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Monday, 6 August 2007

Birthday girl !!

My daughter Amy turned 18 today, my baby became an adult overnight ... so where have 18 years gone to and why do i feel so sentimental ??
Here she is having her 1st legal drink at dinnertime with the family and cutting the obligatory birthday cake after the 'singing' had taken place much to her protesting !!

Tonight she's out for a romantic meal with David (her b/f) the oldies (DH & I) have been left at home to chill out after all the excitement of the day

Happy Birthday sweetheart, lots of love from Mum xx

Here's my secret stitching project i stitched for her ....


  1. Happy Birthday Amy hope you had a lovely day.....
    Julie love the ornament you made for her it's gorgeous.
    Huggles and happy stitching...

  2. Awh I hope she had a great day! I remember my 18th as if it was yesterday and I will be 30 in april :( Love her stitchy pressie too!


  3. Happy 18th Birthday Amy! I hope you had a fantastic day!

    I love the keepsake you made for her Julie. It is really cute:)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Amy! Hope she had a wonderful day filled with everything she wanted.
    Well done on the stitchy pressie for her, it's really cute and just perfect.

  5. Hope your beautiful daughter had a wonderful 18th. Your stitching is realy great, a wonderful keepsake for her. Well done Julie :)


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