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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Back from my holiday...

We had a lovely time, the weather was good but i returned with a souvenir i didn't really want. I've come back with a rotten cold, i still have it and now DH has it too.

We spent a lot of this holiday taking in the lovely view from our accommodation. We were literally just down the road from Scarbrough Castle, you could see the sea at both bays from our windows.

The sitting room window looked over North Bay...

and from the bedroom window we were high up just opposite St Mary's Church. You could enjoy a cup of tea in bed in the morning and look out to sea at South Bay knowing the harbour was down the winding steep streets.

We visited some wonderful places again on our second trip to this part of the UK and saw some really unusual things.

Saltburn on Sea, with a lovely pier and cliff lift down the steep incline to the beach.  The yarn bombers (or guerilla knitters, secret knitters who display their work for all to see) had been and visited the pier for the Jubilee and also the Olympics, they had left some wonderful knitted things for people to view. You can see more close up pics of all of the things in the links.

Staithes is a fishing village, down steep winding narrow roads and out into the harbour. There is a Heritage Centre and museum dedicated to Captain Cook as he lived and worked in the village as a boy. Very interesting visit to that.

Pickering is a lovely place, the home of the the North York Moors Railway. We didn't go on the railway this time as we spent a day on there last time, but we did visit the Church of St Peter and St Paul to see the magnificent wall paintings inside the church.

Beck Isle Museum of rural life had some super old cross stitch samplers by children on show and crafting items from bygone days.

Scarborough Fair houses old steam driven fairground organs and rides, motor cars and bikes etc. The galloping horses were there, i have such happy memories of seaside trips as a child on these.
When you paid your entrance fee you got a ticket for a free ride.... exciting or what! Poor DH came off looking very green and i was very naughty and headed to the cafe for some homemade carrot cake and pot of tea while he wandered around to walk off his nausea lol.

There are also evening shows that you can go to to listen to the organs playing and have a night of singing and dancing. It's also used for wedding receptions too.

Our journey home was drove inland to The Eden Camp Museum. We spent a fantastic day there exploring the old POW camp and its exhibitions. They have done an amazing job preserving all that is on show there. There were lots of school children on history trips with their schools really enjoying the experience.

Look at all those different sewing machines in one of the huts showing women at work

and an embroidered card sent in 1944 to a soldiers mum

We had a wonderful time, these are a couple of my favourite pictures of the week.

Hubby enjoying a hot doughnut on the seafront.


The little white building through the trees to the right of the church is our holiday accommodation window as we saw it from the promenade.

The boats in the harbour waiting for the tide to come in so they can go out to sea again

and watching the evening sunset each night over the moors from our sitting room window before heading out for a nice stroll.

Due to my holiday and being ill since i got back i am way behind on blog reading. Unfortunately as much as i hate doing this, i am going to have to mark them all as read in my reader and start again from today. I'm so sorry friends, i will scroll down though each time i visit your blog with a new post to see what i have missed, it might not get an individual comment but it will be looked at.

I do have some stitching pieces to share with you, but i think this post of long enough now, see you soon with those and thanks for visiting.


  1. Glad you had a lovely break - sorry to hear about the cold though, not nice thing to come back with!
    The museums look very interesting. Samplers fascinate me especially the ones done by children - the days before tv and computer games!
    The prisoner of war museum looks very interesting.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Welcome home Julie. Glad you had such a great time. I love Scarborough, we used to go there often when I was young

  3. Looks like you had a marvelous time!
    Sorry about the cold. Funny thing about that, I almost always come back from vacation with a cold.
    Look forward to your stitchy pictures!

  4. Glad you had a great break! Hope you'll both feel better soon ☺

  5. Looks like you had an incredible holiday visiting lots of interesting places. Such a shame you've come back with a cold though - hope you feel lots better soon.

    Look forward to seeing your stitching updates soon.

  6. Loved looking at your photos Julie, glad you had a good time. We keep saying that we'll head over that way for a holiday but somehow we just keep ending up in the Dales!

    Hope your cold gets better soon.

  7. Beautiful pictures, looks amazing. Sorry to hear about the cold..I have one too and it just refuses to shift. Hope you have better luck with yours xx

  8. Thank you for sharing all your fab photos , hope you and your hubby get well soon , take care hugs.

  9. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you're sick though :(

    WoW! Love all your trip pitures...looks like you had an incredible time. I particularly love the antique sewing machines.

  10. You lucky girl - I love this neck of the woods, trying to persuade hubby we really want to go again. Sounds like you had a fanstastic time. Gorgeous photos. Sorry you brought a cold back with you.

  11. Glad you had a lovely break! Hope you'll both feel better soon ..
    hugs xxx

  12. I do hope you are feeling better! It is never fun to return home with a cold.
    Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your travels. Besides following stitcher's blogs to see stitching, I love seeing pictures of where they are from or where they travel too, for s much as I would love to see many of these places in person, this will most likely be the closest I will get!

  13. Lovely lovely photos!!
    The yarn bombings are a hoot. (Look at that detail on the Queen's dress!!) The old sewing machines are wonderful too. Why don't they make such fabulous looking sewing machines anymore, eh?

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!!! :(

  14. Glad you have a lovely holiday Julie, I loved looking at all your photos:-)

    Hope you feel better soon x

  15. It was so enjoyable to look at all the pictures and so get a great impression of your holidays. I always love to travel to different places through pictures. Thanks for sharing. What a pity that you are ill after such wonderful holidays. I hope you will feel much better soon.

  16. Hi Julie,through your pics I feel as if I have been on holiday too. lovely descriptions of places you visited and the pics of you both were an added bonus.
    Hope you are feeling a little better now suffles and sneezes aren't pleasant.

  17. I hope you get better soon! There's a nasty cold going around that's for sure!

    Lovely pictures of your trip!

  18. Sounds like you had a lovely, much deserved break Julie. Scarborough and the surrounding area is a beautiful place.

    I hope you are feeling much better soon.

  19. Loved your holiday snaps, sorry about the cold. I returned from our holiday with a cold etc., xx

  20. Beautiful pictures of your holiday! Glad you had a great time!!

  21. Loved your vacation photos, Julie--I'm just back from our anniversary trip, too. Hope to get a post up soon :)


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