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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How many bunnies?

Quiet moments, peace and tranquillity, needle and thread and wool in hand feels lovely again.

I have a few projects on the go at the minute, i don't often say that.  The stitching I'm doing is a surprise that I can't share with you as it's a gift.  What a can share is the cardigan I'm making for me.  I've had the magazine for a while and really liked this -

An online yarn store emailed a sale to me end of last year and there was the actual wool for the pattern (slightly darker green) but at only half the price who could resist.  I've made a good start on it this month.  Will it be complete ready for the summer months?

The knitting group at the community centre as you know do projects for the wider community.  The lady who runs it asked if we would be willing to make a nativity for next Christmas to be on show at our community centre and also a second set of figures to give away.  All the ladies were keen so we have made a start this month.

You may remember mine that I have, I've shown it before.  My late mother-in-law made ours and it is much loved and treasured.    DH made the stable and will make the one for our community too.

Everyone was given a character to knit two of and I am to knit baby Jesus in his manger.   Not the sort of knitting you expect to be doing early in the year but you never know what lies ahead and if everyone will get their part finished and you may be needed to do extra and of course it's good to be prepared in plenty of time.

Here's my start ...

A little embroidery kit I was given last year.  I've never done a picture like this before with organza background and fixed by the differing stitches and its a long time since i have embroidered.  It's growing nicely.

Comments in my last post about my bunnies and Carol asked how many bunnies I have made.   I remember the pattern book I bought and the very first one I made for a friend at the time with a house rabbit, a little Easter gift for her.  What I didn't realise till I looked is that it was in 2008 so it will be 10 years this Easter since I made the very first one!  WOW!

Here he is, his was named Rupert Rabbit -

There have been so many knitted and gifted over those 10 years.  The pattern book states that you are not allowed to make monetary gain from making them so I began gifting them.  Many of the ladies who have received one I am no longer in contact with.  You move from forum to forum and people leave the world of blogging for many reasons and contact is lost.
I've counted back how many I have recorded and have come up with the figure of just over 90 including Jo's from my last post.  That's a lot of bunnies out there all over the world, some people have more than one if they happened to have a family!
 Now a little info that i have been asked to pass on - feel free to whizz past if you don't want to read ....
As a lot of you know, last year I was diagnosed with a very rare auto immune disorder called relapsing polychondritis and there have been hospital visits a plenty in the past 6 months.  Last weeks check up and the news wasn't what I wanted to hear, the condition isn't stable and gives cause for concern so the chemo meds and other drugs have been increased.  With it being so rare there is not much evidence and past cases with the correct procedure and medication to take to help.
I've been sent details of a group that is beginning called RPUK and they have sent out these notes for us to circulate to family and friends, that's you ......
You will probably have seen the recent news headlines about world record breaking team and solo rows across the Atlantic.  Those rowers were all taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2017. 
The Challenge is still on with teams estimated to be finishing into February.  One of those teams is the Atlantic Ladies, rowing on behalf of three charities, including RPUK.
Having set off from La Gomera on 14th December 2017 they have survived extreme weather, terrible seasickness and some equipment failures to reach the halfway mark.  This picture was taken on a rare day calm enough for the support yacht to get alongside. They are currently 21st of the 21 teams remaining, but fighting their way back with their finish date currently estimated as 21st February 2018. 
Whenever they finish, they will set world records with skipper Di Carrington (who has celebrated her 62nd birthday during the race) becoming the oldest woman ever to row the Atlantic and the team becoming the first and oldest female trio ever to row the Atlantic.  That should attract some publicity.  They are being filmed throughout by the BBC and have been interviewed on radio whilst at sea by both the BBC and ITV’s This Morning.
Just listen to this short interview to the end.
And please spread the word amongst your family, friends and networks, and encourage them to join in.
At the end of the interview, Di also talks about raising money for their chosen charities, including RPUK, as a huge motivation for them.  Not to raise money after all they have been through would be terrible blow to them.  RPUK has a fundraising platform at
Thank you to those or you who have already joined, donated or otherwise used Give As You Live to the benefit of RPUK.  If you have not already done so, please take a look.
For those of you wanting more information on RPUK, we are registered charity 1170936 and you can check us out on the Charity Commission Register at by clicking on Relapsing Polychondritis UK.  In brief, our Mission Statement is “RPUK aims to provide a unifying platform for those living with, and working in the field of, RP - to raise awareness, increase knowledge and improve access to expertise and treatment”
Our website remains under development.  You can email us at
For those of you looking for more information on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2017, this link will take you to the race website  There, I would recommend reading the Race Blog and following the Atlantic Ladies’ progress  using the 2017 Race Tracker (updated every four hours).  The Atlantic Ladies’ own website can be found at
We really hope you feel able to join in.
With thanks from RPUK and the Atlantic Ladies.
Tina Clark and Michelle Wedgebrow
Trustees RPUK
Signing up to Give as you live is a great way to add a little to a charity of your choice when you shop online.  If you have a favourite charity there may be a site for you or perhaps you would like to join RPUK and let each shop you do online add a little to our pot.
Thank you for your visits here and if you feel that you want to share this fundraiser with your friends and family, please feel free to do so.
Love and blessings


