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Wednesday, 4 April 2007


He was rushed to the vets this morning after sneezing blood out of his little button nose. She thinks he has a serious nasal/sinus infection and probably an inner ear infection too. He had 2 injections and has to take antibiotics and ear drops for a week, she wants us to keep a close eye on him and let her know immediately if he worsens

Vet thinks he may have had this before he came to live with us, but after eating good food and having a nice warm place to live he was able to keep it at bay till he had the anaesthetic for the neutering and then his 1st round of vaccines, his immune system is now in overload and can't cope

What a worry these pets are and i'm also another £50 out of pocket so no stash buying here for a while LOL

On a lighter note, i did receive some stash mail today, a beautiful Kelmscott Designs needleminder 'Curious Cat' that i won at Jo's Polstitches forum, it's very pretty and heavier than i thought it would be

Stitching wise, i've started a little something for my SIL's birthday pressie, but i'll tell you about that another time ...


  1. Hope your kitty is soon well Julie

  2. OH NO poor Midge, hope he's doing better. I know about the worry,....Julie. Give him head scratches from me.
    OOhhhh congrats on winning the prize from Polstitches... that's something to cheer you up.
    Hasppy stitching and Huggles to you and Midge

  3. I hope Midge is feeling better today Julie. {{{hugs}}}

  4. Julie, how is Midge? I hope he's better!


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