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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

It's always nice to receive a surprise in the mail and this lovely ornament dropped through my letterbox today. Julianne had stitched me a Christmas surprise, the design is by Prairie Schooler. Thank you so much Julianne it really did brighten my day today and it looks wonderful on my Christmas tree, it accompanies the lovely PS santa that you stitched for me in our exchange in a previous year.

Talking of exchanges, Christine and i have have exchanged our Christmas ornament. Christine has a love of penguins so i decided to stitch Chilly's Gift the free design from Stitchy Kitty for her, i made it into a little pocketed pillow and added a little chocolate treat as the gift from Chilly! The finishing on the one i received from Christine is stunning, i do love the ric rac edging, it looks so effective, i might have to have a go at that next year when i am making an ornament. Thank you so much Christine, it was a fun exchange.

You may have noticed that i haven't visited your blog recently, i do apologise for that but i have in fact not been on the computer at all. I have been really ill with the respiratory virus's that are about here in the UK, mine almost turning into pneumonia and i have only just escaped a stay in hospital (much to DH's relief).

Christmas for DH and i will be very quiet and peaceful, he has been an absolute star whilst i've been unwell and has put the tree up and also this wonderful hand knitted nativity that his late mum made for the children some years ago, we are now all organised and ready for the big day.

It would be so nice if the snow that is around lingers, its been so lovely to watch the local children outside playing since they finished school for the holidays. It does make it seem more like a traditional Christmas card scene when snow is here, i know its no fun for travellers but its great to watch out of the window.

Thanks to all of you for your visits here, i'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your families and loved ones. A very special thank you to my special stitching friends who have sent cards and gifts for me.


  1. It's lovely to see you posting Julie - I was very worried about you.

    The ornaments are lovely, Merry Christmas to you all x x

  2. Very pretty ornaments.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Lovely ornies Julie,love the knitted nativity scene
    Merry Christmas
    Tina xx

  4. So sorry to hear you've been ill, Julie--do try to rest and take extra good care of yourself now...

    Love your ornaments both received and given! Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas.

  5. Lovely ornaments, Julie.

    I hope you feel better very soon.

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Julie,

    I see where you get some of your talent from. The knitted nativity is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

    Your penguin ornament really turned out cute.

    I hope you feel 100% very soon.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  7. Lovely exchanges Julie. So sorry to hear you have been so unwell. I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Love your stitching goodies! Glad you are feeling better for the holiday...hope you have a very mery christmas.

  9. Glad you are feeling better Julie.

    Thank you again for my penguin, I love him.
    The knitted nativity is amazing.

  10. Julie so good to see you back with us again.
    Absolutely love the nativity scene ,bet you spent some happy times with needles clicking.A special something made with love to treasue.
    Like the ornies,and I agree about that rik rak edging 'slovely.
    Hope you and himself have a relaxing Christmas and I wish exactly for you what you wish for others . Happy Christmas my friend.

  11. Sorry to hear you have been sick with the flu Julie. I hope you are feeling better for the holidays.
    I love your Chilly's Gift. I stitched one last year and I had so much fun with the colors.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  12. I hope you feel better soon. Have a lovely Christmas and a healthy new year lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, Glad to know DH is looking after you. I hope you have a warm and safe christmas xxxxx

  14. Happy Christmas to you and yours Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  15. I hope you are feeling much better now!

    Merry Christmas, Julie!

  16. Julie, I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, and sorry to hear you got so ill! Take care of yourself girl!

    What beautiful ornaments all around.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  17. Sorry your still not feeling well Julie, i hope you get well soon x

    The ornament are just lovely :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  18. Julie, it is great to see you posting again. I hope you are soon and the mend and back to 100%. Your ornies are lovely. The knitted manger is amazing. What a wonderful keepsake. Feel better my friend and have a Happy Healthy New Year !!!

  19. Merry Christmas, Julie! A wonderful nativity you have. Continue to get well, ok?

  20. Gorgeous ornaments! And your nativity set is so adorable :o)

    I'm sorry to hear that you were not well during the holidays :o( I hope you are getting better by now.

    Happy New Year Julie!

  21. I hope you are feeling much better Julie. Do take care of yourself.

    The ornaments are gorgeous.

  22. Those exchanges are all lovely Julie! I have seen this knitted nativity before lol, my nan made 3 sets I believe, sending one to my aunt in mallorca whom enterred it into a competition for the best nativity and won. There is also a donkey pattern that came out a little while after so my nan soon whipped up 3 of those too. If she can find it would you like a copy of it to complete your set?


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