  1. What an amazing Nativity to give away! Your embroidery kit looks so intriguing. I am AMAZED at all of your bunnies!! I keep you in my prayers Julie.

  2. That's a lot of bunnies Julie, well done you. I'm sorry your news wasn't what you wanted - hopefully the medics will get the balance right and achieve more stability. Your cardi pattern is very nice, I'm sure you'll have it finished in plenty of time.

  3. Julie, I am so very sorry about your illness. I will keep you in my daily thoughts.

  4. I’m a proud bunny owner! Carol, I’m sorry you aren’t getting results on your treatment. I hope they can get it under control soon.

  5. Thank you for sharing the info about the sailors, I will enjoy reading about them later today after work. Sorry to hear the treatment isn't working for you yet.
    I can't believe how many bunnies you've knitted! Each one so special. Hyacinth says hello x


  6. I am also a proud owner of one of your bunnies .
    I am so sorry Julie about your treatment , have faith and hope always .
    New treatments are always popping up .
    I have been watching the ladies what courage they have .
    You will be in my prayer's every night Julie .

  7. Wow, so many bunnies out there in the world. I have a big soft spot for bunnies as we had two beautiful Rex rabbits, Sammy and Monty, you may have seen the posts I wrote about them on my blog. I've been meaning to have a go at Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits blog's pattern but I still haven't got round to it. I remember admiring your nativity scene when I saw it on your blog before so I think the community project is a wonderful idea and it certainly makes sense to start it early to ensure there's no hiccups. I'm sorry to hear that the treatment you've been having hasn't stabilised your condition, I suppose it's all trial and error in cases where there aren't many previous cases to look back on. I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that the increased dosage of the drugs you're taking will help. What a fantastic effort the ladies are putting into fundraising, wishing them all the very best and let's hope they raise lots of money for such a worthwhile cause.

  8. Hello Miss Julie chief bunny maker, what a lot you have made all bringing smiles to their new owners. The nativity is a lovely idea and I am sure it will be a great success. Such inspiration from those ladies and I do hope they raise lots for this disease to be looked at in greater depth so they can find a cure.
    Take care and Keeeeep knitttting.

  9. Lovely knitting Julie, and the embroidery looks interesting.
    Sorry to hear the news wasn't what you'd been hoping for, I hope the new drug regimen is more effective.
    PS who could fail to love a blog post that has Talisker AND Limoncello in it :D

  10. Wow all those bunnies. I remember my late friend Elsie making a Nativity Scene for a vicar who was leaving the parish as a goodbye present from the Mother's Union. She made in in three months,

    Julie xxxx

  11. Love the knitting you are doing for yourself - roll on summer. I have been lucky enough to receive one of your bunnies and she has a great time in my craft room. Off to the charity link - what an amazing journey they are having and I hope they raise lots of money for their chosen charities. I hope your meds and treatment are soon working effectively for you - love and hugs xxx

  12. Wow so many beautiful bunnies. Each person who receives one was very lucky indeed. I love your new piece. It will look beautiful when finished. The embroidery looks fun too. Good luck with it. I'm so sorry to read about your health issues. Boy our health just doesn't do what we want it to does it? I will keep you in my thoughts everyday. I hope the med change is the fix you need. It's amazing to me what new things they come up with daily to help these types of issues. I hope they can find the right thing for you very soon.

