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Sunday, 14 January 2007

surprise stash

Visited my little brother yesterday as it was his 40th birthday ... he doesn't want anyone to know, i'm sure you won't tell LOL. He's just returned from a trip to the US and bought me a pressie - STASH - (Donna Kooler 99 little animal charts booklet, small handbag sized kit and a load of threads) that was a surprise, and there was me thinking he never listens to anything i say !!!

i finished the stitching on 'peachy' Friday night so spent last night sewing it together and adding the beads. Carol Tinson @ designs some stunning charts and her instructions are so detailed, if you haven't tried one of her charts i highly recommend them

back view
front view

i've sorted all the threads (70 or more) for my first HAED 'Leo' that Lisa kindly RAK'd me with last year and i've put a few stitches into JN Barnabees Quest, i'll maybe post a pic later this week when there's something to see

the weather today is nice and sunny and it's certainly made me feel a bit brighter than i have recently


Paula said...

Hi Julie, sounds like you had a great day with your brother, and how great that he got you stash too.
Love your new finish, it's gorgeous and looking forward to seeing your first WIP of the HAED.

Karen said...

How lucky your brother bought you some floss back Brothers have a habit of rare moments of kindness lol. Your finish is very pretty

Mary Ann said...

I hope your brother had a Happy Birthday, and how neat that you got a present for his birthday!! :-) And, I love your finish--very pretty!

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely finish Julie and a great suprise too - ooh wish my brother would buy me stash.

Nicola said...

What a lovely surprise Julie, not sure my brother would think to do that for me. Your biscornu is very pretty.

Sally said...

What a nice surprise from your brother. My sister certainly wouldn;t do anything like that for me! LOL!

Peachy is gorgeous. Want to start mine NOW! LOL!

JoAnn said...

Julie what a sweet brother you have, thinking of you & giving you presents on his Birthday!! :) I love your finish, it is so pretty!

IcelandMom said...

Peachy is looking beautiful - I guess this will end up on my to do list - I´ve actually never done a biscornu - about time to do one wouldn´t you think. Always great to receive some stash even better if it is from your brother. I´m looking forward to seeing Barnabys quest in the make. Great work Julie.

All the best,