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Thursday, 1 February 2018

How did I do in January?

Did you see the moon last night on the last day of January? 

The amazing full moon, blue moon (with their being 2 full moons in January), super moon (closest to he earth) all rolled into one.  For those of you in the USA you also had the blood moon too but here in the UK we didn't really see the redness.

We have a National Space Centre here in my city and you can read all about last nights moon here

I captured this with the camera, although it was very windy and we had such cloud cover it was hard to see it clearly every time i stepped outside during the evening.  I should have taken a picture whilst it was still daylight as the moon appeared DH tells me as it was much better then ... mental note to self for next time to try that and maybe listen to DH's advice!

My almanac for February tells me that 2nd February is Candlemas, or the old celtic name Imbolc.  Burning torches were carried across the land to purify it prior to planting and symbolise the strengthening sun each day.  It is supposed to see the passing of winter and the start of the agricultural year with lengthening days, warm soil and the promise of good harvests to come later in the year.  
Crocus and spring bulbs should be opening their buds to bring us some much needed colour into the garden, or into our homes in the form of small planters.  The snowdrop is a natural symbol of hope and purity and links to Candlemas celebrations.  They were once called Candlemas bells and it was said to be unlucky if you brought them into the house before Candlemas.
Mine in the garden are just opening their buds although I think Mr Squirrel might have stolen a few during the winter as we planted many more last year.
Candlemas is the Christian festival of light and lots more candles are lit at church services. The Christians celebrate Candlemas as it is the 40th day since the birth of Jesus and the end of Marys confinement.

It just so happens that my two baby Jesus' in the crib are complete and will be handed over to the knitting group tomorrow on Candlemas.  He was a bit fiddly to sew up and its not my best work but I think he'll be ok and one of him is slightly bigger than the other.

A little unfinished item in the workbox has been completed for a friends birthday.  Justine gave me this complete little bookmark kit when we met last Spring. 

All stitched and backed with white felt this cute little kitty sits inside the little card.  I'll add a book token inside as the recipient is a reader. 
I've had 5 craft finishes in January -
I've read 6 books during January -
Not a bad start to the year.  I've got 3 WIP projects in my basket moving forward into February - the secret stitch project, the organza picture embroidery and my knitted cardigan and there will be new things to add to the list as the month progresses with a SAL and an exchange to look forward to. 

I hope your January was a productive one too.
Love and blessings to you all


  1. Not a bad start to the year at all!!! What a darling bookmark that is. 6 books is a lot for one month!

  2. You did really well in January. Love your sweet little Jesus knits. I have made a note of the books you have read and I might search out a few for myself. Cute bookmark which is always an excellent gift in my mind.

  3. Ah, Wind in the Willows, one of the my favourites. Love the bookmark.
    I took a photo of the Super Blue Moon too, not a great success, when I set the camera on 'night'.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. A good crafty and reading month Julie.Happy February.


  5. Great start to the new year Julie .
    Love little baby in the manger , and what a cute book mark .
    Have a lovely week.

  6. You've had a great start to the year. Awww, the baby Jesus's are so cute, you've made a good job of them and I love the bookmark, I think adding a book voucher will make a brilliant gift. We visited the Space Centre quite a few years ago when the kids were much younger, we were down your way visiting relatives. It was a brilliant day out.

  7. I watched the eclipse, too. I was deeply impressed.

  8. Fantastic progress for your January. The kitty bookmark is just adorable!

  9. Hello there my dear friend, Well you have certainly been busy loving all your crafty and book news.I loved the story of Candlemass I have not heard about the snowdrops being unlucky being indoors until then. Another years reprieve for Martin,not any worse,will drop you mail soon. Until then take care and keep doing whatever as it certainly makes for interesting reading.xx

  10. Your snowdrops are pretty -- I haven't seen anything blooming in my area yet -- I'm beginning to feel a little bit desperate for some color. You have been very productive in crafting and reading! And so many lovely pieces to show! That bookmark is adorable. : )

  11. Baby Jesus' look lovely Julie, the bookmark stitched up well too.

  12. Julie, you have had a great January - lots of productiveness happening. Great work on the reading front and I love your two baby Jesuses.

  13. Meh, we would've had a great view of the total lunar eclipse but just as it started, heavy clouds rolled in. And then rolled out after it set. Bah humbug.

    You've had some lovely finishes in January as well as six books! That's a totally adorable bookmark! What is a book token?

  14. Productive January Julie!
    The bookmark is lovely and the Babies Jesus (Baby Jesuses?) are so sweet

  15. We couldn't see the Blue Moon over here, at least not at my place as the sky was clouded all over.
    You definitely had a very productive January, Julie. So much crafting and reading going on. I love that bookmark you made as a gift. Such a sweet little cat.

  16. I tried and failed to get a photo of the moon, it was very windy.

    Good start on 2018's reading and lovely bookmark

  17. Great start to the year! Lots of variety in your crafting.

    I think I would say Baby Jesi as the plural! They are very sweet anyway.

  18. That little kitty bookmark is so cute! That will make a perfect gift!

  19. Great start to the year Julie. Beautiful bookmark gift and I love the two baby Jesus figures, they look perfect. I planted some snowdrops last year but no sign of them at all but lots of primroses here.


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