  13. I'm sorry to hear it hasn't been stabilized yet but I hope and pray it will be soon. I have one of your bunnies and I love her. So many bunnies, so many smiles! I'm sure the nativity will be lovely. It sounds a lovely thing to be part of. Sending you lots of hugs xxx

  14. Glad you're out of the funk and back to crafting again. Your bunnies are gorgeous and hopefully all are treasured by the recipients .
    Sorry you had not so good news from the docs , but hopefully the meds will improve matters . Will be thinking of you and fingers crossed .
    Take care .xxx

  15. I think your choice of cardy is gorgeous and lovely start! That is so fantastic to know so many of your bunnies have brightened the world. I will keep the link in mind for next paycheque. :)

  16. That's a lot of bunnies Julie, you're so kind to send them. The nativity is going to look great and mean so much to the Community. I do hope the hospital and medicines start to help and you begin to feel better. I've been watching the sailors too, amazing feat and will help many charities.

  17. I love the pattern of your cardigan Julie,looking forward to seeing it progress.
    Wow!that is a lot of lovely knitted bunnies.
    I am sorry to read that the balance of your treatment is still off kilter,I so hope your doctors can find just the right treatment for you.

  18. So many little bunnies!!!
    Your bunnies always look so cute & adorable.
    I hope things improve for you health wise.

  19. Your bunnies have brought so much happiness to so many of us... I just love my Blue Belle :)

    Your cardigan is coming along nicely, Julie--lovely shade of yarn and I'm sure you'll have your part of the Nativity done in no time. That is so nice of your husband to create another stable for it, too.

    Gosh, your health problem is so rare and unpredictable, isn't it? I'm sorry your chemo has to be upped and I hope you get through that without too, too many side effects. I hope someone will stumble upon a treatment that helps. My middle son works as a researcher in a lab trying to find cures/treatments for several diseases, Julie. It is difficult and often very underpaid work, but these scientists have a true desire to get to the root of the problem so you just never know when someone will come across something that will help your relapsing polychondritis! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way...

  20. Over 90 bunnies! I have only seen your girly bunnies, not the mister rabbit version. How cute is he! Did you ever make a Mr/Mrs pair? It is fun to think of them all around the world.

    The nativity scene is going to be lovely and you are correct; it's best to start (and finish!) early rather than rush. Who knows what craziness the year may bring!

    I'm sorry your condition hasn't stabilized. I hope the new dosage works for you~ And I'm glad to hear about those ladies doing their amazing thing and raising awareness. It is like how muscular dystrophy was here -- no one had ever heard of it before fundraiser things started.

  21. Your cardigan is look8ng lovely Julie. I love the colour.

    I am a proud owner of a bunny! Snowdrop says hello 🙂.

    So sorry to hear that your illness isn’t stable. Fingers crossed that the upped meds work you. It must be so difficult with it being so rare but new things are being discovered all the time. Sending hugs.

  22. You've made a nice start on your cardigan, Julie, and a lovely color, too! Your embroidery piece is going to be pretty -- I've been trying a little bit of embroidery and am enjoying it. And that is a lot of bunnies! They are so sweet! I'm very sorry to hear the news about your illness. The charity sounds like it is doing some very important work -- thank you for sharing the link. You will be in my thoughts and prayers -- sending hugs!

  23. Love, love, love the Nativity and thanks for sharing re the charity.

  24. Pretty cardigan pattern and amazing nativity knitting, what a very good idea to begin at the start of the year. Sorry about the health issue not being under control as yet, so hope the extra medication will make a difference.

  25. 90 bunnies, what a number over the years. I can't believe that you made so many bunnies and gifted them to your friends. So generous.
    The pattern of the cardigan you started looks really good. I'm sure that you can finish it before summer.
    I love the nativity scene you are knitting baby Jesus for.
    So sorry to read that the meds and chemo aren't kicking in yet. But I hope that the doctors will try and find some new medication that will help you and improve your condition.


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