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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Computer free weekend

The weather was so nice we spent most of the weekend outside in the garden even eating our meals and generally enjoying the sunshine. DH pottered around tidying this and that and was in the greenhouse potting on his seedlings and plants and i sat stitching and reading and kept him supplied with tea and homemade cherry and coconut cake. We were also able to watch the bluetits checking out the nest box and blackbirds building their nest in the ivy on the side of the garage. Mr Moe was out there with us too wondering if the birds needed any help! Amazing how much the camelias have blossomed with a few more days of nice sunshine too.

I was able to stitch and finish this Just Nan design, Victorian Treasures VII and make it into the little bag, it will hold a nice piece of jewellery for my SIL's birthday later this month.

The fabric was a piece called 'Sweet Pea' from my stash that i bought when Jayne's Attic was trading, shame it's no longer trading, she offered fantastic service in the UK. I have quite a few nice pieces still be to stitched on in very pretty colours but will have to source hand dyeds elsewhere when stocks get low.

Where do you buy your hand dyed fabrics?

3 more blocks added to Grand Marquoir too, and i've also finished a 4th block since this picture was taken. You'll notice that 2 squares are actually the same colour as they are top and bottom of a small sampler and i felt they would look better this way.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I've been thinking of Edda in Iceland and hope she is ok with all this volcanic activity, its certainly causing lots of problems with air travel here in the UK, i know one family that are due to fly out on their holidays this Friday but are still not sure if they will be going or not.

Have a good week


  1. I love the little bag you made. It was lovely this weekend just gone, I even sat out and read my book!

  2. Sweet little jewellery bag there Julie well done on the finish your SIL will be so pleased .
    L-o-v-e your garden ,would your DH like another to do lol.
    Mr Moe will have to be on best behaviour with you watching his every move .It is still very lovely here but a little chilly today for dinner outside.
    As for fabby sew and so do some, but as my hand dyeds are usually Sassys its America I am afraid. We just dont do it like them over the pond do we.Hugs

  3. Your garden looks gorgeous, as does your stitching. Have you thought about Polstitches, I believe they do hand dyed fabrics. I haven't used them myself though so don't know what their like.

  4. The little bag you made is just lovely :-)
    We have been having great weather too, it's lovely to see the sun shining for a change.

    We have a guy at work who spent 2 days at the airport last week, he should have been in Egypt now, he has had to re-book. Our Managing Director is still stuck in Spain!

    BTW you have a beautiful garden:-)

  5. that your garden?! It's amazing! I'd get lots of stitching done there for sure! =) Cute little bag for your SIL. I wish I could help you with the hand-dyed...I usually just buy Lakeside Linens. I've no idea of what's available in the UK. Your GM is coming along great as well!

  6. I LOVE your garden, Julie. Looks so neat!

    Congrats on the finish, i am sure your SIL will love it.

    After 4 days they started flying here but only during the day.

  7. what a lovely bag for your SILs gift - very pretty.
    For hand dyes I can recommend Jo at Polstitches.

  8. Your garden looks lovely and the roses are spectacular!

    I love the little drawstring bag ~ very pretty. GM is gorgeous!!!

  9. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL garden. And the needlework ain't bad, either.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Your garden looks beautiful as soes your stitching.

    I get my hand dyed fabric from Kate at Sparklies these days

  12. Hello Julie - I've just found your blog! Your Grand Marquoir is beautiful, love your Quaker Lady and the little rabbit your knitted for Mylene is oh so sweet. I'll be back to visit with you again.

  13. Love the bag and esp love that sampler Id love to do it in varithreads.
    Garden is looking great.
    Hope you are keeping well
    Hugs Shelliexxxxx

  14. Beautiful garden Julie.... I'd be sat out there as often as possible too. :0)
    The bag is gorgeous - lucky SIL! GM is looking fab too. I miss Jayne's Attic too... though DH & my CC haven't. LOL eBay is a good place to keep an eye on... & the fabric I got from Sparklies is OK (will buy again some time). Polstitches have lots of must haves too (though it bugs me the edges aren't overlocked on them).
    Have wondered how Edda & her family is faring too.

  15. What a beautiful bag Julie. Absolutely love it. Grand Marquoir is looking lovely.

    I don't tend to buy hand dyes anymore so can't help you I'm afraid.

  16. Just had to make a comment Julie, don't want to have you wondering if we are fine or not. My family is doing just fine - I have not been much up to blogging lately though. The eruption hasn't affected us much at this part of the country. It is the farmsteads to the east of Eyjafjallajökull that the ash is causing troubles to. I am happy to see the ash is clearing away from the European skyes allowing planes to take off safely again. It seems like the eruption is getting quieter again, hopefully it will end soon.

  17. Hi Julie,

    I don't have your e-mail but I really wanted to drop you a line! I wanted to let you know that "Matilda" the fantastic bunny you knitted for me arrived! She is just fantastic and absolutely adore her. I thinks she'll be comign along to some of my stitching get togethers this year, I'm sure she'll pop up on my blog from time to time.

    Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to make me such an adorable bunny!

  18. The little bag is gorgeous.
    I tend to get my hand dyed fabrics off Evil-bay these days

  19. Oh, your garden is so beautifully laid out, Julie--I love everything about it! It looks like such a comfortable place to sit and relax with your stitching...

    Your bag and Grand Marquoir are so pretty, too...Love the little charms on the ties of the bag :)


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