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Friday, 29 December 2006

I think i've done it ....

A BIG thank you to Lisa and Sally for helping me get started on here. I've added a few things, moved them around, put them back where they were, but, I think it's how i want it to look, for now anyway, until i change my mind again LOL. Thanks girls xx


  1. Hi Julie. Your blog is looking good! You'll be an expert in no time. I told you it was easy:)

  2. LOl another one to read have fun blogging Julie

  3. Hi Julie, Welcome to blogging--I'm pretty new at the blogging thing myself. Just wanted to say that your blog looks great!

  4. Welcome to the wonderful land of blogging - its very addictive and I look forward to watching your blog grow.

  5. A lovely finish to the year Julie.

    I too am fairly new to blogging and as Su says, its quite addictive, but fun too.



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