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Monday, 4 July 2016

Since i blogged last ...

Quite a while since I posted here, not a lot happening, life sometimes becomes more involved with family, friends and the giving of help, time and advice in times of trouble and ongoing health issues.
We did have a trip to the seaside for a relaxed and quiet week ...

 Went to see Her Majesty the Queen at Sandringham House, unfortunately she was out for the day....

and stopped in at the little church in the grounds where little Princess Charlotte was christened

Did a little stitching whilst on holiday and made a blunder on it!  Used the fabric the wrong way round so the border doesn't fit on ....

never mind, it went into a cheap frame ...
Visit to an ancient priory....
Nipped into a fabric/wool shop whilst away for a look round and came out with this, a future gift for a little person ....
It was the longest day whist we were away and the full moon, didn't it look spectacular

Plenty of walks listening to the waves at high tide late evening and watching the sun set, fabulous....

We enjoyed some nice sunshine in the midst of the wet and dismal weather in lots of the UK during the month of June.

Arriving back home the charity knitting group had been asked for some help.   We were given a pattern and asked to make knitted breasts for health visitors to use as teaching aids for new/nursing mums.  Some are also to go to the local breast clinic.   The ladies have been busy.
and some need to be multicultural......

As you can see craft updates a bit thin on the ground for June.  I have stitched the monthly challenge at Needlecraft Haven but need to put it together.  July for the Snowflower is kitted up, but stitching enthusiasm is seriously lacking at the moment. 
The coaster exchange from the Spring meet up needs to be stitched and sent out by the end of July so if you happen to see my stitching mojo whilst on your travels, please advise it to return home post haste.
Wishing all my American friends a very
Happy 4th July
enjoy your celebrations
Thanks for stopping by
Love and blessings to you all


  1. What a lovely time you have had!
    Oh Julie, I have seen a few ladies stitch up the SAL without the border. It looks great that way also.
    I would say the green nipples should cover any race or culture, huh?!

  2. Junes Snowflake SAL is pretty with and without the border.I have made the fabric orientation mistake too,mine was was unretrievable,unfortunately.
    I love your wool colour choice, great colour,looking forward to progress pictures.
    Great photos,especially of you and your husband:)
    Hope your stitchy bug comes back from its holiday soon.

  3. I always enjoy seeing your travel photos, Julie! So glad you got to get away and relax--what a wonderful photo of you and your husband, too :)

    The knitted breasts made me smile!! Can't say I've ever seen one before, let alone 17--ha ha!!

    Thanks for the 4th of July greetings--we are due for rain today so I fear many of the picnics/fireworks displays will be a bit soggy!

  4. Looks like you've had some great travels Julie.
    That is a lot of knitted breasts! Can't say I've ever seen one with a grey nipple before mind you

  5. Lovely work Julie, looks like you had anice holiday. Hoping stitching mojo comes back soon

  6. Glad you enjoyed your break, and you managed to find some decent weather whilst you were there. We're away at the moment and good weather has been very thin on the ground. I do love the June Joyful World design, so cute and I don't think the border really matters, it still looks good. Ha ha, the knitted breasts are so lifelike, all shapes and sizes. Hope you get your stitching mojo back soon.

  7. thank you for taking me on your trip...enjoyed it so much!

  8. Lovely photo's Julie,a new start might get your stitching mojo back.Love your finish og june snowflower design xx

  9. Love the knitted boobies! You should make some little booby hats for babies to wear while feeding!
    You did have lovely weather for your holiday. We should meet up in Norwich next time you're across this way.
    The June design looks fine in the frame too.

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed your time away - hopefully you were able to recharge your batteries. June's Joyful World looks gorgeous in it's frame.

  11. Looks like a lovely time away and thank you for sharing the pictures. Sometimes you do need a stitching break, but I hope your stitchy bug comes home soon.

  12. Your time away pictures look great - lovely selfie of you and DH :-) June's JW looks great in the frame, no need for the border.

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful time, and the weather looked great.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  14. Wonderful pictures Julie! Thanks for sharing. The June Joyful piece looks good without a border.
    Ha Ha those boobies ,whats with the green ones?

  15. Must have been a great week at the seaside, Julie, in spite of the mixed weather. But with the right things to wear you can do all you want to regardless of the weather. Such great pictures!
    I had a good chuckle when seeing all these different breasts.

  16. Your trip looks amazing! I hope you came back fully recharged. The beach is so empty (my favorite type of beach haha). Is the water quite cold where you went?

    Oh my, look at all the boobies. They exist in crochet form too. Why stop at green; I think a whole rainbow needs to be in existence!

  17. Your sunny pictures make me feel so warm... it is freezing down under as winter has well and truly settled in!
    Those boobies are brilliant - what a great idea :o)
    Hugs xx

  18. Always love coming over to your blog , always lots going on.
    Looks like you enjoyed a few days out , and time at the seaside wonderful. Love the stitching , nice knitting stash.
    Hope your family and friends are doing ok now hugs.

  19. Looks like a lovely break Julie. I hope your stitching bug comes back soon!

  20. Love all your photos, especially ones of the old church and the priory (new word for me). Your June bear finish is really cute!

  21. Sounds like a lovely time away! I always find the seaside best for rejuvenating my spirits. Love your sweet little June bear just the way he is! And as so many others - those knitted breasts made me smile. : ) I think it is a great idea! My stitching mojo has crawled off somewhere, too - maybe it's just the summer? Oh well, hopefully yours and mine come back soon.

  22. Sounds like a lovely trip. I love the seaside myself, the sound of the waves hitting the beach is so relaxing. Your other photos are lovely also. You both look well relaxed.

  23. Loved your vacation photo's, looks like you had a wonderful time. I visited England and Scotland when I was in my teens (quite a long time ago), would love to be able to go back again sometime. Your little Bear finish turned out adorable, and the frame was perfect for it.

  24. Looks like you have been very busy, my dear. Love your post, so full of fun and beautiful things. And I must say, I love the knitted breasts. Who would have thunk it?

  25. LOL I love that you improvised with your little stitched finish!

    England is such a beautiful country!!!

  26. It sounds as if you had a lovely, relaxing time on holiday.

  27. Lovely pictures. The church where Charlotte was christened is stunning. Sounds like you had a nice holiday. I love the sound of waves. It is so relaxing.

    Don't worry about your stitching mojo. It will find its way home in time.


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