lovely too.

Karan said...

Lovely gifts Julie - looks like you'll be kept busy for a while too. ;0)