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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothering Sunday

Wishing all the mums here in the UK a very happy day today.  Special thoughts are with those who have angel mums and angel children {{big hugs}} to you.

We're fast approaching the end of March, another month flown by, that means we have waved goodbye to one third of 2014 already.

I have a few pics to share with you before the month ends of the last 2 weeks stitching and a catch up of what I've done during March.

Nature Alphabet (Tuesday SAL with Gillie).....

M for Morning Glory
and this week, N for nest - thinking the nest looks a little bare, might have to add something in to make it look 'lived in'
It's growing nicely, over half way stitched now.     K, L M & N were added this month, I've kept up with this one and stitched every week this month.
CCN Santa Village (Wednesday SAL with Barb and the ladies at NH).....
A finish for Candy Cane Cottage...
and a new start on Santa Sleighworks
Not a lot of progress this week as the frog arrived and made me use the wrong colour thread so it all had to come out again!  Still, it's good progress this month, stitched on every week.  This makes house number 8 completed and number 9 a WIP.
A new start at the meet up, which is now stitched, just needs making up.....
 Blackbird Designs
Sewing machine practice at the Craft Share Thursday evening group consisted this week of making a needlebook. Mine turned out quite well i think.

and the week before I had made the 3 goody bags for the exchange at the meet up.  Confidence is getting better with the machine and hopefully will continue although there are some new things happening that look like fun to learn too.

Irish Garden - No progress last week and not stitched on this weekend yet... not doing so good with this one with only 2 weeks done this month.  Perhaps now the lighter nights are here as we put the clocks forward yesterday I'll be able to get some more daylight hours at the weekend to sit and concentrate on it - wishful thinking!
A few little finishes this month too - an easter bunny raffle prize, an 80th birthday bunny, also started a new pair of socks for DH.  Stitching on the pooh bear mattress pincushion was completed (that still needs making up). 
The monthly challenge was stitched and made up too. Reveal day is today so I can show you my version from Jura Point de Croix.  
It's quite a big design if stitched over 2, so I stitched mine over 1 on 32ct.  A small offcut of moss green fabric was used and I also made a few alterations to the charted design.  I left off the larger snowflakes and just did the small ones.  Also, I filled in the snowflake that was on the snowmans body.  A simple flat ornament with a twisted cord edge and a little bell added to the bottom completed it.  
Three old projects have also been framed this month ...
Hill House by Little House Needleworks
La SAL Pensive by Jardin Prive
The Rose in Morning by Little House Needleworks
All in all, not a bad March carftwise, here's to April although my SAL's wont be so good this month as I will be having a few days at the seaside during April, hopefully enjoying some spring sunshine.
A while back, I saw on a US blog that ladies were enjoying treat of peanut butter M&M's.   I love peanut butter and thought they sounded lovely.  Imagine my surprise when I was in my local supermarket (Tesco) and they now have an American stand with goodies on it.  I just had to get myself some of these ...

With the import tax that is paid the US goodies are not cheap.  This treat cost me £1.50, three times the price of the standard M&M packets here.  They were very nice though and didn't last long!

Reading has also been happening and i've read 4 books in March too.  I've had a lovely book arrive in the post this week too, a book from Barb, it really is lovely, i'll share that with you another time as I forgot to take a picture of it.  Thank you so much Barb, I'm looking forward to delving into that during the coming weeks. 

I am way behind on blog reading this week, i'll catch up with you all over the next few days and see how your March shaped up.

Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. What a lovely, newsy post, Julie! First of all Happy Mother's Day to you--a special day, indeed...

    I can't believe all you've accomplished in March--wonderful, wonderful projects! I felt the same way about the poor little empty nest and added three blue beads to represent robin's eggs on my finish. That little ornament is adorable and I like the shape that you've given it--very unique and fun. Lovely framed finishes--I'm sure you're thrilled to have them hanging in your home.

    Oh, you've discovered the addicting peanut butter M&M's--aren't they wonderful?! I don't allow myself to buy them very often as they are just too good to stop eating.

    Hope April is a lovely month for you--enjoy your extra hour of daylight. We've had ours for three weeks and it really is wonderful :)

  2. Oh Miss Julie what a lot of wonderful things you have achieved this past month,phew you must be ready for those hols you have planned. Love that LHN chart and it will look really pretty as a cushion too hmmm ,easily tempted me!! OH do like the challenge piece and the way you finished it. I did enjoy stitching that one . Going to pop over now and see what others have done. Take care ,look forward to seeing what you get done in April.

  3. How lovely: I have angel children which I never got to meet in person and as far as I am concerned I am as much mother to them as I am to those I got to know. Thank you. A lovely sentiment. I love your framed pieces: great choices with the mount board you used. Great progress, and no pressure but would love to see more of the Irish garden xx

  4. Pins and Needles looks great Julie. Good work on the sewing machine, I should use mine more really.

    Your framed stitching looks lovely and will be perfect for your new bedroom.

    Hope you have a restful week :-)

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you Julie! mmm. Peanut Butte M&Ms, yup! I love the colors in the BBD. ;) What beautiful framing!

  6. Aww pins and needle is so sweet...your framed stitching is looking so lovely too..
    Happy Mother's Day dear x

  7. Such a lovely lot of crafting going on :-) I love Pins & Needles and your needle case is beautiful, I really want to have a go at making one of these, just need to get more confidence with my making up skills.

    i love how you have finished this months NH Challenge, mine has only just been started but will unfortunately be too large for an ornament because i didn't pay attention to the stitch count, lol.

    Have a good week, enjoy your trip to the seaside xx

  8. Wonderful post with so much lovely stitching/sewing to view!

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  9. Happy Mother's Day!
    What a newsy post full of wonderful projects. :)

  10. Great stitching Julie, the challenge design looks fabulous over 1 and I love the BBD piece.
    Don't talk to me about import duties, I had to pay £11.10 to get my stash parcel released from the PO. That's £3.10 VAT and £8 handling fee. If you back calculate the VAT that means when they did the $ conversion I was just 50p over the import limit!

  11. Great post Julie! Love the finished blackbird design... the pinkish colours are so sweet & those M&Ms, I'll have to pop in to Tesco :)

  12. Beautiful stitching again this month. I really like your weekly Garden Alphabet, the nest does need an occupant or two! I like the idea of adding the eggs.

    I also like the colours in the Pins and Needles BBD and I can never resist over 1 stitching so your ornie is perfect!

  13. wow! You've gotten so much done! Stitching, finishing, framing! Well done!

  14. Julie! You have been so productive with so many wonderful stitching projects! I especially love the BBD design! I will have to check my stash to see if I have that one waiting in the wings : ) So did you enjoy eating your peanut butter M&Ms?

  15. Love all the projects you're working on. The snowman in particular is so cute! Hope you had a wonderful Mothering Day.

  16. Crikey, there are so many nice things in this post!
    I really adore the snowman finish. I think I have that pattern printed off to do one day, it's just adorable.
    Maybe redo the nest in tan/brown to make it more 'nesty'? Or a wee little egg sticking out the top?

    Happy Mother Days, too, of course. I had totally forgotten it comes a lot earlier for you guys.

  17. A busy-bee you are...everything looks beautiful. The framed pieces looks gorgeous.
    Hope you have had a Happy Mother's Day.

  18. I must look for those sweets in Tesco, they sound great. You are such a busy crafter, I'm always so impressed and I'm enjoying watching your progress on Nature's Alphabet.

  19. March was definitely a productive month for you. A lot of stitching and even the sewing machine came out to produce this lovely needle book. Your framed pieces look wonderful.


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