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Tuesday, 9 January 2007

a new start

i've just about finished the valentine piece for the exchange at Jaynes Attic, it needs to be in the mail no later than 1st Feb so that was a priority stitchy project this month. Last night i made a start on Heirloom Embroideries 'Peachy' biscornu. I've been looking forward to stitching this one, DS bought it me for Christmas, i ordered it and he paid but i had to wait for santa to bring it back to me lol. Then there were other things i needed to do first, like the JN, so i'm keen to settle down and make some good progress on it tonight

Postie brought me the charms i had ordered for JN Barnabees Quest today, so thats another that i have everything for, so i can make a start on that later this month, fingers crossed !!!


  1. Julie, I'm looking forward to seeing all the upcoming finishes this month!!

  2. LOL Julie I should not have read your blog I had to go and look at Jaynes Attic, and buy something, I am looking forward to seeing more of your stitching

  3. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Barnabies Quest. This one is on my Wish list, its a lovely design.


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